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RUSH: Elton John’s partner David Furnish is listed as “mother” on the birth certificates and that is what has sent Germaine Greer into a tizzy.

“Speaking at the Hay Literary Festival, Greer appeared to criticise the fact that Furnish is listed on the birth certificates of the coupleÂ’s two young children — who were both born to a surrogate. ‘Sometimes I think that really the problem is the concept of motherhood, which we canÂ’t give any real structure to,’ she said. ‘Sir Elton John and his “wife” David Furnish have entered on the birth certificate of their two sons that David Furnish is the mother. IÂ’m sorry. That will give you an idea of how the concept of motherhood has emptied out. ItÂ’s gone, itÂ’s been deconstructed.'”

I’m sorry, Ms. Greer, but you started this. Where did you think this was gonna end? This is my whole point with this. These things do not just stop and you don’t take corrective measure and it just addresses the one small area. Let’s not forget what happened here. We all lived through it, late sixties, early seventies was born the modern era of feminism, and it was rooted in deconstructing and ripping apart what they thought was a patriarchal society.

A patriarchal society meant that men dominated everything. They dominated the workplace, they dominated the home, they dominated the bedroom, they dominated the children, they dominated the money, they dominated the family car, they dominated the country club membership, everything. And the feminazis were ticked. They wanted to tear down this patriarchal society. They said that motherhood was the primary culprit in keeping them chained to the home, so the modern era of feminism, feminazis began to attack conventional marriage and conventional relationships and motherhood by pointing out that this is how society kept women shackled into these old-fashioned subservient and subordinate roles, and they urged women to abandon all this.

They urged women to leave the home, abandon relationships, don’t get married, don’t have your happiness derived from a man or a relationship. Have your happiness derived from you exploring life and maximizing your potential as a female human being. Motherhood was supposed to be a trap that you were to avoid. And, by the way, having lived through it, I’m telling you, a lot of women, I’m what, 64, women my age bought it hook, line, and sinker, and they became militant.

They just lapped all this stuff up, they ate it up, and they tried to put into action all the teachings of the Germaine Greer babes and the Betty Friedans. It got to the point where you couldn’t even compliment one of these women on their appearance without insulting them. It was said to be objectifying them, or not to take into account their beautiful brains or what have you. It was typical male attitude to only see a woman’s appearance and not see anything else.

So women started acting this stuff out. They started expanding careers, and the mistake they made, I’ve always thought, that the mistake the women who bought into this made was, rather than actually expand horizons as women, they started copying men. They tried to become managers and CEOs. They wanted to be admitted into male clubs. They wanted to be admitted into social clubs, country clubs, private clubs, you name it. They wanted to dress like men. They wanted to have bossy attitudes like they thought men had. They wanted to basically invade male-dominated areas and take over, kick the men out, rather than become whatever was unique to them as women.

I’ve always thought, you know, taking the subject seriously, I’ve always thought that was the big tactical mistake they made. If men are the problem, why are you copying them? And the answer I always got, “We’re not copying. We’re taking over. We’re gonna do it better. Men are mean, they’re insensitive, they’re brutes, they’re competitive, nobody gets along when men are in charge. We’re gonna take over and change it.” Well, something happened along the way, and tell me if you don’t know a woman to whom this happened. A dyed-in-the-wool young feminist-in-training buys into all this and starts down the career path, and eschews as much of conventional behavior as she can.

She tries to avoid steady relationships, hookups are fine, but no steady relationships, no dependence on a man, no kids that hold you back on the career track. And then you invade various male attitudes, you get into TV news, TV sports, all these things that men control, you go there. And then something happened that the feminazis hadn’t counted on, and that was human nature. Around the mid-thirties of all of these young hot to trot feminazis in training, the biological time bomb started to go off, and they wanted children. And the feminazis got very upset about this.

The Jane Fondas and the Germaine Greers, the Betty Friedans, the Gloria Steinems, they frowned upon women wanting kids. That was gonna be a major setback to the feminazi movement. Kids? You want kids? That’s a patriarchal society. You’re better than that. You’re capable of much more than that. And so pregnancy became a disease. And abortion became liberation. And all these arguments that we had as a culture and society derived from the late sixties, early seventies and all of this attack on the so-called patriarchal society, and women seeking to be something they never were because they thought it’d been denied them.

That gave us cover stories like on TIME magazine, surprise, shock, men and women are born different, they couldn’t really believe it. They’d bought into the whole notion of militant feminazi. So some of the women, when the biological time bomb went off, gave birth but wanted to keep working, in tribute to the feminazi leaders. So this required day care centers at work if you recall, or other mechanisms to bring the child to work, to have them taken care of at work by a nanny or some state employee or what have you. But in more cases than the feminazis ever dreamed would happen, these women, after giving birth, decided they wanted to stay home. And that just defeated everything.

