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RUSH: Somebody needs to help me understand this. “Black Women in San Francisco Arrested Way More Often Than White Women, Report Shows — Black women in San Francisco are disproportionately arrested compared with their white counterparts, according to a new analysis of state arrest data from the Center on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Black women represent 5.8% of the cityÂ’s female population, but accounted for –” are you ready? “– 45.5% of all female arrests in 2013.”

Now, they’ve got my mind trained on this kind of stuff. So when I see, for example, a story that shows the black male population in the US is 8%, but the incarceration rate, the percentage of prisoners in the criminal justice system, the prison system, that are African-American is 70%, then I am led to believe that there is some kind of bias or prejudice against African-Americans. They’re such a small percentage of the population and yet so many of ’em are in jail. It’s got to prove white racism, right? This is what the left wants us to believe. It’s what the Drive-By Media wants us to believe.

There’s no way that all of those African-American guys in jail are really criminals. It’s just happening because there’s a bunch of racist cops and a bunch of racist judges, and a bunch of racist juries. Everybody knows this, right? That’s the attempt. That’s what they want all of us to conclude.

Okay. So let’s go to the liberal Mecca of San Francisco, where we find black women represent about 6% of the city’s population, and yet they account for nearly half of all female arrests. Well, taking what we’ve learned, say in Baltimore, for example, I guess we are to conclude from this that the people that run San Francisco are a bunch of racists, and they’re biased and they’re prejudiced against black women. I mean, black women are only, what, 6% of the population? And they represent half of the females arrested in town? It’s got to be racism and bigotry.

I don’t know if there’s any homophobia thrown in, you never know, but there could be. ‘Cause isn’t it obvious that good people — I mean, San Francisco is a Mecca of every aspect of liberalism. And it looks like black women are being profiled there. It looks like they’re being arrested in droves. For what reason? Is there any reason? I haven’t heard about black women committing crimes, breaking laws. We’ve never heard about this. It’s always black men we hear about doing them. Black women in, here we go, the liberal Mecca. How does this happen? I wonder what it really means.

“Black women were arrested ‘at a per capita rate 13.4 times higher than women of other races.'” These are shocking statistics, my friends. “These shocking statistics come on the heels of a report released last Wednesday outlining what its authors call the dangerous criminalization of black women. In a year filled with countless protests, relentless media coverage, robust political and community organizing efforts aimed at addressing the over-policing and police-involved deaths of young black men, comparatively little has been said about the criminalization and vulnerability of black girls and women.”

Here we go. The left is just incorrigible, the Democrat Party, whatever you want to call ’em, everything is gonna be looked at through race. Not gonna get one moment’s rest from it. But still interesting. I wonder what the Drive-Bys, I wonder what the civil rights activists are gonna say, if anything? They probably won’t even react to this. But this does not fit the mold. You have a liberal Mecca where there are more sensitive people and beautiful people and loving people and more tolerant people. And, of course, in San Francisco there ought to be zero racism, right? I mean, it’s all liberals.

There should be no bigotry, no racism, there’s no homophobia, no rich people that other people hate. I mean, it’s a Mecca, right? Utopia. San Francisco, Seattle, they’re model cities, right? How in the world can this be? Because we’re told everywhere else in the country, if a black person is in jail, it’s because of racism and bigotry. Latin racism, white racism and bigotry, probably hatred of Obama thrown in. Well, how does that explain half of the women arrested in San Francisco being African-American?

You didn’t even know this, did you? You had no idea that of all the cities in the world most discriminating against African-American women, San Francisco. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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