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RUSH: Here’s Matt in St. Paul, Minnesota. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well.

CALLER: Well, it’s gonna be hard to follow up Lucia, I mean, she was phenomenal. I wanted to ask you your thoughts on the Hall of Fame, the NFL Hall of Fame process and how, you know, folks get into it. I have a vested interest. My number one fan is my father, who is Jon Arnett, so —

RUSH: Your dad’s Jon Arnett?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: He’s probably listening right now out of Lake Oswego, Oregon.

RUSH: I tell you, the NFL Hall of Fame process, a good friend of mine, I used to play touch football with Rick Gosselin, who is now an NFL expert in the Hall of Fame and other things, he’s one of the voters. I think Rick just started a talk radio network about the Hall of Fame. It is such a process that we can do hours a week talking about how it happens. And he’s explained it to me. It’s no mystery. But if you don’t understand it, for players that don’t make it in their first year of eligibility, that’s where it gets tough and confusing, because every year is a new process.

It’s quite possible that they will know, the voters in the Hall of Fame, just because they know how things work, they can tell you that somebody’s gonna take ’em four years to make it, based on the voting and based on the new class every year, the competition and how it’s shaping up, how many people in each position, eligibility. I couldn’t by any stretch do it justice in the limited amount of time I have here. But just Google “Rick Gosselin,” G-o-s-s-e-l-i-n, and he’s written about it extensively.

They don’t keep it secret. I mean the deliberations are secret when they happen the day before Super Bowl, but the process is not. I am sure you can find Peter King at Monday Morning Quarterback, MMQB. It’s fascinating and it has problems that they acknowledge, too. Gee, I wish I’d gotten your call before I have to go, ’cause I’m really out of time. I wish I wasn’t.

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