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RUSH: Martin O’Malley went and appeared with Stephanopoulos. Now, Stephanopoulos is in the tank for Hillary. We know this. I mean, I don’t think anybody’s even denying it, even at the ABC executive level. Nevertheless, O’Malley goes there with Stephanopoulos, and an interview aired yesterday on the program called This Week, and O’Malley referenced what Lloyd Blankfein said, the Goldman Sachs CEO. You know, I met Lloyd Blankfein once.

I’m sorry to keep interrupting myself here, but it’s not rude when you interrupt yourself. I met Blankfein at the… Let’s see. It was the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and it was during the… Well, I don’t know what it was. It was where all the owners were in a building next to Lucus Oil Stadium. I guess it was one of the tailgate parties is what it was. Yes, one of those. It was in a cordoned-off area; I was with some of the owners.

Lloyd Blankfein came up to me, he said, “You don’t know who I am, but I sure know who you are.”

I said, “I do know who you are. I know where you live. You live in Bob Costas’ building.”

He said, “No, Bob Costas lives in my building.”

“Well, still, Central Park West. I know where you live.”

“You do?”

“I do.”

I said, “I know some people at Goldman Sachs. I know Jack ‘The Rat’ Atkinson used to work there with… What’s the previous guy that got in trouble? Corzine.”

Of course Jack the Rat is a great guy. Rat is a nickname, a golf course nickname. Anyway, imagine Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman, thinking I wouldn’t know who he is. Anyway, it’s not the point. Blankfein said, and O’Malley commented on it, that, as far as he’s concerned — Blankfein — it wouldn’t matter, Hillary or Jeb. Either Bush or Hillary is fine with him. No difference. The rich will be just as well off with either one.

Now, who first suggested this? I ought to call Blankfein and say, “You know, you’re stealing from me, Lloyd!” I’m the guy who said, if you look at their policies, and, if you look at the way the Washington establishment’s reacting, the ideal ticket for 2016 would be Jeb and Hillary. And it’d be up to them, those two, to figure out who’s on top of the ticket. That’s my idea! I put that one out there as a marker.

Now a lot of people have referenced it (of course, not mentioning me), and I don’t know that Blankfein was actually had me in mind, although he says he knows who I am. But it’s even better if he didn’t, ’cause this is blatantly honest. “Oh, yeah.” You know, if I’m Jeb Bush, this has to worry me, that the CEO of Goldman Sachs thinks either me or Hillary is a wash, as far as they’re concerned? (chuckling)

What does that say? (chuckling) That’s why I suggested it’d be a perfect ticket. I mean, you look at the issues. Immigration? Hillary will be, if she’s elected, the richest person to be president, probably richer than FDR. Well… (interruption) Maybe JFK, but it wasn’t his money, it was his dad’s. So I don’t know. But Hillary, is it her money or is it Bill’s, or is it money that actually belongs to other governments that they’re paying bribes with? Okay. So there’s that.

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