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RUSH: On CNN, Erin Burnett was talking with Pam Geller about a report that this Boston jihadist, Usama Rahim, who was shot and killed by the cops on Tuesday, originally intended to behead her. So Erin Burnett. While they’re trying to find Caitlyn Jenner’s penis over on Headline News, they’re talking to Pam Geller about beheading on CNN. They got a thing about appendages there, and here is what Erin Burnett said to Pam Geller. We got two bites here. This the first one.

BURNETT: The Southern Poverty Law Center, as you’re well aware, has described your group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, as what they say, quote, “is an active anti-Muslim group.” They track hate groups in this country. They describe you as, quote, “the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead.” Again, they track hate groups. They’re putting you on that list. Nothing justifies a beheading or a beheading plot, but it’s important to note this. I mean, are you stoking the flames? Do you, on some level, relish being the target of these attacks?

RUSH: Are you kidding me? Did you hear that question? She said, “Nothing justifies a beheading or a beheading plot.” Well, of course nothing justifies a beheading. What a thing to say! “Nothing justifies a beheading but it’s important to note this. I mean, are you stoking the flames, do you on some level relish being the target…?” I wonder if anybody at CNN would ask that of the next woman on campus who alleges that she’s been raped. Bring that woman to CNN and let Erin Burnett talk to her.

Let her say, “Look, you know, nothing justifies rape, we all agree with that. But it’s important to note something: Are you stoking the flames? Were you dressed in such a way, did you maybe on some level relish being the target here of this gang rape?” Would that question ever be asked? Heck, no! In fact, if that question were asked Erin Burnett wouldn’t last the week on CNN, but here? And why all of a sudden is Southern Poverty Law Center in charge? Who made them gospel?

See, this is classic example, too. It’s just some weirdo and a couple of his friends in some remote location with a logo and a fax machine, and they simply publicize groups of people they consider to be soaked in hate and they create hate. One of their followers actually went to the Family Research Council and tried to kill people there, to shoot the place up. Family Research Council called a hate organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is where the hate is, and it’s a hate for conservatives. You know, the variation on this question that she asked Pam Geller, “Are you stoking the flames, do you on some level relish be being the target of these people?” I’ve gotten similar questions. “Come on, Limbaugh, admit it! You hoped Obama won. You wanted Obama to, and you wanted the Clintons to, because you like ratings, and you know it’s much easier to have your opponents in office than it is to criticize your friends if they win.

“So admit it, Limbaugh! Admit it. You want the Democrats to win, right?” Yeah, right. I want the country to go to hell in a handbasket. Right, I want the country to be in an economic decline. Right. I want all this stuff. It’s absurd! Classic illustration again. This question would never be asked of any Democrat or liberal or rape victim, alleged rape victim or what have you. Here’s Pam Geller’s reply to the question.

GELLER: Relish being the target? Who self-promotes to get killed? The Southern Poverty Law Center? Really, Erin? They’re an uber-left group. They don’t track jihadist groups. They don’t track groups that actually target for slaughter. They track patriots. They track veterans. Their members have actually targeted and tried to slaughter family groups and leaders, like Tony Perkins’ family and even the shooter in North Carolina who shot three Muslims over a parking dispute was a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center. That’s who you’re using against me? Why do you use the Southern Poverty Law Center — a notorious uber-left, communist group — to smear me? I’m the hunted one. I’m the hunted one. This is incredible to me!

RUSH: She uses the Southern Poverty Law Center because some producer there uses it because they’ve already used it and nobody even knows why they use it. It’s just, it’s in the Rolodex. When you want to talk about conservative hate, that’s the subgroup. That’s the title. Go to the Rolodex. “Who’s the expert on conservative hate?” At the top, Southern Poverty Law Center.

You call Mark Potok and say, “Hey, are you available for CNN?” “Yeah, be right there.” That’s how it happens. They don’t even know what Potok believes or says or who he is. It’s just he is in the business of identifying which conservative groups hate; the media believes that; preconception that all conservatives hate so there’s the expert in it. That’s how it happens with all these guests that they have in their revolving door.

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