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RUSH: I want to go back to something I said yesterday about the new normals, and when I finished saying this, I said, “This is fundamentally… You all need to understand this business. As we are being told what the new normal is and how we’d better accept the new normal, and the new normal is defined as the people who make up 1.8% of the American population…”

Do you know what the transgender population of the country is, by the way? The gay population’s 1.8%, and we are supposed to sit by and say, “That’s the new normal,” and we’re supposed to blindly accept it. “That’s the new normal.” But the other side of it is, who are the new weirdos? If there’s a new normal, it means there have to be new weirdos and the point of claiming that minorities like this are the new normal is that we — predominantly the Christian majority in this country — these people are the weirdos.

That’s the attempt being made here.

I think that it manifests itself whenever you start thinking about the Republican “branding” problem that people talk about. Republicans are the weirdo. Republicans are the freaks. Republicans are the kooks. Republicans are this or that or the other thing. The transgender population of the country (and this is being generous) is 0.4%. Yet we’re being told to stand by, stand aside, sit idly by and acknowledge that this is the new normal. This is what I said in full. I ran through this rather quickly yesterday, told people go to the website if this goes by too fast because this is something that you really need to learn and absorb and understand.


RUSH ARCHIVE: Folks, one of the motivations, one of the reasons — purposes, if you will — of defining a new normal is also defining the new weirdos. When society’s norms come under assault and attack as discriminatory, mean-spirited, bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist, misogynist, whatever — when those norms come under assault as rooted in those characteristics and new norms are sought and desired — the new norms now will consist of homosexuality and transgenderism and different definition of marriage and what have you.

One of the purposes of doing that is to also redefine the new weirdos, and who do you think the new weirdos are? I don’t think there is any doubt that this is a studied attempt. At least from those that are doing all of this with a political agenda attached, the objective here — and it’s not new. It’s been happening for quite a while right in front of our eyes. It is to portray conservatives/Christians/Republicans as the real weirdos. “They’re the real oddballs! They are the ones! They’re the ones that are not cool.

I mean, they’re antiques. They’re from a long-gone era that has long ago been bypassed. They’re just relics, and they’ve got to be just phased out.” I think that is, in large part, one of the objectives as well is to redefine not just the new normals, but the new weirdos. I think that’s actually what’s going on. When you hear people talk about the Republican Party and its “branding problem,” that’s really what they’re talking about, unknowingly. That’s manifesting of all this.


RUSH: Do not doubt me on this. It’s fundamental. It’s crucial to your understanding, your ongoing understanding of the daily advance of the leftist Democrat Party agenda in this country. Because there’s no doubt that the quest here on the part of gay marriage, gay rights, transgender — and don’t forget what we learned yesterday about “transabled.” People who think they are just… For example, “I don’t feel right with this left arm. I just don’t it should be there! I just don’t feel right,” and they cut it off.

They self-amputate. This has been given a name: “transabled,” instead of disabled. Transabled. It’s a new category, and it’s something that we’re to sit by and understand and respect and appreciate, because, “It constitutes our wonderful diversity, and it illustrates the amazing differences that exist throughout the melting pot that is the glorious American culture.” So there’s nothing that is abnormal and there’s nothing that is wrong except what used to be normal.

That is the new abnormal, that is the new freak.

That is the new kook.

That is the new weirdo.

You and everybody else that’s in the I don’t care religious, numerical, racial, whatever majority you want to categorize. It’s an all-out assault on it. So let’s now go to the E! Entertainment network and their online website. They released a promotion trailer ad for the new Caitlyn Jenner reality series. Did you know there was gonna be one of those? This is called Get Even with the Kardashians.” I’m convinced that’s what this is. What is the name of the Kardashian show? A Week with the Kardashians?

A Year with the Kardashians? Running with the Kardashians? Whatever the name of their… (interruption) Oh, yeah, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Well, this is Instead of the Kardashians, or this is We’re Gonna Tromp All Over the Kardashians. Caitlyn Jenner reality series. “I am Cait” is the name of it, C-a-i-t. It premiers on July 26. M-ake a note on your calendars. Make a reminder on your phone. I am Cait is debuting on July 26. It’s on the E! Entertainment network and here’s a portion of the ad they’re running to promote it.

