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RUSH: By the way, I’ve got this stuff at the bottom of the Stack. All hell is breaking loose in Baltimore again. And Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney, the mayor, it’s an absolute mess. Crime is just out of control, running rampant. The cops are sitting idly by, not doing anything, which is what the administration wants them to do. In fact, just these Drudge Report headlines…

“Street Anarchy in Baltimore.”

“Residents Fearful Amid Rash of Homicides.”

“Eight-year-old Boy Fatally Shot in Head.”

“Police say mobs are gathering around police officers when they respond to calls.”

“A Maryland sheriff said cops have been ‘eviscerated and disemboweled.'” That’s true. The cops have been blamed for all of this, from Barack Obama down to Eric Holder to Al Sharpton to Marilyn Mosby, to the mayor, you name it. The cops, starting in Ferguson — well, started before the modern era of Ferguson, the cops, everybody’s been told the cops are the reason all this crime is happening ’cause there really isn’t any crime. The people of Baltimore are peace-loving people, don’t commit crimes. It’s just the cops make ’em do all this. The cops are provoking all this stuff.

So the Regime gets hold of the cops, pulls ’em back, new guidelines. Six cops indicted, arrested, various degrees of murder and manslaughter. The city is supposed to say, “See, we’re looking out for you, we got the bad cops off the street.” And ever since that happened, there’s utter out of control crime and mayhem in Baltimore. And the cops aren’t involved. The cops have been pulled out of the way, out of sight. And when the cops do show up, when it gets so bad that somebody has to show up and the cops do, they’re being surrounded, and they’re all being videotaped by citizens.

So even in the midst of utter anarchy in Baltimore, the cops, the one group that’s supposed to keep order and make things safe, property and people, when they show up in the midst of this, they are still surrounded and made to be the problem. And people wonder — well, people wonder a lot of things, but what common sense is behind this? Even in the midst of this, the objective to still blame the cops for this. Who’s benefiting from this? Who’s benefiting from street anarchy in Baltimore? Who’s benefiting from the residents being fearful? Who’s benefiting from a rash of homicides that are going unreported?

Who benefits when an eight-year-old boy is fatally shot in the head? Who benefits when the cops are surrounded by mobs of citizens when they respond to calls? Who benefits when the cops have been eviscerated, disemboweled, and basically ordered out? Who benefits from all this? Somebody is or it wouldn’t be happening, folks. Somebody is benefiting from this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

Now, common sense tells us, common sense and just a modicum of desire for civilization, basic civilization, basic sophistication would tell you that whatever it takes to stop this, move in and stop it. This isn’t helpful to anybody. This kind of out of control crime, out of control anarchy, which, by the way, has been going on in Chicago for years now. Most of that is black-on-black crime, so you can’t talk about that. That’s when you start blaming the guns. Yeah, most of this you really can’t talk about. I’m out on a limb talking about it the way I’m talking about it.

You’re not supposed to talk about this stuff. Somebody’s benefiting from this. You may think, “Rush, who in the world?” That’s my question. But somebody is or it wouldn’t be happening. This has been going on in Baltimore like this ever since those six cops were indicted. That was supposed to stop this. It’s only gotten worse. It’s only gotten more intense. Where is the show of force, the authority, the power, that could stop this? Who are they? Well, you say it’s the cops, but it isn’t the cops. The cops have been blamed. Six cops have been indicted for murder. (interruption) That’s who you think is benefiting? (interruption) The White House could stop it? Obama? What can he do, fly down there and have a meeting… (interruption) Of course not, he doesn’t go to these kind of neighborhoods. He wouldn’t be caught — he wouldn’t be seen going there.

This is an abject failure of what Obama and the Democrat Party say they stand for. They’re not gonna get anywhere near it. Yet they might be the primary benefactors in this. Now, don’t shake your head at that. What are people gonna demand? They’re gonna demand what? More federal control over it, the more it’s made to look like local officials are a bunch of idiots and incompetents and can’t handle it. You know, Obama once said that one of the most beautiful sounds in the world is the Muslim call to prayer every morning. (interruption) What, the New York Times said that? It was in the New York Times. Well, that may be the second most beautiful sound. But I think the most beautiful sound in the morning in Washington is when any city calls Washington and begs for help.