Because a young woman motivated and inspired to be a good feminist, all of a sudden biological time bomb goes off, give birth, and now wants to stay home and raise the child. That was considered a huge setback for the feminist leaders. Other women totally avoided it and got to age 40, 42, had never married, had never had a steady relationship, had never had kids, and all of a sudden began to realize they had missed so much because they’d bought into everything the feminists had taught them. They had missed out on one of the most meaningful aspects of their lives, potentially. No relationship, no marriage, no kids. And so they wanted kids.

So at 42, some of them a little old, started adopting. Single parent mothers adopting, staying on the job, maybe quitting, going home, not getting married, raising the child, maybe adopting another one. This leads to gay marriage. All kinds of things, all because of militant feminism deciding to upset millennia of tradition and institution.

So now comes Germaine Greer upset at Elton John and David Furnish because David Furnish lists himself as the mother on the kid’s birth certificate. Well, who’s responsible for this? Who started this whole idea that motherhood really doesn’t matter? Who started this attitude that motherhood is a prison? Who gave us the notion that motherhood shackles women and denies them? Motherhood, child rearing — do not doubt me if you weren’t alive in the day — all of that was attacked. It wasn’t just criticized, folks. Mothers, women who chose to stay home, conventional nuclear family, Christian women were tarred and feathered and ridiculed and laughed at and made fun of, all because they wanted to be mothers.

I’ll never forget taking phone calls from husbands and wives where the husband worked, the mother stayed home, and they were happy they had done it that way. They didn’t earn as much because the wife wasn’t working, but that’s how they wanted to raise their family. I’d get a call right after that from some angry woman saying the woman is a prisoner of a patriarchal society. It was predictable. So I’m telling you, David Furnish, no other man would be able to list himself as a mother on a birth certificate if it hadn’t been for militant feminism in the late sixties and seventies. If that hadn’t happened, then none of this would. Well, it may have, but likely it wouldn’t have.

But when the feminists came along and demanded that motherhood be gotten rid of and rethought because it was a prison and so forth, well, that upset all kinds of things because kids are still nevertheless going to be born. And I don’t care who you are, you have a mother and father. I don’t care who’s raising you, you all have a mother and father. Militant feminists did their best to erase the actual mother from the equation.


RUSH: All right, you don’t believe me. Here’s a quote from Germaine Greer. “The compelled mother loves her child as the caged bird sings. The song does not justify the cage nor the love, the enforcement.” So Germaine Greer’s out there portraying motherhood as the equivalent of a caged bird.

Folks, I realize some of you weren’t alive or old enough to remember what went on the late 60 or seventies. A number of us lived through it and were dramatically affected by it, men and women both, and I’m telling you, everything I told you was dead letter accurate. I didn’t mischaracterize one thing the feminazis told women or believed.

I’ll tell you what, you know when this really got confusing? And it’s hard to pinpoint just where. How about this term “surrogate mother”? The surrogate mother happens to be the real mother. But, no. No, no, no, no, no, not anymore. The surrogate mother’s just the vessel. The real mother is who ends up with the baby. Well, that’s cockeyed. It’s just BS. You know, you might think it sounds a little harsh, but I’m telling you, do not doubt me on this. Militant feminism of the modern era — there’s all kinds of different eras of feminism. You have the suffrage movement with that band, you know, back in upstate New York, when it happened.

But this modern era, this modern era feminism, like much of liberalism, is rooted in anger and rage and victimhood, and the anger and rage was at the dominant culture. And so it was just one of many attacks and assaults on a dominant culture which was really making for a great country, a great America. Not to say it was perfect, but I don’t think anybody can say and maintain that what’s going on now, especially for children, is better than it was back then.

We got more children that have no idea who their dads are today. We got some children who no idea who their mothers are. Some kids don’t know who their real kids are ever and nor will they ever. I mean, it’s an absolute nightmare out there. And yet all we hear about is we gotta do this for the children, that for the children, everything’s for the children. Well, it sounds good when you say it, but the actions some people have taken supposedly in service of “for the children” has been not the best. It’s had negative, deleterious consequences like you can’t imagine. And nobody wants to talk about it, either. But I just did.


RUSH: No, no, no, no, no. I just think it’s rich that here comes a woman who was instrumental in blowing up the institution of motherhood now upset that gay men are listing themselves as mothers on birth certificates. I mean, it’s not Elton John’s fault. He didn’t open these doors, but when they were opened he and his buddy walked right through ’em. They want kids. Feminazis made it possible. I just think it’s rich. These people were the original attack dogs on motherhood. Now they’re all upset that motherhood’s been lost as an exclusive feature of womanhood?

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