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RUSH: Hey,
Anyway, it was hilarious. And when it was over, Wolf Blitzer goes to the reporter, said (paraphrasing), “Does this guy not get it? Does this guy not know the organization he runs is under indictment?” The guy that doesn’t get it is Blitzer. These guys don’t have any idea what’s really gone on. Since the Obama Justice Department has proclaimed these FIFA guys to be bad guys, then that’s all Wolf needs to know, they’re all bad guys. And Wolf expects them all to come out and commit suicide in public to make amends. And this guy came out and didn’t commit suicide, didn’t admit guilt, didn’t say anything except, we’re kicking butt here at FIFA, and we’re gonna keep kicking butt at FIFA, and screw any of you who don’t think it or like it.

And Wolf can’t believe the guy didn’t turn himself in and ask to be killed. (laughing) It just struck me as funny. So we’ll get it because I’m sure we were rolling on it, we’ll have it for you in a moment.


RUSH: Were we go. Live on CNN this afternoon, the international soccer president reelected for a fifth term, Sepp Blatter. We have a portion of his acceptance speech. This was in Zurich.

BLATTER: I take the responsibility to bring back FIFA. We do it, we do it. And I’m convinced we can do it. But I was thinking, it was in meditation. I’m a faithful man and I said, “Now God, Allah or whoever is this extraordinary — whatever it is — spirit in the world that we believe, we believe.

They can help us to bring back this FIFA where we shall be. And I tell you and I promise you, in the end of my term I will give this FIFA to my successor in a very, very strong, strong position. A robust FIFA and a good FIFA. We have to work together. We will ask me what age? It’s not an age. The age is no problem, always told you. You’ll have people there are 50 that look old.


Sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn’t know that we have so many 50 years old people here.


Definitely not. But, ladies and gentlemen, you know, I told you at the beginning or when we started for this election, I like you. I like my job. And I like to be with you. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But we will do a good job together, I’m sure. So I thank you so much. I thank you for the trust and confidence, trust and confidence, together we go! Let’s go FIFA! Let’s go, FIFA! Thank you! Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.


RUSH: There you have it. His name again is Sepp Blatter. And Wolf Blitzer could not believe what he had just seen.

BLITZER: What a piece of work that guy is! I guess that’s typical of his behavior, does he not realize what’s going on right now with all these charges of accusation among so many of his top leaders right below him at FIFA?

RUSH: What do you expect him to do, Wolf? He’s not mentioned in the indictments. What’s he supposed to, quit? Commit suicide? What’s he supposed to do, go up and praise Obama, beg for forgiveness? What’s he supposed to do? He’s untainted by it. And it’s clear that he’s acting that way. I just think the whole thing is hilarious.

And then there’s this guy, the soccer dad who broad down FIFA, Chuck Blazer. Get this. “He went from suburban New York kid soccer coach to flying on private jets.” Listen to this. “One apartment in Trump Tower for himself, a second next door for his cats. More luxury apartments in Florida and the Bahamas. Credit card charges totaling $26 million. Another $20 million in his pocket…. A private meeting with Vladimir Putin. Nights at one of the best tables in the fabled Manhattan night spot Elaine’s, feasts at such fine restaurant as Campagnola and Dutch. Chuck Blazer billed all of it to FIFA.” And he gained 400 pounds in the process. He got to 450 pounds. He got caught. He’s the informant. How do you rack up $26 million in credit card charges? Well, it’s just beyond most people’s comprehension. What color is that card? Platinum, black? What color is that card — 26 million! I know it was over years.


RUSH: Has Wolf Blitzer ever called Hillary Clinton a piece of work? “Man, what you know what a piece of work she is! What a piece of work old Bill Clinton is, like he called the FIFA guy.

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