You basically beg the federal government to come in and fix a problem you can’t deal with, primarily ’cause the federal government’s been the one that’s presented you with the problem in the first place. Which they have with these new silly guidelines on the behavior of cops and the structure of cops, the overall perception of cops. If you’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna take rampant city crime and you’re gonna literally seriously blame the police departments across America for it, where do you go from there? If the police departments are for it and in the process you say, “Okay, let’s pull the cops back.” They’re not seen because we’re told that the cops in uniform, that’s provocative, that’s like declaring war. You gotta get the cops out of these people’s eyesight. You get the cops out of there and they’ll be nicer and they won’t care. They won’t be provocative. They won’t be violent.

That’s what Baltimore did. Look what happens. Exact opposite. So now you say, who should stop the cops? The Maryland sheriff is right, they’ve been eviscerated. The cops show up on a legitimate call, they’re surrounded by citizens, a mob, it is said, all of them with cell phones, video recording them, no doubt hoping to acquire evidence to charge them with misbehavior, the cops. I don’t know what I would do if I was a cop and was called to one of these scenes, given this circumstance that’s happening in Baltimore or anywhere else. Then when you hear the mayor speak, state attorney speak, you realize there’s no competence there. So it’s kind of a lost situation.


RUSH: You know, I just noticed, I don’t know where the time is going. We gotta get into phone calls here pretty quickly, I promise coming out of the break the bottom of the hour here we’ll get straight to the phones.

Just one more thing. There’s actually a couple of more additions here to the Baltimore story. But let me do this one. The headline: “Baltimore Mayor Snaps at Fox News Reporter for Asking Questions — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake got into a war of words with a Fox News reporter who was asking about the high crime rate in Baltimore.

“At her weekly news briefing Wednesday, Rawlings-Blake faced some tough questions about a surge in violent crime since last month?’s riots from Fox News reporter Leland Vittert, and she didn?’t like it one bit. And while Rawlings-Blake may not be accustomed to ‘aggressive’ reporting –” because reporters of the same political stripe do not pester liberal officeholders “– Vittert wasn?’t about to let that deter him from trying to find out why there has been an increase in crime. ‘Is that because the police are doing less?’ he asked. ‘As I said before, there are a lot of reasons why,’ Rawlings-Blake replied. ‘Is that one of them?’ Vittert interjected. ‘Arrests are down 50 percent.’

Which is true, by the way. Arrests are down 50% while crime is running rampant. And the reason the arrests are down is because the cops have been portrayed as the problem there, from Obama on down. From Eric Holder on down. From Loretta Lynch on down. From the ASA, the SA, the mayor, they’re all blaming the cops. Ferguson, Missouri, they blame the cops. Arrests are down 50%, the cops have gotten out of the way. And at this point when Vittert of Fox News says, “Is it one of the reasons why arrests are down 50%,” the mayor paused out of frustration.
“I am not 100% sure what you’re doing.” She didn’t say, “I’m not sure what you’re asking.” She said, “I’m not sure what you’re doing.”

He said (paraphrasing), “I am a journalist. I’m asking you, the mayor, some questions.”

The mayor snapped back, “You?’re not. You?’re being rude, just like you were before. So if you would like to ask a question and give me an opportunity to answer, we can do this. Otherwise, I will end the conference.”

Now, Vittert, Leland “Vittert was the first to report that the mayor told Baltimore police to stand down against rioters, saying ‘let them loot, it?’s only property.'” She has repeatedly denied that she said that. But honestly, folks, you know what this is? She’s not used to questioning. She goes out, does a press conference, the media rubber stamps it. She’s not used to having to explain herself. Very few liberals are. I mean, here you have it. They’ve arrested and indicted six cops to end the riots. They’ve pulled the cops out of the way on the theory the cops are the problem. Arrests are down 50%, and crime is up across the board, and he says, “Why?” She doesn’t have an answer. Well, she doesn’t dare tell the truth about the answer.


