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RUSH: “Americans now have a more favorable view of former President George W. Bush than they do of President Barack Obama. It is the first time in more than a decade that Americans have expressed a favorable view of Bush, at least according to a new CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday. Bush is seen in a favorable light by 52% of those surveyed, compared with 43% who still view [him] unfavorably. Americans are split on Obama, with 49% responding favorably and unfavorably.”

This has devastated the Democrat Party and the White House.

It really has, folks.

The hatred that the Obama White House and the Democrat Party at large have for George W. Bush is immeasurable. It is off-the-charts irrational. You cannot quantify it. Bush, in their minds, may be the absolute worst human being who ever lived. And it all goes back to 2000 and the Florida count on when they think the Supreme Court stole the election from them, and they have hated Bush and anything to do with Bush since, and the Iraq war came and they just…

You know the details. You know the story. They just hate him. They got elected badgering Bush. They got Obama elected. They got everything done, and everything they did. They ran against Bush on everything. They portrayed Bush as the absolute most despicable human being that’s ever lived in this country. And it was brutal. I’m sure all of you remember it. Now for Bush…? By the way, do you know what the Democrats are saying? Do you know how they’re covering for this?

“Weeeeell, well, that’s just because Obama is unfairly being tied to the mess in Iraq, which everybody knows is Bush’s fault! But the American people’s memories are short and they’re blaming Obama for it ’cause he’s the president now. But it’s really all Bush’s fault, it’ll always been Bush’s fault, it’ll always be Bush’s fault! But Bush is not in the scene anymore, not on the scene, so they’re blaming Obama for it.”

Properly and rightly so! Obama’s making a mess of everything. Internationally, domestically, foreign policy, you name it. They asked about this at the White House today at the press briefing. Josh Earnest was asked by CNN White House correspondent Michelle Kosinski. They had this little back-and-forth. It’s 13 seconds.

KOSINSKI: Any reaction to, um, George W. Bush’s approval rating or favorability rating being higher than the president’s right now?

EARNEST: Well, I — I — I, um… (pause) No. I — I don’t have any reaction to that.

PRESS CORPS: (laughing)

RUSH: And they laughed. “No. I don’t have any reaction to that.” They’re trying to slough this off, but I’m telling you, this is one of those occasions where I say, “Don’t doubt me,” and I really, really mean it. Behind closed doors, this has them seething. The worst thing in the world is to poll lower than Bush, ’cause part of it is that they think they’ve been so successful in destroying Bush that they sit around and they think everybody in America hates Bush. This is multifaceted, in a psychological sense.

They are convinced that they have ginned up total, nationwide hatred for Bush, and they walk around believing that. They themselves do have total revulsion for Bush. Bush remains the demon against whom they run and pontificate. For now the American people who supposedly loved Obama to prefer Bush over Obama? It’s insulting like you can’t imagine. They do take this personally. It’s all about how deeply they personally hate Bush and how successful thought they had been in making every American hate Bush.

You’ll hear politicians say, “Ah, we don’t pay attention to polls. There’s too many of ’em. We’re not gonna get distracted.” This one they will pay attention to. This one they will want to take some kind of remedial action to fix.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get treated to a new round of anti-Bush hatred. It will be in the media, but it’ll be Regime sponsored.

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