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RUSH: Chillicothe, Missouri, Steve, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. You’re up first today, and welcome.

CALLER: Thank you. Hey, Rush, I’m a little nervous ’cause I’ve never come out of the closet in any way before, but I wanted you to know, be the first to know and your audience to know that I am actually an African-American. I’ve been an African-American my entire life. It’s been bottled up inside me, and as of today, I’m no longer going to be Caucasian.

RUSH: Really? How old are you?

CALLER: I’m 38.

RUSH: Thirty-eight. You’ve been living in this prison for — how old were you when you first learned that you weren’t really white?

CALLER: Must have been about 10.

RUSH: Ten years old. Ten years old, you knew you weren’t white, even though you were. You weren’t white, you knew you were African-American or black. So you’ve lived 28 years in a prison, right? You haven’t been able to be who you are?

CALLER: Right. It’s been horrible ’cause every day I wake up and I know I’m black and everyone around me is white and I’m living here in flyover country and everybody in my small town is basically white —

RUSH: Well, this has got to be —

CALLER: I just have to walk —

RUSH: This has to be hell because here you are, you’re Caucasian, but you know you’re black, but nobody can see that you’re black, so nobody can see who you really are.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: And you’re desperate to be seen who you really are. You’re desperate to be known for who you really are. You’re not an actor. You want to be known for who you are. You know you’re black, but nobody can tell it. And you go tell people you’re black, and they think you’re nuts, right?

CALLER: Right. I mean, I’ve signed up for, like, minority grants and that sort of thing, and, you know, they all just laugh at me.

RUSH: Why? What’s wrong with minor — oh, I get it. Because yeah, yeah, yeah. This is a very courageous act on your part. I mean, to be an African-American trapped in a white body, that’s cruel, the height of cruelty. Who could do something like that to another person? And that’s gotta be tough. I mean, you’re signing up for benefits that are available to African-Americans and you’re telling them you are one, you knew when you were 10 that you were, and they’re denying you, right?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So what are you doing about it?

CALLER: Well, I’m trying to start a movement. I’m calling you and I’m telling 30 million people that I’m actually black.

RUSH: Are you gonna do it on Twitter? You gonna have a Facebook campaign? I mean, are you gonna post your —

CALLER: I haven’t got that far yet. I’m not through.

RUSH: There’s 30 million people. You gotta get going. You’re reaching 20 million of ’em here, but I imagine a number of ’em are gonna be kind of skeptical of this. I’m sure you’re gonna face female that aren’t gonna believe you, be skeptical, think you’re just trying to get on the financial the gravy train and they’re gonna look at you and they’re gonna see Caucasian. What color is your hair?

CALLER: Blond.

RUSH: Blond. And yet you’re African-American. In your heart, in your mind, you know you’re black.

CALLER: Apparently. That’s the way I felt since I was 10.

RUSH: You felt African — what does it feel like to be African-American? I can’t understand.

CALLER: It’s just hard to explain. I’m not white. I don’t fit in with my family, you know, it’s —

RUSH: Do you hate the cops? Do you have an animus against police officers?

CALLER: Well, that’s been building lately, as I see how other people of my color treat the cops and feel towards them, that’s kind of been building in me, so, yeah.

RUSH: Taking it personally, make it personal, I can understand that. Well, you know, you’re gonna have to prove this to people. I mean, you just can’t go out there and say this. You’re gonna have to prove you’re black by doing all the stereotypes like Bruce Jenner is doing with women. I mean, you know, Bruce Jenner didn’t just say, “Hey, I’m a woman.” He had to go do the whole whatever to convince people of it. You can’t just say it.

CALLER: Yeah, and —

RUSH: It would be much easier if you say you knew you were gay when you’re 10, but man, you’ve really bitten off a big one here when you say you knew you were black at age 10 when you’re a blond-haired Caucasian.

CALLER: Yeah, and also now I’m in a biracial marriage and my kids are biracial, so I don’t know what to do.

RUSH: What, you’re married to a —

CALLER: A white woman.

RUSH: Married to a white woman, you’re Caucasian, but you’re African-American, your kids are biracial. You do have a problem.


RUSH: I tell you, my heart goes out Steve, first caller, black man in the body of a white man. Wow. If you think he has it tough, imagine being a disabled black lesbian trapped in a nondisabled white man’s body. Now, that could lead to serious therapy.

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