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RUSH: In the meantime, there’s a little story here at PJ Media: “I just thought IÂ’d contribute a detail to the latest news about the ClintonsÂ’ byzantine financial arrangements, specifically the limited-liability company Bill Clinton used to channel his ‘consulting’ profits.” This is something we learned yesterday, he’s got a shell corporation, a pass-through, and he was using that to hide money. He was using that to shelter money. He started a consulting business, in addition to everything else, the Crime Family Foundation, the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, the charitable foundation, all these things, he then added a consultancy business to it, and the payments were funneled through the shell corporation.

“The original Associated Press story said that WJC, LLC,” William Jefferson Clinton “the ‘shell company’ in question, was formed in Delaware in 2008. ItÂ’s more interesting when you find out the specific date.” So PJ Media researched this. “I searched the database of the Delaware Department of StateÂ’s Division of Corporations. There is one listing for WJC, LLC.” That’s Clinton’s.” According to the information on file, the company was formed December 3, 2008.”

So you’re saying, okay, big deal, big whoop. Well, no. Because Obama confirmed Hillary as his choice for secretary of state just two days prior. Obama names her secretary of state on December 1st, 2008. Two days later, Clinton forms his shell corporation, his pass-through corporation to accept payments for his new consultancy group.

The point of this is that everything this couple has done, every dime they’ve raised — well, the vast majority of every dime they’ve raised, has been on the come. It has been bribes. It has been payoffs for what people donating expect to get in return. Hillary secretary of state, maybe Hillary the next president, Bill the former president, they’re giving money to people powerful enough to make what these people want to happen, happen. And here Clinton sets up this shell corporation to facilitate these people that want to donate all of this money to his consultancy group or hire him to consult for them.

And of course, as they point out here in PJ Media, nobody’s drawing any conclusions here. Just simply note that this is a pattern in the ongoing Clinton controversy. For instance, the domain name for the clintonemail.com, Hillary’s private e-mail system, that domain name was registered on January 13th, 2009, eight days before Hillary was confirmed as secretary of state.

So in about a one-month period, the Clintons established numerous and massive secret, private ways to collect money from people who wanted things done by a secretary of state and a potential future president and a former president. And just the appearance of this makes it look like this was the express reason why these things were set up.

Our buddies at Campus Reform have uncovered some truths about Arizona State University, which has almost doubled its tuition over the past 10 years amid claims they just need more money, they need more state money. Arizona State has been in trouble. But they somehow had the money to give half a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

According to the Arizona Republic, the public university paid 500 large to the Clinton Foundation to host the former president, former secretary of state and their daughter, Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea, during a Clinton Global Initiative University event in 2014. So they’ve got the Bill, Hillary and Clinton Foundation, and as subsidiary is the Clinton Global Initiative. And over here you got Arizona State, which is crying the blues about being out of money. They don’t have any money, state funded, and they’re running low on money.

So they call the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, “Hey, you’ve got this Clinton Global Initiative thing, right?”

(imitating Clinton) “Yeah, yeah, we sure do. What can we do for you?”

“Well, we’d like you to have a session of it here.”

“Oh, really? You want us to come out and do a — you mean like we do in New York every year with the UN?”

“Exactly right.”

“Well, you know, it’s gonna cost you.”

“It is? I thought you were a charity.”

“Ho. Yeah, we are, but you pay it.”

“What are you talking about? We need some help. We need you to come out here and do one of your three-day Clinton Global Initiative things, and it will attract people, and we can charge admission. It would be a great thing, university setting.”

“Well, I agree with all that, but you’re gonna have to pay me to do it.” And they did. Arizona State, amid finance problems, paid the Clintons half a million dollars just last year to come out and do a three-day Clinton Global Initiative event. Mark Johnson, an ASU spokesman told the Republic, the Arizona Republic newspaper, the university was a payment for the event, not a contribution to the Clintons. (laughing) Right. See, that’s the fine line. “Oh, no, we weren’t we weren’t paying for the event. We were donating to the Clinton charity.”

But wait a minute, wasn’t the idea — here you got the Clinton Global Initiative and you want them on campus to do a three-day seminar discussion on whatever it is they do, ’cause you want to attract eggheads and you want to up the reputation of the university, and you want to make it look like all kinds of highbrow stuff goes on. So you want the Clinton Global Initiative to come on, and they’re charging?

“No, they didn’t charge us. We donated to ’em.” Oh. Okay. It was in March of 2014. ASU — get this now — Arizona State University played host to the Clinton Global Initiative in March 2014. They played host and still had to pay ’em. It featured Clinton and Hillary in a program aimed at bringing together college students to find practical, innovative solutions to global challenges. So you know what this was? It was just a bunch of BS. It was a stage event, and you get Clinton, you got a backdrop, says Clinton Global Initiative, probably Arizona State logo or icon, and it’s a bunch of people sitting up there just talking about aimless stuff, just intellectual speak.

(imitating Clinton) “Yeah, you know what I think, the great work college students can do here is to join us in our worldwide efforts to stop the spread of AIDS.” Oh, yeah. And then they go on and talk, and that’s all that happened, just a bunch of talk. Nothing happens, and when it’s all over, everybody thinks they’ve changed the world. And the Clintons leave town with 500 grand.