RUSH: We have the audio here of Leland Vittert trying to get answers out of the mayor of Baltimore. This is yesterday during a press conference, the mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Vittert’s opening question, “Is crime rising in Baltimore because the police are doing less?”

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There are a lot of reasons why.

VITTERT: Is that one of them?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There’s — we’re examining all the —

VITTERT: Arrests are down 50%.

MAN: Could you please let her finish?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: I’m not a hundred percent sure what you’re doing. This is a very orderly press conference that I’ve normally held. We don’t — I don’t — your — your tactics are —

VITTERT: I’m just asking a question.

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: You’re not. You’re being rude, just as you were before. So if you’d like to ask a question and give me an opportunity to answer it, we can do this. Otherwise, I’ll end the conference.

RUSH: I don’t know if you were able to hear all of that, but there was something that happened in that answer that is not reported in the story about this. So he asks her, “Is crime rising in Baltimore because the police are doing less?” She said, “There are a lot of reasons why.” He says, “Is that one of them?” She said, “We’re examining all of those.” Vittert: “Arrests are down 50%?” Unidentified reporter: “Could you please let her finish?” When is the last time you have ever seen that? He was not interrupting her.

Get that bite ready to play again. He’s trying to extract information. For crying out loud, she’s the mayor. She’s used to kid gloves, and the reporter comes along and chimes in to Vittert, “Could you please let her finish?” And then she says, “I don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not hundred percent what you’re doing. This is a very orderly press conference that we normally hold.” Which basically means, “I come out here and I tell you whatever I want to tell you and you reporters write it down and leave. And you do not question me.”

“We don’t — I don’t — your — your tactics are –”

“I’m just asking a question, he said.” What do you mean tactics?

“You’re not. You’re being rude, just as you were before. So if you’d like to ask a question and give me an opportunity to answer it, we can do this, otherwise I’ll end the conference.”

He’s trying to get her to answer a very important question: “Is crime rising in Baltimore because the police are doing less?”

“Well, there are lots of reasons why.”

“Well, is that one of them?”

“Well, we’re examining all of those.”

“Arrests are down 50%.”

And then the reporter, “Could you stop interrupting her? Could you let her finish?”

Now that you know everything in it, listen to it one more time and let’s see if Vittert is rude. Let’s see if it sounds like he will not let her finish anything.

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There are a lot of reasons why.

VITTERT: Is that one of them?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There’s — we’re examining all the —

VITTERT: Arrests are down 50%.

MAN: Could you please let her finish?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: I’m not a hundred percent sure what you’re doing. This is a very orderly press conference that I’ve normally held. We don’t — I don’t — your — your tactics are —

VITTERT: I’m just asking a question.

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: You’re not. You’re being rude, just as you were before. So if you’d like to ask a question and give me an opportunity to answer it, we can do this. Otherwise, I’ll end the conference.

RUSH: Okay, so here’s what this is. Here you have a sheltered, protected liberal mayor who’s sheltered and protected on a lot of levels, okay. She’s sheltered and protected because she a woman and maybe sheltered and protected because she’s African-American. She has been given and she’s come to expect different treatment, to be honest, she has.

But now here’s somebody from out of town, got a national guy in town, somebody from Fox News Channel now. This is not local supplicant, accepting, sniveling, accomplice local media. This is somebody trying to get some answers here. The city is on fire, the city is out of control, after we’ve all been told steps were taken to stop this. It’s getting worse. Here’s a guy from out of town trying to find out why.

It’s obvious that she has been sheltered in such way that she has not been forced, she has not faced questions like this, and she thinks it’s insubordination for somebody to ask her. She thinks it’s rude. She thinks it’s grounds for shutting down the press conference because this guy is not asking questions. He’s rude. What that means is, this guy is trying to show me up; this guy’s trying to make me look bad.

No, Mayor, you’ve got that handled all on your own, and so does most everybody else that’s involved in this whole episode. It’s sad to watch this. I mean, on the one hand you got common sense over here. On the other hand, no common sense and no common sense is dominating. But be honest. I don’t want to be the only judge here. Snerdley, the reporter, did he sound rude to you? Did he sound pushy to you? Did he sound any way biased? Did he sound like he was trying to humiliate her? Did he sound like he was refusing to let her answer? No, sounded like he really wanted some information, to me.

