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RUSH: Now, see if this makes any sense to you. Real Clear Politics, they have this rolling series of polls. Obama job approval today: 44 percent. Disapprove: 51 percent. Direction of the country, right direction: 28 percent. On the wrong track: 63 percent. Does any of that make sense with what is happening in the country? Sixty-three percent think the country is on the wrong track, yet we’re told that there’s massive support for the court’s gay marriage decision and Obamacare being upheld and so forth.

I’m here to tell you, you think that you’re in the minority. You are not. You are actually in a pretty sizable majority that doesn’t have any real leadership or strategy or pushback or plan. I mean, they’re helping Obama pass trade bills. They’re thinking about joining Obama on amnesty and have been for a while. They don’t want to speak up on gay marriage in any shape, way, manner or form. They don’t want to object, go to court.

You’re voting in record numbers. You’re voting in landslide numbers, landslide victories in 2010 and 2014. You’re being pushed around by, in one instance, less than two percent of the population. It’s totally understandable if you think you’re losing your mind. It’s totally understandable if you’re asking what the heck’s going on. You’re not by any stretch of the imagination alone. You’re actually with a pretty big majority and there’s more polling data than just this to indicate it.

I know, look, I’m blue in the face, would you just assume something, folks, so I don’t have to say this every time I make a point? I know, the media. I know that. You don’t have to shout at me over the radio or send me e-mail, I know, the media. The media is creating this false picture. I know.

Here is Steven in Westchester, New York, welcome to the program. Great to have you on Open Line Friday, hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Maha Rushie. I would like to comment on your opening monologue where you said that the Republicans will not go against the first black president, that’s why things are going this way. I would say back to that, even though I’m not necessarily in the vote for, say, having Ben Carson be president, but I think more of what the problem is that the RINO Republicans are very happy with all this new lawlessness and the disregard for the Constitution that Obama and his minions have put in place. And I think they intend on keeping it that way if they’re left in power. And I just feel a loss for any answer as to what really to do. As I mentioned, if Ben Carson —

RUSH: I know a lot of people — and I’ve joined them on occasion — love ripping into the Republican Party and making that the focal point of what’s wrong. But I want you to tell me — you just said the RINO Republicans actually don’t mind all of this constitutional destruction and economic destruction. I assume you think this because they’re going to win the election some day and have power over all this. Is that the theory?

CALLER: Possibly, but mainly because at this point I can’t, as many of us, millions of us I think feel, I can’t make any logic out of the things they do and the things they don’t do at this point in regards to getting this straightened out.

RUSH: That’s what I’m getting at. I want to dig deep with you on this. I want to be made to understand. Do not think of me as arguing with you, okay.

CALLER: No, I won’t.

RUSH: You’ve said something that I find highly interesting, maybe even provocative, that the RINO Republicans — I assume by that you mean the Republicans not doing anything to stop this, not opposing Obama, maybe even agreeing with him or going along with him, that they want this.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: Because I can’t make logic as to what’s going on in this country with them. I’ve tried for years to understand why things aren’t being rebutted against Obama, why they haven’t been saying anything.

RUSH: Let me try. There may be an answer for this.


RUSH: The answer could be no more complicated than RINO Republicans and Democrats have one thing in common, and it isn’t big government. It’s fear of and hatred of conservatives as a political force.

CALLER: Okay, I’ll go partially with that at this point.

RUSH: I think the Democrat Party — take a look at the news every day. Contrast the way Barack Obama talks about the Iranians or ISIS or Syria or Russia or any genuine enemy that could launch hell on us. Compare the way he talks about them to the way he talks about Fox News, to the way he talks about conservatism. It is clear to me that Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, consider domestic conservatism their biggest enemy and threat.

Okay, so the next question is why. What in the world about us presents a bigger threat than Iran with nuclear weapons? What about us presents a bigger threat than Vladimir Putin on the march or al-Qaeda back in action, maybe doubling up with ISIS and again marching in worldwide terror. What is it about domestic American conservatism that frightens and scares and angers Obama more than all of the rest of that?

CALLER: The only thing I could say right off the top of my head is that they fear losing their power more than they fear losing their lives. It’s that simple in my mind right now. Unless, you know, something steers me in a different direction. But at this point after years of this, I just can’t see anything else.

RUSH: Well, I would answer my own question with my own answer as I’ve already provided. I do think that as far as Obama and like-minded people and Democrats to whom power is everything, these are people that want power to use it against other people. Obama is a vindictive — there’s nothing inclusive. That’s another myth. There’s nothing inclusive about these people. They want power to hammer other people.

