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More ISIS Beheadings? None of Our Business
RUSH: Yeah, I’ve got that here. There’s another big ISIS beheading in Tunisia, 27 people. “It’s not news! It’s nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about. It’s not important. It’s the JV team. ISIS? That’s over there. It’s Tunisia. Big whoop! Just across the Mediterranean from Italy. Big whoop. It’s none of our business, Rush.” Okay, fine.

Soccer Player in Trouble for Finger Poke
RUSH: Why would…? Well, maybe you haven’t seen this story. Let me just read the headline. Where is this from? The UK Telegraph. Okay, here’s the headline. It’s a story about soccer. “Player Who Stuck Finger in Cavini’s Anus Could Be Let Go By Embarrassed Team.” Really? Embarrassed. What is there to be embarrassed about? All right. Here’s what happened.

There’s a soccer game out there in the Copa America. This is some kind of a tournament out there. Copa America. And the team from Chile is playing the team from Uruguay and a Chilean player — there’s a photo of him here — a Chilean player stuck his finger in the anus of Edinson Cavini, another player. And the player doing the sticking will now miss the rest of the tournament and could be sold by his embarrassed team.

“The incident, which took place during Chile’s match against Uruguay, saw Gonzalo Jara sticking his finger into Cavani’s bottom before falling theatrically to the ground when the Uruguayan slapped him in retaliation. Cavani was sent off for a second yellow card after the incident.”

Chile won the match. It’s a real story here, folks. It’s a real story. Gives a picture of it here. And the guy who is standing there being poked is laughing. But I’m thinking, what’s the big deal? I don’t understand, after all, we’re talking about soccer. I don’t know. Nobody got a concussion on this. There weren’t any inflated balls. Well, that we know of.

Did Roberts’ Obamacare Ruling Make Repeal Impossible?
RUSH: Let me give you the short version. John Roberts’ ruling essentially is that they have already decided on the next appeal for the government, which means the IRS cannot refuse the payment of subsidies now, no matter what. No president can repeal them, because the court has already dealt with what that would be in another case. The way Roberts wrote this, he disregarded standard operating procedure (something called chevron) and has gone ahead and pretended to judge the next case that would have followed this and ruled on it and has found essentially — for lack of a better way of expressing it — the subsidies stand even if they are challenged again, meaning they can’t be challenged again. He’s already decided. Now, I will give you the back story in due course.

Now, here’s the Roberts ruling in a nutshell. It’s by Gabriel Malor, and it involves “[t]he decades-old case of Chevron v. NRDC provided a framework for determining what happens when Congress passes poorly written laws. Where Congress passes a law that is ambiguous and an agency resolves that ambiguity by interpretative rule or judgment, Chevron instructs the courts to defer to the agency’s interpretation so long as it is reasonable.”

Now, that’s convoluted legal-speak, and I’m not going to cloud your mind with that. Here’s how it manifests itself. In a nutshell, the chief justice ruled that because Congress began the funding of national health care — because Congress wrote the law on subsidies — only Congress can end it. Which means no court will ever be able to rescind subsidies or stop any kind of Obamacare funding. It also means no future president can turn off funding by executive action. Only Congress can stop it.

Now, what Roberts did that surprised people in his ruling… For lack of a better explanation, his ruling essentially also rules in a mythical second case that would challenge this ruling. Roberts went ahead and wrote a decision that encompasses what might be a future challenge to the law and the end result is that only Congress can rescind subsidies now. No future president can repeal it, the spending — and the spending is Obamacare. I mean, it’s an entitlement.

So to repeal the spending, it’d take an act of Congress approved by the House and 60 votes in the Senate. It’s a long convoluted legal explanation. But that’s the summation of it. If you are curious about this, you’ll find that a lot of legal eagles were shocked at the way Roberts got there, and they’re openly writing that they’re shocked at how he got there in terms of defending and keeping Obamacare. So there’s not going to be any President Rubio or Huckabee repealing it.

Because supposedly, according to Gabriel Malor anyway, it’s not possible now. Only Congress. Another act of Congress can repeal Obamacare. Okay. How many of the opinions written by the Supreme Court justices this week made mention of the Constitution? A lot of people don’t think we have one anymore. I’m, by the way, sympathetic to it. The 14th Amendment has been bastardized. The 14th Amendment was about slaves and the aftermath of the Civil War.

And look at what’s now it’s been used to do! And look at what the First Amendment, how it’s been bastardized. And the reason that this has happened — one of the reasons that this has happened — is because the general public does not know what the Constitution says anymore. It isn’t taught properly. It isn’t taught with reverence. It’s taught that the great legal minds have found ways around it. Those are the stars today! Find ways to make the Constitution say what it doesn’t.

Those are the heroes.

That’s sick!

Sea Turtles Near Shore Cause Shark Attacks!
RUSH: Some of you people in the audience may not be aware of my ongoing battle with environmentalist wackos and sea turtles. I happen to live on a beach. I happen to live in a place which values sea turtles over human beings’ use of their private property. The way this manifests itself is that backyard landscape lighting is only permitted four months out of the year: November, December, January, February. And it’s shrinking. It used to be eight months. Used to be seven, six.

Now it’s down to four months. We can’t have any backyard light, even if I’m half mile from the beach. If some environmentalist wacko can take a cheap camera and see a light reflecting… You know what those light meters do? They open that shutter wide; then you have to turn the light off. This is in order to protect the sea turtles that lay their eggs on the beach. Then the see turtles are born and they swim up from the bottom of the sand where their eggs are laid and they march to the ocean where the sea turtles will grow big and big and big and come back.

It is said that if there is light on the beach toward the shore, they will go there instead of the ocean and die.

There’s no proof of this.

There’s no establishment of it.

The wackos say so, and it’s not just where I live. It’s all the way up and down the East Coast. Guess what? All the shark attacks in North Carolina, you know what experts are now saying is the reason for all the sharks off the coast of the North Carolina? It’s all the sea turtles. It’s become a giant food source.

So the environmentalist wackos have succeeded in implementing a policy which has resulted in more sharks lurking off the shore, off the coast, in a number of these states on the Atlantic Ocean. They’re waiting for these sea turtles so they can gobble them up and eat them.

Thank you, environmentalist wackos.

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