The Arizona Republic also reported “while the university has lobbied the State Department, university officials claim the lobbying occurred after Hillary stepped down from the position. The CGI U website also boasts that more than 1,100 students attended the event to raise $60,000 and participate in a ‘Day of Action’ in the community.”

See, exactly, it’s just meaningless stuff, it’s feel-good stuff. So they paid the Clinton Global Initiative half a million dollars to show up and raised 60. The Clintons come to town, leave town half a million dollars richer, and Arizona State is ecstatic because they raised $60,000 in — I don’t know whatever, tickets or this.

Now, the other thing I mentioned in the first hour, and in no less than the New York Times: “To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami –” what an anniversary to commemorate. Who are these people, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of something as destructive as the tsunami? But they did it.

“To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Petra Nemcova, a Czech model who survived the disaster by clinging to a palm tree, decided to pull out all the stops for the annual fund-raiser of her school-building charity, the Happy Hearts Fund.” Look, you can’t blame her. She survived it, and she feels it’s divine presence that helped her survive this. It was horrific and horrible, and she’s of the mind she wants to give back. Hear that all the time. She wants to do something to acknowledge her good fortune, so she set up this charity called the Happy Hearts Fund.

The tenth anniversary was gonna be a big blowout fundraiser. “She booked Cipriani 42nd Street, which greeted guests with Bellini cocktails on silver trays. She flew in Sheryl Crow with her band and crew for a 20-minute set. She special-ordered heart-shaped floral centerpieces, heart-shaped chocolate parfaits, heart-shaped tiramisù and, because orange is the charityÂ’s color, an orange carpet rather than a red one,” where all the celebrities and attendees could walk as they arrived in.

“She imported a Swiss auctioneer and handed out orange rulers to serve as auction paddles, playfully threatening to use hers to spank the highest bidder,” for an exotic vacation.


RUSH: Back to the Petra Nemcova charity benefit at Cipriani. The point of this is that, after spending all this money on Sheryl Crow and all this money on parfaits and stuff, she gave a lifetime achievement award to Bill Clinton for all the great work he’s done in Haiti, in tsunamis and all that. And he charged her a half a million dollars at her tenth anniversary fundraiser for tsunami relief. He charged her half a million; she paid it happily.


RUSH: No, no. No, no. My point is here’s a woman, a model who barely escaped the tsunami alive, she is very thankful and is seeking to raise money for people victimized by it, people whose lives were wiped out, everything they had was wiped out in the tsunami. She has made it a cause of hers to help raise money to restore them, and Bill Clinton was an official UN envoy, by the way, to the tsunami relief. And Bill Clinton was an official UN envoy to Haiti, and in both instances he used both occasions to get filthy rich.

He used both of these opportunities to extort or make somehow big money out of disaster relief. To me that’s always stuff that you’ve done as a volunteer, the goodness of your heart. So here’s this model, Petra Nemcova, who obviously, like everybody else in that business, thinks Bill Clinton is the greatest guy that ever lived, it’s the biggest deal to have him at your party.

And to get him there, you offer him a lifetime achievement award for all the great work he’s done to help all the people around the world who are suffering from tsunamis or poverty or hurricanes or earthquakes or whatever. And the guy has the audacity to charge her half a million dollars? I guarantee you she didn’t raise that much during this night with all the expenses she had.

Furthermore, he has to be given a lifetime achievement award to show up and then charges her 500 grand, she paid it, and he took it? My point about this is that’s the kind of thing I always thought people did out of the goodness of their hearts. I always thought that was something you did because your conscience dictated you do it. Character. You know, the things you do when nobody’s looking. When you do the right thing when nobody’s looking, that’s character. And this just seems so beneath dignity. I mean, even something like this, the Clintons see as an opportunity to skim money off the top.

And in the midst of this, Clinton and his wife continue to be regaled as some of the greatest, most compassionate people doing more for the poor and downtrodden around the world than anybody in the world. What they’re doing is getting rich off the misery and suffering of others. Which, by the way, is exactly what they accuse us of doing, and the Koch brothers, and whoever else happens to be their enemy of the day. And yet look at what they are doing.

It was the New York Times that disgustedly exposed this, by the way. “The former president of the United States agreed to accept a lifetime achievement award at the June 2014 event after Ms. Nemcova offered a $500,000 contribution to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.” Hell’s bells, she’s raising money for her own, and to get him to show up she had to give a competing charity half a million bucks.

“The donation, made late last year after the foundation sent the charity an invoice –” They actually invoiced her? They freaking invoiced her! “It amounted to almost a quarter of the eveningÂ’s net proceeds.” Clinton ate up nearly a fourth of what this poor woman’s charity generated. And as it’s pointed out here, that half million dollars would be enough to build 10 kindergartens in Indonesia. And what do we always hear from the Clintons? (imitating Clinton) “You know, we believe in education and job training programs and infrastructure, rebuilding roads and bridges and schools and so forth. Oh, yeah, we’re big on that, big on that, yeah.”

They’re a bunch of frauds, folks, they’re just a bunch of in-public frauds. And while committing this fraud they get accolades as great examples of great humanity. When it’s just absolute BS.

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