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RUSH: CNN. This is not a new thing, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this headline, and it’s at CNN. “Obama Approval Heads Downhill.” You know, Obama’s approval numbers have been in the mid-to-low forties before, around 2012, 2013, maybe even 2014. But the media wouldn’t go there. They acknowledged it, but they didn’t really promote it, not like Wolf Blitzer did by reporting George Bush at 39% something like 25 times in a three-hour show on CNN. Practically coming out of every commercial break:

“Breaking news alert: Bush approval lower than ever!” We’ve played the sound bite for you. But when Obama has had his numbers down — and understandably — we’ve chronicled that. But now they are. “Obama Approval Heads Downhill.” You know, you think of the low-information crowd, headlines are pretty much all they see. Headlines, the news summaries at Facebook, are a big source of news for a lot of people, which has Bob Schieffer totally confused and a little bit upset.

They can’t control Facebook. Facebook is just people telling each other what they found in the news out there. They headline it at Yahoo News. So you see a headline, “Obama Approval Heads Downhill,” that’s gonna have impact that such news prior to today has not had. “Obama’s job approval numbers are sinking as American attitudes about the nation’s progress have taken a turn for the worse, according to a CNN poll.” Now, we had the poll results yesterday, but CNN now, reporting on their own poll, is doing so in a way that focuses on Obama. I’ve not seen a headline like this.

We’ll have to see if it matters and if there are more examples of it.

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