And I’ll tell you what really is animating or informing all of this. You have people — it’s not a majority. It’s made to look like a majority. You have people who resent that this was a country founded in a Judeo-Christian tradition. You have people who resent that white people founded the country. They think that those people founded the country for themselves and their families and their heirs, and they took great pains to make sure that all the money that was ever in the country would stay within that group of people.

They think that this country was founded by people who discriminated against anything that wasn’t Christian or religious. And for all of these hundreds of years there has been a seething anger on the part of all of those who call themselves minorities. And the effort has been underway to get back at this country for the very way it was founded. I believe that is what is happening. I think in the case of gay marriage, what you have are people who have a multiple-decade length of time of anger, seething and raging and building, at religion, particularly Christianity, and at anybody or anything at any time that was in the majority. And for the longest time it was underneath the surface, you didn’t see it other than occasional outbreaks.

I think this is get even with everything time. I’m basically making this a little bit simplistic more so than it is because it’s got more nuance than this. But the point is there’s some people who really don’t like this country. They haven’t liked it from the way it was founded. None of these people were there when it was founded. They weren’t born. They’ve been taught this. They’ve been taught rage. They have been taught anger. They’ve been taught to hate. The hatred is all on the left. The animosity, the anger, all this aggression, it’s all on the left. Somehow we get blamed for it. We get labeled with it. It’s all on that side of the aisle.

You bring the RINO Republicans back into this. There has to be a reason why RINO Republicans would stand idly by — and if not stand idly by, would join Obama and the Democrats here and there to further the Democrat agenda. I really think if you do believe that, that the explanation for it is the one thing they have in common is a fear of or hatred of or dislike of or what have you, us. Conservatives. Because another thing they all have in common is they love big government.

They want big government. They want big government getting bigger. They want bigger government swelling with more and more money. They want power and control over the money. They want to be able to dip their own hands into that pile of money and take out whatever they want for themselves. And conservatives, of course, want to do away with that. Conservatives want to make government smaller. We want to get rid of all the debt.

We want to eliminate Washington as the focal point of people’s lives. That’s a huge threat to people whose lifeblood is oriented around controlling government and using the power that control grants them to put other people down. These are people that want to use power against. They are not seeking power for inclusion. You take a look at their targets and you find out what they’re mad about.

If you want to go deeper into history, you find out that anger is generational and it’s been around for quite a while. And there just hasn’t been any pushback to any of it. And one of the reasons… There are many reasons for that, but one of the reasons there hasn’t been any pushback is it’s always been unfair. “I mean, they’re 2% of the population. Why push back? This group, they’re not a minority. They might be 10% of the population.”

There’s been a successful campaign to ladle the majority with guilt. Guilt here, guilt there, guilt over there. The manifestation of the guilt is to stand aside idly while the victims of the horrible founding of this country make a grab at what is rightfully theirs. There are all kinds of legitimate, I think, explanations and answers for this. But they all fall back, they all end up being reduced to really, I think, a very simple explanation — and that is the lack of willingness to defend and fight back, push back, and hold on.

For whatever reason.

The price is being paid now. Now, that having been said, there have been plenty of politicians who promised to fight back, and they’ve gotten big donations. They’ve been given massive support. They’ve won elections. But then they kind of don’t do what they said they were going to do during the campaign. So there’s been some trickery involved and some deception as well. I think all along there’s been a belief that none of what’s happened was actually ever going to really happen.

If you’d have warned people about this 10 years ago, they’d have said, “Come on, Rush! That’s just over the top. You can’t really believe that!” I’m trying to tell you. Twenty years ago, “Rush, come on! You’ve got to moderate! You can’t really believe this is where things are headed!” Yeah, I do. For 25 years of my life, anyway, all the warnings came true. A lot of people believed it, but many people just said, “Nah, Rush! Come on! It isn’t possible. Ha! Ha! What do you mean? (laughing) The Supreme Court is never going to allow that! You don’t have anything to worry about. The American people aren’t going to put up with that, Rush! You wait.”

Here we are.


RUSH: I was talking to a prominent Republican last night about the Supreme Court decision yesterday.

He said, “Yeah, you know, Rush, elections have consequences.”

I said, “What does that mean?”

“Well, the American people spoke. They get what they voted for.”

“You mean you’re not going to push back on it?”

“Well, no.”

That opened my eyes yet again.