In fact, Leland Vittert is pretty tame compared to what Republican candidates get. (interruption) Yes, she is. Yes, that’s exactly right. Somebody just shouted at me, very rudely, I might add in my IFB here, that she’s not a damsel in distress. Yes, that’s exactly it. That’s exactly how she was seen during this by that local reporter, “Would you let her finish? Can you please let her finish?” She is, she was a damsel in distress, and she thought of herself as a damsel in distress. Partially. I mean, maybe not damsel. She doesn’t think she’s lost the power there, obviously.

She has power over the guy. That’s what she doesn’t like. He’s not respecting her power. He’s not respecting her position. He not respecting she’s the final authority. He’s not respecting her, period. He’s dissing her. You know what happens when that happens. Folks, it’s a tragedy. This is happening in an American city. (interruption) Yeah, in the old days if somebody would have told me there’s also something good in this, I might have agreed, but I don’t think so anymore.

Okay, what’s good in it? You tell me. What’s good in this? (interruption) What do you mean, the police are not taking it anymore? What are the police doing? (interruption) I mean… (interruption) Okay. The community — that’s the point of all this. The community wants the police to get blamed. The police have been blamed. Six of them have been indicted on various charges of manslaughter and murder. That act alone was supposed to quell the riots. The state attorney went out there and dumped all over the cops, and she spoke right to all the protesters, no justice, no peace.

She spoke their language. She made it plain she was doing their bidding and was gonna do their bidding, even in the courtroom. It didn’t mollify ’em, did it? It didn’t mollify ’em one bit. Because now crime, murder, rampant gunfire is up across the board. Arrests are down 50%. The cops have been blamed by the DOJ, by the state’s attorney Mosby, by the mayor, by Al Sharpton, by the media, by everybody who commented, the cops were said to be to blame. And so the police commissioner there has been told by the Department of Justice you gotta pull back because it’s your presence that problem.

The cops have pulled back. The unrest continues, and it become more intense, and it increases in volume. The cops do show up now and then. They don’t answer every call now, arrests are obviously 50% down. But even when the cops show up, they’re not looked at as a positive sign, they’re not looked at as a positive step to stop it. The cops show up, even now, and they are sounded by citizens. They’re sounded by a mob videotaping them with their phones hoping to get them on tape doing something that they can accuse them of police brutality or whatever.

Nobody’s learning anything from this. (interruption) I’m telling you, you think the citizens in Baltimore are learning that they need the cops? (interruption) That’s what I do not see. Now, maybe some of them are, but the ones showing up and surrounding them on the street and videotaping them, and that’s who’s defining what takes place there. The peaceful people at home who wish the cops get back on duty are not affecting things. The mob is affecting things. The mob is keeping the cops away. When the cops show up, the mob surrounds the cops.

If you’re a cop in that situation, you’re surrounded and you got 60 cell phones aimed at you, what are you gonna do? Nothing. Or as little as you can. I’m asking you who benefits from this? I know that sounds like a very, very, very rough question but it’s gotta be asked here because for some reason steps are not being taken to stop this, folks. Unless I’m missing something. I mean, I’m not there. There could be things going on. But if steps are being taken to stop it, they’re pretty ineffective.


RUSH: You know, grab audio sound bite 17 again. I’m still kind of blown away by that sound bite with Leland Vittert at Fox News and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, whatever. It just blows my mind as I continue to think about this. Greetings, folks. Glad to have you with us. El Rushbo behind the only legitimate Golden — well, we have two, one for travel. Anybody else has one of these, it’s not real. This is it. The Golden EIB Microphone. Happy to have you here, 800-282-2882, e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

What is the problem in Baltimore? Let’s isolate this down. Let us strip away all the extra, what’s the problem in Baltimore? (interruption) No, no, no. That’s a reason. The fact it’s run by Democrats is the reason. What is the problem? The murder rate. The crime rate. That’s what we’re all talking about, right? (interruption) Murder rate, crime rate, out of control. Indict six cops, blame them, get everybody in town thinking everybody’s fixed this now because these evil cops who are said to be the problem, “Yeah, we’re gonna show them, yeah, for all these years the cops bullying us, yeah.”

