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RUSH: I mentioned in the previous hour working 9-to-5 is becoming a less popular way to make a living. This is an AP story. Now, listen. This is absurd, and this is part and parcel of the ongoing Democrat Party agenda. This is how you cover for a rotten economy. “If you want an income, or you’re an employer looking for help, it may be time to scrap the idea of the traditional 9-to-5 arrangement.” Yes.

“For workers –” I prefer employees or associates “– it has become easier and less risky to go solo. Affordable health-insurance plans, which kept many workers shackled to traditional jobs, are more accessible because of the Affordable Care Act. And companies are increasingly open to hiring freelancers and independent contractors. Many say independent workers bring fresh ideas without the long-term commitment.”

Do you realize what BS this is? The reason why 9-to-5 is becoming less popular is because there are fewer 9-to-5 jobs. A 9-to-5 job, usually, not always, but generally is something that is part of a career path. There are fewer 9-to-5 jobs because there are fewer full-time jobs, and there are fewer full-time jobs because of Obamacare. Companies are off-loading full-time employees because they cannot afford it. Obamacare says that full time employees must be covered by Obamacare. They define full time as 30 hours a week, which is in itself a bad move. A 40-hour week has always been full time.

But now here comes the Regime defining downward: The full-time week is 30 hours, and so businesses are off-loading people and converting them to part time and having them work less than 30 to escape the requirement to provide them health care. I don’t know if you caught this as I read this, but let me read this to you again. “Affordable health insurance plans, which kept many workers shackled to traditional jobs, are more accessible because of” Obamacare.

The point they’re trying to make here is this Obamacare health care is so much cheaper now, you don’t have to be a full-time employee to get the benefit anymore and you’re free from the “shackles” of working for these idiot, unfair, racist, sexist, bigoted bosses. This is journalistic malpractice. This is how a willing accomplice in the media covers for an absolute disastrous economic policy that is directly traceable to the Obama administration. This is just absurd.

Work is not becoming less important.

Work is just as necessary and just as needed as it always has been. It leads to productivity. It is productivity! The idea that people are cutting back on their hours because they’re freer and Obamacare is cheaper and they found ways to be more productive is crazy. There’s another hidden attempt in this paragraph, too, and it is to convey the idea that working 40 hours a week, that’s so old-fashioned. It’s just so yesterday. We don’t have to do that anymore.

That’s part of the establishment’s trick to make you a slave to your company and a slave to your boss. But since Obama’s come along and made health care so much more affordable and cheaper that you don’t have to be shackled to these people. Right. You don’t even have to work 40 hours a week and you don’t have to be paid as much anymore and therefore you don’t have any uplifting great, positive attitudes about your future. We see the trends in the polling data.

The number of people who think the country’s going in the wrong direction, 60-plus percent. The number of people who think kids are not gonna do as well as their parents, 60-some-odd percent. There’s negativism associated in the US economy in a majority position all across the board. African-American unemployment is in the 25 percentile range. And here comes the good old dependable AP to literally lie to people. “Working 9-to-5 has become less popular,” as though people are in charge of it!

As though workers are deciding, “You know what, man? I don’t need to do that 9-to-5 gig anymore. No, that’s not for me, man. I can get everything I used to have doing less than 9-to-5. I don’t need to be shackled to some boss. I don’t need to be shackled to some company. I don’t need to be shackled to Koch brothers. I don’t need to do that. I can work when I want to work. I can afford health care all I want now, and I can really be free to be me.” It’s a crock. There has yet to be invented the substitute for work, other than being a member of the Lucky Sperm Club.

Outside of that, there is no substitute for it. (interruption) You can choose to work as hard or as little as you want, but there will be consequences for your actions. The problem in America today — and the real attitude most people have (and it’s a very dispiriting one) — is more and more people think that no matter how hard they work, it isn’t gonna pay off. That’s the negative attitude they have. That’s because of the current economic policies.

And the reason they feel that, even though they may not know it, is where they work in the United States economy is shrinking, and it is shrinking because the Obama administration (i.e., the federal government) is taking bigger and bigger chunks of it. So the Obama administration is actually responsible for the pie that everybody wants a piece of shrinking and getting smaller.

So there’s so much competition for pieces of the pie that you have to work even harder than you used to to get the same size piece that was available 10, 20 years ago. That’s the truth of the matter. But it’s not that people have so much freedom now, so much disposable income, they’re making so much money and health care’s so much cheaper so they don’t have to be “shackled” from 9-to-5.

The vast majority of people that are looking for work would love a 9-to-5, would love a full-time job with the standard benefits package that they’re accustomed to. They would love it. But this piece comes along and acts like that’s an antique, that’s old-fashioned, and it’s been brought about by the modernization of the economy by Obama. “An industry dedicated…” Back to the story: “An industry dedicated to serving the companies that offer freelance and contract work and the people who fill those openings is growing.”

It’s just part time. People are becoming independent contractors and so forth because it’s all there is. There aren’t full-time jobs out there. It’s not choices people are making. It says here, “Gigs can be found at a number of websites, such as Upwork.com and Freelancer.com, or through hiring services that connect professional freelancers and companies. And companies that provide shared rented office space, such as WeWork, lets freelancers mingle with fellow contractors.”

This offends me, big time, major.


RUSH: This part-time business, this 9-to-5 becoming a less popular way to work? You know what this is (except it’s on steroids)? Back during the nineties for those of you that don’t remember, Clinton lied every time he opened his mouth. It was just remarkable, and the media was writing stories on how lying is now good. “Lying is really helpful at times! Lying saves people embarrassment. It prevents people from feelings hurt. I mean, it’s actually a very compassionate thing.”

We got all these excuses for why lying was good. So now here we have an economy that’s literally in the tank. I mean, the US economy is contracting and people can’t find work and employers love hiring part-timers because it frees them from Obamacare, and AP comes along and writes about this as though it’s some sort of liberation for employees!


RUSH: “Frugality of High Earners in US Shows Long Shadow of Recession.” Now, we just had this story from the AP. This is Bloomberg business. We just had this story from the AP which talks about, “Wow, you know, so many independent contractors, and Obamacare is so cheap, the nine-to-five jobs are so unhip anymore. People are so much freer and so able to work only part-time and contractor jobs, it’s a beautiful thing.”

“Frugality of High Earners in US Shows Long Shadow of Recession.” This is a story from the Drive-By Media upset that the 1% are not spending their money, upset that the rich are hoarding their money, upset because this is having the deleterious effect on the economy at large, ’cause when they don’t spend money, there are people that work in stores that don’t have things to sell, and employees at stores that don’t have sales to ring up, and stockers that don’t have anything to put on the shelves.

All because the rich aren’t spending their money. You know, you can’t please the media. One year they’re writing the American people don’t save enough. The next year they write the American people are saving too much and not spending enough. It just depends on where the Democrat agenda happens to be on the day they decide to write the story.

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