I mentioned right before the break at the top of the hour, I had a brief conversation last night with a prominent Republican, prominent elected Republican. Take your pick. It doesn’t matter who. And the subject — well, actually the subject was me. Somebody had told this prominent Republican that I had impugned him on the program yesterday. He was writing me to explain, and he was kind of snarky. And I wrote him back and I said whoever is telling you this stuff is lying to your face.

Here’s what happened. The guy writes back and said: “You know what, considering the source, okay, thank you, I appreciate your telling me.” But I said: “It doesn’t matter. You still believed it. You believed that I said those things when I didn’t say those things.” I’m not going to tell you what it is, folks, it doesn’t matter. The specifics don’t matter. The point is this guy was lied to about me. He believed it, but he did send me a snarky note, giving me the chance to say, “Wait a minute. No, that’s not what I said.”

Anyway, that’s not the point. I guess the sub-point was that somebody was trying to impugn me to this prominent Republican and failed. For all I know, it was a radio consultant. The next thing that happened was we started talking about the Supreme Court decision and Obamacare. And I tried to explain — I was trying to be magnanimous actually. I said, “You know what, maybe this guy that was misinforming you about me, I said Mr. Prominent Republican everybody is devastated by this Obamacare ruling. I mean, even though we suspected it, everybody is just devastated. Because no matter what, we just keep losing, Mr. Elected Republican. We just keep losing.”

And you know what he said to me? He said: “Well, that’s right, elections have consequences.” And I let it drop. I did say one more thing. “You mean this stuff should happen? We lost the election?”

“Well, no, but elections have consequences.”

I was just struck by how matter of fact that made it. It’s one of the reasons I started the program today by saying I’m really more and more so every day becoming aware that I’ve been living under an illusion for a long time. I really thought that there was an opposition movement there. And now I know there hasn’t been for a couple of years. But I’ve been doing this for 27 years. There hasn’t been much of an opposition movement in quite a while.

I want to contrast this, though. How many times can you recall the Democrats have won a presidential election and here comes a Supreme Court justice or a federal court appointment somewhere of a genuinely radical, practically communist judge, and your average Republican senator will say, “Well, the Republicans lost the election. The Democrats won and they get their nominees.”

When the Democrats lose elections, they push back immediately. They make it their objective to make sure that the Republicans do not benefit from winning. They do everything to screw up a Republican win, to deny it, to fight it, and the Republicans do not. When the Republicans lose an election, they chalk it up to a loss. They assume the American people rejected them. They assume the American people want whatever the Democrat president’s going to do and they stand by, stand aside and let it happen.

And along those lines I ran across a blog post last night by John Hinderaker, at Power Line, and it’s entitled: “Have Republicans Saved the Obama Administration?” And this goes to the idea that Republicans really didn’t want to win the Obamacare case before the court, because that would have meant a whole bunch of people without Obamacare subsidies that the Republicans had no plan to deal with and would have had to come up with a replacement and people were running around yesterday, last night, saying essentially the Supreme Court saved the Republican Party.

That’s what many Republicans were saying, as well as Democrats, as well as members of the media. Now, stop and think of that for a moment. The Supreme Court saved the Republicans because here was a chance, think about this, Obamacare could have been ended effectively yesterday. Had there been a correct decision, had there been a constitutional decision on that case, Obamacare would have been perhaps dealt its death blow, and the Republican Party did not want that. Because that would have meant the Republican Party had to come up with a plan. And the plan would have had to have included subsidies because Obamacare has been implemented long enough now that people are expecting them.

And that’s how entitlements are never repealed folks. This is what I meant yesterday when I say that what conservatism has become is fine tuning socialism. And that’s really what it is. Conservativism as it’s practiced in electoral politics is nothing more — it’s not repealing. It’s not rejecting. It’s not defeating. It’s not even arguing against anymore. It’s simply accepting what happens and then going to vote, “Look it, we can do healthcare better. We can do budgeting smarter. We can do immigration wiser.” This has been a bugaboo of mine for I don’t know how long, that we always seem to accept the premise of every Democrat proposal.

We don’t object to the premise, we don’t oppose the premise, we accept it and then say no, we can streamline it. And that is how liberalism finds its way woven into the fabric of American society, and it is indeed how it’s happened with Obamacare. Now, Hindraker writes about this curiosity that the Supreme Court might have saved Republicans from themselves and he also makes the point on Obama’s trade deal; that if Obama had lost Obamacare at the Supreme Court, if the Republicans had not given Obama this specific trade deal, Obama would be on the ropes today.

