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RUSH: Now, isn’t it interesting, however, what is the one thing, when you read about ISIS in news coverage in this country, ISIS can run around — the latest news of ISIS is the methods they’re now using to kill people, mass murders.

For example, the latest is they put their prisoners in a cage, they lower the cage into a swimming pool long enough for the prisoners to drown. Videotape is rolling, well, cameras are rolling. They also now have cameras in the swimming pool that record the actual moments of death due to drowning, and they release that, along with the video of the prisoners being lowered into the pool. Another one is to jam pack some little car with a bunch of prisoners and blow it up with a rocket-propelled grenade.

So the media will report on that, and they’ll report on it as they do. But you let ISIS walk into a museum and start destroying artifacts, and that becomes unacceptable. Have you noticed that? The media gets outraged when ISIS starts destroying things in museums. That’s taking it too far. That’s going farther than we can say. We can’t look the other way when you guys do that. It’s amazing. And yet the same thing happens here. Artifacts from our history destroyed, shut down. There is applause all around.

I’m telling you, folks, do not doubt me on this. As far as the Democrat Party and the way it’s constituted today, they do consider American conservatives and Republicans to be their greatest clear and present danger. Not ISIS. Not any other group or individual criminals, but conservatives. And the reason is simple. We conservatives and Republicans represent an ongoing threat to their power.

They don’t think ISIS represents that. They don’t think Al-Qaeda threatens their power. I mean, Al-Qaeda’s never gonna vote them out of office. ISIS isn’t gonna vote them out of office, and they don’t think Al-Qaeda’s gonna come here and kill them out of office. They don’t think ISIS is gonna do either. But conservatives and Republicans and the Tea Party could vote them out of office. That’s what makes us the biggest threat, and that’s why they treat us accordingly.


RUSH: Colleen, Tri-Cities, Washington. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.


RUSH: How are you?

CALLER: I’m good, Rush. Mega dittos. I’ve tried to get through once today and made it, got put on hold and got disconnected, and actually got through again.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you made it through. You must be charmed.

CALLER: I must be.

RUSH: Somebody wanted you to get through and say what you’re gonna say, which is what?

CALLER: Well, I was wondering when you get down to the basics, what is the difference between ISIS destroying viciously all of the remnants of history that they have been destroying and we wanting to destroy our monuments that are our history? Why don’t we just take dynamite to them?

RUSH: I first have you ask you a question. Where are you?

CALLER: Right now I am in a truck stop in Boise, Idaho.

RUSH: Are you in a phone booth?

CALLER: I was in the way; I just stepped outside.

RUSH: I see, because there was this humongous reverberation and echo where you were.

CALLER: That’s possibly why.

RUSH: Now, you —

CALLER: I was on the road. That’s why I lost you to begin with.

RUSH: Oh, okay, okay. So your question basically is, “What’s the differences ISIS using sledgehammers and bombs to destroy historical monuments and artifacts in museum across the Middle East, and we are taking down the Confederate flag and who knows whatever else?” And you want to know what —

CALLER: Well, if we want to destroy the Jefferson monument, is it just a degree of evil? We’re both trying to obliterate history.

RUSH: No, what I found fascinating about this is… By the way, nobody is actually talking about destroying the Jefferson Memorial. Just to be clear on this. The bespectacled Ashleigh Banfield hosting her newscast on CNN, was speaking to Don “Black Hole” Lemon. By the way, we call him “Black Hole” with great affection because he asked an expert in airline travel whether or not the missing Malaysian plane could have been sucked up by one, a black hole.

Anyway, she asked him (paraphrased), “If we’re gonna destroy the Confederate flag and tear it down and all that, then do we not have to be equal and go after the Jefferson Memorial because after all Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and the Confederate flag is about going to war to maintain slaves, and Jefferson owned slaves, and shouldn’t we…?” Don Lemon said, “Well, theyÂ’re not quite equal. IÂ’m not there yet. I don’t want to talk about that now, but maybe later I could.”

My only point was you don’t have to destroy the Jefferson Memorial to destroy it. You don’t have to physically rip it down and move it or what have you. The left and its apparatus is perfectly capable of destroying — via destroying credibility, respect, history revisionism, all of these great things. Now, ISIS is running all over the world destroying these artifacts? That’s a whole different thing. WhatÂ’s interesting about that to me is that, of all the things ISIS is doing, that’s what makes our media angrier than anything.

And I’m not kidding. Folks, I’m not making that up, and I’m not trying to be hyperbolic. I’m just telling you how I read the news. I read the news about the latest ISIS beheading or mass killing, and it’s reported perfunctorily and factually, and there isn’t any editorial comment, and whoever’s writing these stories or broadcasting them doesn’t seem at all bothered by it; it’s just the latest news involving ISIS.

But when the news is they’ve gone into museums and are destroying thousand-year-old artifacts, that’s when you read anger and emotion in these Drive-By stories about it. And that’s why I conclude, “Okay, ISIS killing people? Yeah, we expect that in a war. That happens. But what do you mean destroying artifacts in a museum? That’s going beyond the pale.” That’s actually how I interpret the reporting on it. So the real question is, why be upset at ISIS destroying all of these historical artifacts and yet in the United States essentially support a variation of the same theme.

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