JENNER: You start learning kind of pressure that women are Andrew all the time about their appearance. I never had until a couple of weeks ago, uh, actually a professional came in and do my makeup. What a difference! Okay, we’re officially off the property. We’re out into the world. It’s so bright out there. Look at that. Isn’t it great that maybe someday you’ll be normal?

WOMAN: You are normal.

JENNER: Just blend into society.

WOMAN: You are normal.

JENNER: Put it this way: I’m the new normal.

RUSH: See, my friends? What did I tell you? “I am the new normal. We are the new normal.” Just like a disastrous plunging economy is the new normal. Just like hard is to get Obamacare health insurance, hard to get actually Obamacare treatment. It’s the new norm. America in decline, politically, economically, now cultural, that’s the new norm. And you better learn it, love it, and live it.


RUSH: Transgenderism is the new normal. Right. It’s so normal, Bruce Jenner had 10 operations on his face to try to make it look more feminine. That’s really normal, right? Sorry, folks, you can’t change that. You can’t change gender. You can pretend that you are and you can go through all the motions, but, sorry, it literally can’t be done. But try telling that to the American pop culture today and you’re gonna get nowhere. That’s discriminatory. That’s hurtful. You can’t say that.

I know I can’t say it. It happens to be the literal truth. You can’t change your gender. Chromosomes are what they are. You can’t change it. All you can do is artificially mock it up, but you can’t change it. But I know there’s no win going there. It’s one of those many self-evident truths that have been obliterated now and blown to smithereens, making them wide open for redefinitions to what anybody wants them to be.

RUSH: No, I will confess there was a part of me that… Well, it’s not a part of me. A lot of me wanted to believe that what Bruce Jenner is doing here is a giant publicity stunt. Now, follow me on this. I know. I’ve since learned enough to know that it isn’t, that he’s harbored cross-dressing habits and fantasies for numerous years. Old girlfriends and wives have come forward and explained what it was like. But think about it.

If this was a publicity stunt, here you have Bruce Jenner who is admittedly Republican, bigger at one time in his life than Muhammad Ali. The 1976 Olympics. He’s worth $100 million in his post-Olympics days. Here we have an America with a just really shallow, baseless pop culture in which members of his family are major contributors, the Kardashians. They’re famous for nothing, except maybe big butts and marrying rappers.

But other than that, they’re really famous for nothing.

They achieved fame for being famous.

Wouldn’t it have been great if all this is just a publicity stunt to show how shallow the American pop culture and entertainment culture is and how easy it is to hijack it by coming out and going through something like this? “Look at me! I can go from $100 million to $500 million net worth in ten years and captivate the attention of the American media! I can get all kinds of endorsement contracts for makeup, and I’m a man telling everybody I’m a woman.”

Wouldn’t that have been a great publicity stunt?

It would have been one of the best all-time publicity stunts, and I guess there’s an outside chance it still could be, but I doubt it now.

We’re too far into this.

Here are a couple of sound bites. First, back to CNN’s Newsroom yesterday afternoon. The anchor Brooke Baldwin was speaking with transgender actor Ian Harvie about Caitlyn Jenner. Brooke Baldwin said, “What does it say that so many people now are talking about this and paying attention to this because of Bruce — now Caitlyn — Jenner; that it took a celebrity for us to pay attention?” What does that mean? To pay attention to what? See, the implication of the question is, “Boy, we Americans, we are so selfish!

“We’re just so mean! We so mistreat people! We’re so discriminatory! And it took Bruce Jenner to force us to pay attention!” What the hell does that even mean, it took a celebrity for us to pay attention? It didn’t take any effort for anybody to pay attention at all here! It took a celebrity for us to pay attention! What a bunch of reprobates we are. “And I might add,” she said, “Jenner’s a celebrity who has the resources to be able to transition and the money and spotlight. Not everybody can do what Caitlyn’s doing,” but it took Caitlyn to force us to pay attention.