We would have an entirely different looking political landscape. The media would still be trying to cover for Obama. For the president to lose his trade deal to the Supreme Court would have been the first time a presidentially proposed trade deal would have been defeated since WWII. Had those two things happened, and one of them was in the palm of the hand. The trade deal could have died. The Republicans did not need to save it. They’re going to get no credit for saving it because the American people don’t like and don’t understand trade deals anyway. They’re going to get no credit for saving it. Obama will get credit for the trade deal, if there’s credit to be had.

Had there been a pushback for Obamacare long and hard, we could have maybe repealed it. Long shot. But what Roberts did… This is another thing I want to get into before the program ends. The way Roberts rewrote that law? Let me just cut to the chase on that. The legal explanation might be a little convoluted, even though I’m good at making the complex understandable. The way John Roberts wrote this law, the way he rewrote Obamacare and wrote the majority opinion, for all intents and purposes means it cannot be repealed at the Supreme Court level.

It cannot be redone.

This is according to an analysis by somebody named Gabriel Malor. This is not me saying it. I’ve read it in two different places and I’ll explain it in a little minute. Roberts wrote this law, the way he rewrote it… This is another thing: Everybody was shocked at the way Roberts got where he got. There wasn’t a whole lot of surprise that Roberts saved Obamacare again, but there was surprise at how he got there.

From everything I was able to find out last night and read last night, there was shock for how he got there. He surprised everybody with his legal reasoning. And the reasoning is such that it is now precedent, that it cannot be changed by a future court without… I mean, it could be, but the process is something that hardly ever happens. Meaning that Roberts did everything he could to lock this in so it is forever untouchable. Now, I will endeavor to explain this in just a minute but I want to stay with Hinderaker for a minute.

Hinderaker makes the point here, just as I did. He said, “If Congress had denied Obama fast track authority, he would have been the first president since World War II to be so snubbed. And when Obamacare passed with no Republican support, we didn’t expect that it would collapse ignominiously due to its own internal contradictions. It may be that some [Washington] Republicans are content to bail Obama out. The Chamber of Commerce badly wanted fast track passed, and the insurance industry gained billions in market capitalization from the Supreme Court’s decision.

“I don’t mean to suggest that Republicans are swayed by such venal factors; rather, that they can be complacent and have no killer instinct. If Obama had been denied fast track authority and if Obamacare had been required to operate as written by Congress — in other words, if it had fallen apart — newspaper headlines would be telling the uninformed that the Obama administration is down, defeated, on life support. A failure.”

Now that may not be. I mean, the media would have done their best to prop Obama up. They would have been distressed; it would have been them distressed, not us. “If Obama had lost…” If the Supreme Court had simply upheld the way that law was written — Obamacare was dead and if Obamacare had been rejected, yesterday — can you imagine? It would be them in panic mode. It would be them pulling their hair out. The point is: This is what Republicans should want!

Republicans should want Obama to lose. And why? Because President Obama is doing terrible damage to this country. He is literally inflicting damage on this country with his economic policies, with his health care policies, with his immigration policies, with his spending. Everything Obama is doing is wreaking havoc on this country! Put simply, Obama is doing terrible damage — by helping Iran obtain nuclear weapons, by refusing to enforce immigration laws, by releasing thousands of illegal immigrant felons into our communities, by failing to protect our cyber networks.

Trillions of dollars in debt!

Hinderaker writes here that in the old days, Republicans would have been trying to bring down the administration any way they can. The Democrats always do. But the Republicans aren’t. And this is the point that I was making in my monologue in the first hour. There isn’t… The Republicans, even when Obama is on the ropes, they save him! They do not do their best to stop him. The man is doing incredible damage; the Republicans should want Obama to lose, and they don’t.

When the Democrats lose elections they refuse to accept it and they set about making sure the Republicans do not get to implement anything, the spoils of their victory. It goes back to the last night. I was talking to a prominent Republican and talking about the Supreme Court decision and he said, “Well, the elections have consequences.” “What do you mean? If we lose, then that means the American people rejected us? It means that the American people want what Obama is doing, and so we have to stand by and let it happen?”

Sadly, I think that’s what they think. Yet, they’re all out raising money and they’re all joining think tanks afterwards. Folks, we’ve got all kinds of conservatives all over Washington. They’re all asking everybody for money. They’re fundraising and all this kind of stuff. But there isn’t any strategy to defeat, roll back, stop, impede, what have you, the people we think are our political opponents.

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