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RUSH: What a field of potential presidential candidates the Democrats have. We’ve got Bernie Sanders, a socialist who fantasizes about women fantasizing about being gang raped. Well, that’s what he did. I mean, he’s fantasizing. He says that men fantasize about whatever while they’re — oh, it’s a family show here. Can’t even talk about what the Democrats do on a day-to-day basis on a family program, but that’s what he says. He fantasizes about women fantasizing about being gang raped.

Can you imagine if a Republican said that, which I want to get into in a minute on this, because an interesting treatment of this by Charles Cooke at National Review who said (imitating Cooke), “Come on, he said it 30 years ago. He’s an old codger now. Let’s show the Democrats some class and let’s not beat him up over this. Come on, everybody knows who old Bernie is. He’s just a harmless old guy. And maybe in the process we can maybe get the Democrats to treat us nice.” Honest to goodness, this is what he says. I kid you not. And Cooke’s a smart guy, but it’s just amazing to me.

So, anyway, here we have Bernie Sanders, a potential Democrat presidential candidate socialist, fantasizing about women fantasizing about being gang raped. We have Elizabeth Warren, a fake Indian socialist who got rich flipping foreclosed houses and then told everybody else not to do it. We have Hillary Clinton, a socialist who got rich off of a family charity and who knows whatever else. She has a husband who’s been accused of rape.

Did you hear the latest of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? Do you remember the model Petra Nemcova? Does the name ring a bell? She was in a tsunami somewhere, and she saved herself by grabbing onto a coconut palm frond, and she hung on for dear life while the tsunami wiped out everything. She felt so grateful that she did a fundraiser for something to do with tsunamis. Maybe more than that. It’s just off the top of my head. But the point of it was that she scheduled this gigantic fundraiser tribute at one of the Cipriani restaurants in Manhattan, Cipriani 42.

She had all of these A-list celebrities and stars and so forth, and the coup de grace was Bill Clinton, who showed up, he was the featured speaker and won a lifetime award for compassion for people trapped in tsunamis or some such thing. ‘Cause you remember he flew over there with Bush — I guess it was 41 and 43. He flew over there. I remember he got great press because he gave Bush 41 the bed. He didn’t need the bed ’cause there were other people around on the plane so all he needed was a seat.

He took 500 grand in payment from the tsunami charity from this model, Petra Nemcova, for getting a lifetime achievement award, $500,000 for a 20 minute speech. How many homes wherever the tsunami was could that 500 grand have rebuilt? Clinton takes the money and puts it in his charity or his foundation or his back pocket or what have you, and these people get away, to this day, with the label of compassionate and loving and understanding.

Well, that’s the Democrat field. Oh, they got Joe Biden, who fantasizes about everything. And then, of course, the dark horse continues to be O’Malley, and there’s a local newspaper column out of the Baltimore Sun really singing his praises today and cutting Hillary down to size in the process, just a local column. But I’m telling you, you’re gonna have to keep your eye on O’Malley because at some point he is going to end up being more preferable to a lot of Democrats in the Hillary camp right now.

And there’s something else I have been pointing out. I illustrated it yesterday with the assistance and aid of many, many sound bites. That there really is some unease with Hillary out there, particularly in the Drive-By Media. And many people have thought that I’m wrong about this. I’m still, 26 years and people think I’m wrong. What more can I do to prove that I’m not wrong?

Anyway, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was the latest. Well, along comes Susan Page writing at USA Today telling all the other Drive-Bys and Drive-Byettes, don’t sweat it, Hillary’s not in any trouble. She’s just fine. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

Well, I’m telling you, when O’Malley shows up, he is just the exact opposite from Hillary in practically every way in terms of presentability, looks, attractiveness, and he’s got the same ideological resume. He’s as leftist as Obama is and as the Clintons are, so there’s no loss if they go to O’Malley in that regard. I’m just telling you, keep a sharp eye out. I’m not predicting it yet, I just wouldn’t be surprised.


RUSH: We start in Seattle with Ray. What’s up, sir? Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, it’s a pleasure and an horror to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m 58 years old and I have a two-year-old son. I tried to find the Rush Revere book at Barnes & Noble, but I couldn’t find them yet, but I will. But my question is, and I haven’t heard anyone talk about this, and I don’t know the legalities, but I had a horrible thought the other day. What if Hillary Clinton, if she can, will she pick her husband as a running mate?

RUSH: You sound like you’re in a barrel. Are you asking if she can pick Bill to be her running mate?

CALLER: Yes, sir.


CALLER: Oh, good. Thank God.

RUSH: No, I wish she could.

CALLER: Oh, really?

RUSH: No. But he can’t serve more than two terms, and he would be in line to serve if something happened to her if she were president. Now, I was next gonna say, there’s no way that would happen anyway, because she’s not gonna do that. If she wants to be eclipsed, the fastest way to do it would be to put him on the ticket and send him out on the campaign trail, which vice presidents do, take the lead in many aspects of a campaign. And the guy’s off the charts. Nobody can contain him. This guy might — I mean, ticket could be indicted because of Clinton before they ever got to the election. Never, ever gonna happen. I know people have this fear but I wouldn’t sweat it.

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