HARVIE: Jenner does have financial privilege. At the same time, I do have to say that Jenner is stepping out and giving up all of their male privilege. They will have to deal with things that they never had to deal with before as a woman.

BALDWIN: Mmm-hmm!

HARVIE: Get cat called on the street. She’ll have to worry about her safety walking down the street. She will have to watch her weight. She will have to watch what she eats! She’ll have… I mean, there’s all of these just that I personally, as a transman, do not have to contend with. I have this instant privilege that people think… I don’t know. I — I — I should be paid more, and there’s all of these things that she is actually giving up.

RUSH: Folks, this is so illustrative of the convoluted way these people think. I mean, here you’ve got, in all honesty, somebody who really needs some serious help here, okay? And we have it reduced to, “Well, you know, now that Bruce Jenner has become a woman, you’ll find out how rotten a deal that is. M’yeah! Bruce Jenner is not gonna feel safe walking down the street anymore. Bruce Jenner is not gonna feel safe, and he’s gonna et catcalls!

“A bunch of construction workers are gonna wolf whistle! You’re gonna find out how bad it is to be a woman. Oh, man, he doesn’t know what he’s in for! He’s gonna have to watch what he eats and he’s gonna have to watch his weight, because people are so punishing of overweight women! These women, nobody knows how hard women have it, and Bruce Jenner is gonna find out. He thinks it may be a cakewalk!

“But he’s gonna have to do all these things that woman have to do in this horrible country, and be mistreated, and he’s gonna find out. He’s gonna find out! You wait. He’s gonna find out. He’s not gonna be paid! He not gonna be paid as much as he was when he was a man. He’s gonna find out how rotten it is to be a woman in this.” That’s the point. What is it with the way these people think?

So Jenner, to this person, is a great way… Jenner is just an object. Jenner is now a way for people to find out how rotten women really have it in America. Yeah. That’s the value here. That’s the real value in Jenner doing what he did. People are gonna find out how rotten it is. He has to watch what he eats and watch his weight and get catcalls from construction crews and not feel safe walking the streets.

This is sick, folks.

I’m telling you.


RUSH: We just had this audio sound bite from Ian Harvie on CNN yesterday talk about how tough it’s gonna be on Caitlyn Jenner, ’cause Caitlyn Jenner now — after being a lifetime of being a man — is gonna find out what an excrement sandwich life is as a woman in America. Oh, yeah! He’s gonna have to watch what he eats, ’cause people don’t tolerate fat women. He is gonna have to watch his weight because people don’t tolerate fat women.

He’s gonna get catcalls from construction crew brutes as he walks down the street (which he’s not gonna be doing). All these horrible things. He’s not gonna get paid as much. (He’s gonna earn five times as much as the rest of his family. That’s easy.) But it was just a litany of just really what a prison America is for women to this guy, who I’ve never heard of, Ian Harvie. Doesn’t mean anything, but I still don’t know who he is. He was on CNN, and I guess he’s a guy that used to be a woman.

I don’t even know anymore. But a question is this: If being a woman is so terrible, why are so many men choosing to become women? Do you know what the percentages are? There are three times more male-to-female transgenders than female-to-male. I mean, if being a woman is so tough, how come so many of them are not trying to become men? Why is it the other way around? And I’m still trying to figure out…

You have to forgive me on this, folks, but I’m still trying to figure out how the old argument of “born that way” works. For instance, we are told that we can’t do anything to change a gay man. “Born that way. Can’t do a thing to change it.” But apparently you can change your gender, and when you do, we applaud. That’s laudatory. That’s great. But we do know that women become lesbians later in life. They choose it. Not all lesbians, but some do.

Unless they want to tell us that they’ve been trapped in heterosexual lifestyles all their lives and only came out when they were 50. But Obama and the left, they want to outlaw groups that try to change homosexuals into heterosexuals, and the same people stand up and cheer and celebrate Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for having the courage to change his gender, or at least to pretend he’s changed it, because you really can’t. You really can’t. At the end, when all is said and done, you really can’t.

You can pretend you have, but you can’t really change it.

It’s even tougher for women.

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