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RUSH: Did you hear about John Kerry? Do you know how old John Kerry is? It’s tough, you know. You can’t tell a horse’s age when you look it, and since Kerry looks like a horse, it’s tough. But he’s 71 years old. Now, would somebody tell me something? What is a 71-year-old man, secretary of state, doing riding a bicycle — or, alternatively, windsurfing off Nantucket? Why is somebody riding a bicycle while in the midst of sensitive negotiations and attempting to secure nuclear weapons for Iran? Exercise? BS.

He’s doing that for the photo-op, trying to look hip with the young generation that thinks life is all about exercise and fitness and so forth. Photo-op. That’s why here’s out there riding the bike. Same thing with the windsurfing. It’s basic to me. You’d have never seen Dean Rusk with a bicycle out there. You’d have never seen Dean Acheson out there at Dulles on a bike. You’d have never seen the great Colin Powell out there on a bicycle heading off to a meeting at the UN. This is embarrassing.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that old Lurch… Remember the picture when he put on a costume to make himself look like a sperm crawling through tubes at NASA? Remember that? We’ll post that picture at RushLimbaugh.com. When he was running for president in 2004, he looked like a sperm, out there swimming for an egg. So he’s got a history of looking odd. Well, he had on one of those weird-looking, pointed, bicycle-delivery guy helmets. Anyway, somehow Lurch didn’t properly negotiate a curb and broke his femur.

Quick, what’s the femur? (interruption) It’s the thigh bone. As opposed to the tibia, the femur (people of Rio Linda would not know this) is the thigh bone. Just consider it the thigh bone. It supports a lot of weight. They had to take Lurch to the hospital, and it’s so bad now that he’s being flown back to Boston ’cause he might need surgery. You know, I remember what Obama said, that there’s a lot of doctors out there who do unnecessary surgery just for the extra quick bucks, like amputations and so forth.

You know, unnecessary.

So I just hope Kerry does not get one of those doctors Obama was talking about and ends up with his leg amputated here just for the quick extra buck.


RUSH: It’s a good point. John Kerry should apply for another Purple Heart. Yeah, another Purple Heart. Well, it was an on-the-job injury, kind of, taking a break from sensitive negotiations with the Iranians, riding his stupid bicycle. I mean, really, seriously, folks?

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