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RUSH: It’s Alex in Broomfield, Colorado. It’s great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Greetings, Mr. Limbaugh. Hillsdale dittos to you, sir.

RUSH: Hillsdale! Hillsdale College, is that what you’re referring to?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I will be a senior at Hillsdale in the fall.

RUSH: Well, one thing we know, we are talking to a student who will soon be, if not is, an expert on the US Constitution. It’s required to get out of Hillsdale. Congratulations for getting into the place. That’s really great. I’m glad that you got through here today.

CALLER: Thank you very much. I love the place. The reason for my call today, I’m calling about US Congressman Jared Polis. He’s calling for an internal investigation of a charter school in Colorado after the charter school declined to allow the valedictorian to give the commencement address, and they said it was because of a number of inappropriate comments which were inappropriate for the venue, and among those comments the student comes out as homosexual. Now we have a US congressman overstepping his own authority, calling for investigation of a charter school.

RUSH: Yeah. You’re not surprised, are you?

CALLER: Not really. It’s quite incredible, the steps these groups go through to bully, intimidate, and threaten.

RUSH: “Bully” is exactly the right word. So what you need to suggest — now, you’re not there at the school anymore?

CALLER: No, sir. Correct.

RUSH: Do you know anybody at the school?

CALLER: Say that again?

RUSH: Do you know anybody at this school?

CALLER: Yes, I do know a few people at the school.

RUSH: It would be great if somebody — are any of the other students gonna speak, do you know?

CALLER: Speak in terms of like speaking out in a commencement address?

RUSH: No, I mean, they want the valedictorian to speak, right, and you said what the valedictorian wants to do is come out as gay, right?

CALLER: Correct. They got two groups in Boulder, and they opened up a private venue for the students, and then he was able to give his commencement address to a private audience at a fundraising event, and that’s been all over the news for the last few days.

RUSH: Because the school, the charter school said no, you can’t, we don’t want you making statements like that during our commencement festivities, right?

CALLER: They said it’s inappropriate. You’re addressing your graduating class, it’s more than just about you. You’re trying to talk to every single senior that’s worked through that high school, and you’re trying to, you know, give them advice and encouragement for going out into the future. It’s not supposed to be an individualistic event just for the valedictorian.

RUSH: Right. Well, the school happens to be exactly right, but that is totally unacceptable to the architects of the leftist agenda today. The valedictorian speech is an opportunity to spread the cause or to spread the word and promote the cause, and, by definition, to distort the purpose of the actual comment. What I was thinking is, get another student to also make remarks and come out as straight.

CALLER: And that’s exactly what we said, and that’s why the opening of your show was brilliant, because it went along just with it. And no, if the valedictorian was to say, “You know, I’ve been gay my entire life and now I’m gonna come out as straight,” this school would not allow that. They say it’s inappropriate for the venue. You’re supposed to be addressing your graduating class.

RUSH: Well, that happens to be true. It isn’t about the valedictorian. It’s about the entire class and it’s supposed to be motivational and inspirational and so forth. But, you know, that’s old-fashioned thinking. These people are members of oppressed minority groups, Alex, and as members of oppressed minority groups, they are free to do and say and act however they want because they have been so held back, they have been so stomped on, they have been so discriminated against that when they finally get the chance to speak out they damn well should. That is the attitude.

CALLER: And that’s something we study at Hillsdale, that one of the fundamental things in the Declaration of Independence, you have life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. And the foundation of liberty is the freedom to think, the freedom of your mind, and that’s what they want to oppress. They want to be the thought police, not even let you think that you’re gonna act against their own agenda.

RUSH: No, it’s exactly right. You’re going to a great school. I tell you, it’s not easy to get into Hillsdale, and it’s not easy to get out of there, either. I mean, it’s not easy to graduate with a decent GPA. You’re in a great place, and I can tell they’re teaching critical thinking. It stands out. It’s just opposite when you listen to Alex that he’s able to think on his own. He’s not robotic. He hasn’t been programmed. He hasn’t been in any way indoctrinated. He’s actually speaking on his own, using critical thinking. Which used to be what college was all about, to develop that, but now it’s about suppression. Now it’s about molding people, making everybody the same and turning them into little bots, if you will, little robots. The leftist army.

Does anybody watch Game of Thrones? Did you see Sunday night’s episode, the last 20 minutes? One of the greatest 20 minutes on TV in terms of production value and scene structure and everything, the Wildings, the White Walkers and the Wildings finally had their big battle, and the White Walkers are the dead. The Game of Thrones version of zombies, except they’re skeletons. Even the horses they ride are practically skeletons, and you can’t beat ’em. They can jump off of 15,000-foot cliffs and survive.

Everybody that’s killed in the battle, the big White Walker guy comes up and raises his arms and turns them all back to life as White Walkers, the walking dead, and you can’t kill them, you can’t beat them, except with dragonglass. The dragonglass sword is the one thing that can wipe out a White Walker. But they’re bots, they’re robots, they’re clearly just an army. And that’s what the left is creating. All these colleges all over the country, a massive — you know, and I point this out because, folks, you people in this audience, for as long as this program has been around, going back to 1988, you have been accused of being mind-numbed robots, and I have been accused of being your Svengali.

Until I came along, you didn’t know anything, you didn’t think anything. But somehow I came along and I was able to play the Stradivarius of the voice and I was able to mold you and shape you into anything I wanted you to be. And I was able to inspire you to act in ways I wanted you to act and vote in ways I wanted you to vote. Prior to me, you were fine, nobody knew who you were. You were living nondescript, practically invisible lives working at the hardware store, then I come along, and all of a sudden you become political activists. But you’re not independent thinkers, you are mind-numbed robots because I am your pied piper.

That’s what they’ve always tried to claim in a dramatic insult, not just to me, but to you primarily is where the insult is aimed. And, in fact, the mind-numbed robots in America today are the children of the left. In fact, I would go even further, and if you would say this about the kids of the sixties, the students of the sixties, it’d be a profound insult, and it was true then, and it’s true now, even truer now. They are obedient. They aren’t rebels. They aren’t risk-takers. You know, they think of the SDF students, student Democrat society, Chicago, all these anti-war protesters of the sixties, they thought they were avant-garde and cutting edge. They were obedient.

They’re being obedient to the people teaching them in these universities. Obedient to their leftist parents. I’ll never forget, Midge Decter made this point. When I first heard her make this point she was a guest I think on Firing Line with Bill Buckley. Obedient is the last thing I would have ever associated with sixties anti-war protesters, with people blowing up bank buildings and so forth, conducting whatever they did, protests, violent, nonviolent, the whole ball of wax. She’s on firing line referring them as obedient and I had the chance to meet her some years after I saw that, and I asked her when she meant, she explained it. She’s exactly right, and the left, college students today, they’re little pups.

They think they’re brilliant. They think they’re independent thinkers. They think that they’re a cut above everybody, and they’re not. They are literal mind numbed robots. That’s exactly who they are. They’re all the same. They think the same. They say the same things. They act the same things. They hang around people that do the same and say the same and act the same. They are obedient. And when I watched Game of Thrones and I watched the White Walker army jumping off the cliff 20,000 feet, 10 thousand, I mean, just literally running. They were unafraid, they just ran, whatever their leader told them to do, they did it. And I thought, my God, I’m looking at the college campus today. I’m looking at college students, same thing, except these people were dead.

You could argue that many of today’s students are brain-dead. They just blindly, obediently accept all of this gunk that they’re taught. But you can hear the guy from Hillsdale College is able to articulate everything about whatever he cares about on his own and make it sound unique and individual to him, able to cite the Constitution. It’s just great. Such a great school.

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