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RUSH: Your host once again blamed for the division in media, the divisiveness in media, by a former Bush spokesperson. This is on Fox News #mediabuzz program on Sunday morning hosted by Howard Kurtz. He’s speaking with former Bush White House spokesperson Mercedes Schlapp about Trump and his announcement that he’s gonna run for president. Kurtz said, “Okay, with Jeb Bush announcing on Monday and Trump announcing on Tuesday, how is it that Donald Trump got a week’s worth of coverage, a guy who many people think is mostly providing entertainment, and Jeb didn’t get hardly anything?”

SCHLAPP: He’s incredibly provocative and controversial figure with these outrageous one-liners that seem to somehow make the news, and the media loves that. It drives what the media is looking for, which is a sort of entertainment.

KURTZ: Let’s seize the oil from ISIS. Let’s build the wall and make Mexico pay for it.

SCHLAPP: Make Mexico pay for it. Exactly. So I think what’s been fascinating to watch is that the conservative media has been split on Trump. So you’ve got Krauthammer, George Will basically saying, you know, he shouldn’t be running, et cetera, and then, on the other hand, you’ve got a Rush Limbaugh saying basically that message is gonna resonate. So he’s actually even created division amongst the conservative press.

RUSH: Trump has created division among the conservative press. I guess prior to Trump the conservative press was unified, aligned, and all on the same page. And then Trump came along and with these silly little statements like why should ISIS have the oil in Iraq, why don’t we? “Yeah, that’s just an entertaining statement. Don’t take that seriously. That doesn’t mean anything.” Just like I’m gonna build the best wall the world’s ever seen and I’m gonna make Mexico pay for it. “That’s just an entertaining statement. That doesn’t mean anything. There’s no basis and substance to that.” And of course the media eats that stuff up. Then you’ve got Krauthammer and Will over here saying that’s crazy, he ought to not even get in the race. And you’ve got Limbaugh saying, hey, that stuff’s gonna resonate. It does. Just like Perot resonated. It is resonating. I don’t look at myself as being divided from Krauthammer and Will on this.

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