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RUSH: Here’s Tina in New Orleans. Great to have you on the program, Tina. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I wanted to get right to the point. I am a mom of three Millennials, and my middle son went for an interview with an aide to a politician, and he told the aide, “You know, forget the American dream anymore. It’s more like the American fantasy to graduate and get a job in something you want to be in and be paid for.”

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. The politician told your son this?

CALLER: No, my son told the aide of the politician.

RUSH: Oh. Oh, your son the Millennial told the politician, and the aide?

CALLER: He agreed with him. He was the chief of staff, but —

RUSH: Now, wait. Does your son believe it or was he just being provocative?

CALLER: No, he believes it.

RUSH: So your son is a Millennial, and he believes America’s best days are behind us obviously?

CALLER: No. No, no! He — he… No. He blames economy, some of the politicians, and possibly Barack, but not exclusively. No he does not… He just thinks it’s a fantasy, not a dream anymore, to get the job you want and be paid for it when you graduate.

RUSH: Right. So he thinks the country’s best days are behind us. He thinks there’s no more American dream; it’s the American fantasy, .Your point is that the guy he was interviewing with, a politician’s aide, agreed with him?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: And so what does that tell you? Well, I don’t have time for you to tell me what it tells you. I think I know anyway because that’s the point of your call, but I’m simply out of time. Well, if elected officials are confirming that the American dream’s over, what the hell?

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