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RUSH: McKinney, Texas. You heard of that town? You heard of McKinney, Texas? Very nice little town. Police are called to a gated private swimming pool. It seems that African-American kids are sending out text messages to each other about where to go to mob the swimming pool that is not theirs. I mean, they don’t have any right to be there, I’m sorry to say, don’t fire me, please. They don’t have any right to be there. It’s not their pool. It’s somebody else’s pool. It’s gated, but they found their way in, they’re texting out, “Everybody, come on, join us.”

They mob the area, they jump the fence, get aggressive, unruly, having sex all over the place, screaming curse words, and they do this because there’s no place for them to go swim. They feel discriminated against. They don’t have any swimming pools, so they go and find somebody else’s, send out messages to be joined and then people join ’em. So there were mothers with their young children at the pool. These people happen to be paying for the pool, by the way — ahem, sorry, that’s I know insensitive to say. And these mothers call the cops, and so the cops come. Cops arrive.

The African-American kids act belligerent. The cops try to get control of the situation, and of course cell phones are pulled out, video recording begins, and there’s video of a cop mistreating, mishandling, it looks like, a perfectly peaceful young African-American woman in a bikini on the ground. Uh-oh. Cop is fired and is now in hiding to protect himself.

In Florida, a high school principal mentions in a one-line tweet that he understands what the cop did in McKinney, Texas, and he has been fired. And today we have a story in the Washington Post, are you ready for the headline? “How the Rise of Gated Spaces like Swimming Pools Can Quietly Perpetuate Racial Tension.” Snerdley is laughing in there. See, this is what you do.

You laugh. But the fact of the matter is, we had a swimming pool privately owned behind a gated community. It was invaded by people who have no right to be there. They were not invited. It’s not their pool. The cops show up and try to get control of the situation. A cop gets fired, a principal who agrees with the cop in a one-line tweet gets fired and now the Washington Post writes a story saying that such swimming pools are racist.

You want an example of massive propaganda delusion? What would you do if you’re a cop the next time such a call happened? “Screw you, pal, you’re on your own. I’m not showing up.” If you’re a school principle you’re not gonna comment on the cops anymore no matter what you think of what they do. A one-line tweet from the principal saying he understood what the cop did and he’s fired. The cop is running for his life now.

This is exactly the kind of situation and circumstance that I’ve been referring to all day. Just like this silly story, I saw it on Vox, which is its own social psychological curiosity. “You guys” is now sexist. “You guys,” not supposed to say it anymore because it’s not inclusive. And women calling each other guys, that’s not cool, either, and they gotta stop doing it and we’ve gotta stop saying it. And people are seriously, honestly debating this, as though it is profoundly offensive for a group of people to be referred to as “you guys.”

So now we gotta say “you all,” “guys and girls,” “folks,” you name it. Whatever it is, it isn’t free speech.

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