Fine. Indict six cops, charge ’em with whatever, quell the riot. Except maybe the riots don’t continue, but the crime is out of control. So we have a reporter from Fox News that shows up by the name of Leland Vittert and he wants to ask a question about the murder rate and the crime rate, the crime problem, and the mayor converts it into where he’s the problem.

Leland Vittert is not the problem in Baltimore, and Fox News is not the problem in Baltimore, by any stretch of the wildest imagination. The reporter’s trying to get an answer. He was trying to prevent a nonresponsive answer. You people may not recognize. This is what reporters used to do before Obama. And I’m not trying to be funny. Some of you may be young enough that you don’t really know what reporters used to do. You may not remember how reporters used to act. But you ought to see some of the ways reporters treated Ronald Reagan. And I don’t even want to have to remember the way they treated George W. Bush.

But I’m gonna tell you this. After 9/11 or even pre-9/11 in New York City, if Rudolph Giuliani had answered a question from a reporter the way this mayor in Baltimore did, he would be mocked and laughed at and practically run out of town as being a wimp and a coward and unable to take it. It’s just stunning. And I’m not exaggerating at all. Some of you people — I don’t know about in this audience, but you know as well as I do, there’s some young people who have come of age in the last six years who may not really know what reporters do — may not have actually seen them do it in action. Because reporters have become willing accomplices.

Reporters are PR agents. Reporters are press agents. They’re not news seekers anymore, and they certainly don’t want to upset any apple carts. So here’s the sound bite again. This is a news conference, press conference yesterday, late, in Baltimore, with the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and the Fox News reporter, Leland Vittert who says, “Is crime rising in Baltimore because the cops are doing less?”

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There are a lot of reasons why.

VITTERT: Is that one of them?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There’s — we’re examining all the —

VITTERT: Arrests are down 50%.

MAN: Could you please let her finish?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: I’m not a hundred percent sure what you’re doing. This is a very orderly press conference that I’ve normally held. We don’t — I don’t — your — your tactics are —

VITTERT: I’m just asking a question.

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: You’re not. You’re being rude, just as you were before. So if you’d like to ask a question and give me an opportunity to answer it, we can do this. Otherwise, I’ll end the conference.

RUSH: You heard right. You heard a reporter chastise another reporter. “Can you please let her finish? Can you please just let her finish?” She didn’t want to answer anything. This reporter ought to be drummed out of the business, turning on one of his own like this. This guy was trying to seek answers about the problem, the murder rate, the crime rate, and she wants to turn it into him being the problem. And another one of her friend reporters in the press conference tries to make the Fox News reporter the problem. He’s trying to prevent a nonresponsive answer.

He’s trying to get her to answer something she didn’t want to answer because the answer does not help her. We all know the answer to the question. Is crime rising because cops are doing less? Yes! Cops are doing less why? By design! Because the Obama administration — they’ve said this, folks, this is not me making it up, which I don’t need to do talking about the left. I don’t do it anyway. They believe the cops are the problem. They believe uniformed police automatically trigger criminal behavior in African-Americans because they always have. Because since the days of yore, since the days way back. And, you know, it may have been the case in the past on occasion. Could well be.

I mean, Bull Connor, I never forget the way old Bull Connor mistreated the people at Selma. And he’s a police chief, and he turned the dogs on them, and he turned fire hoses on ’em. He was a Democrat, as they all were back then. All the cops in Dixie were Democrat. And all the governors and mayors were Democrats, where all the discrimination went on. They were Democrats. It be silly to say the cops are innocent here. It would be stupid to say the cops have never misbehaved where African-Americans are concerned; they clearly have. In the modern era, pre-civil rights 1964, even aftermath. It was Democrats that didn’t like that.

But in this case, Leland Vittert is just trying to get an answer that the mayor doesn’t want to answer. “Is the rising crime rate in Baltimore due to less activity by the cops?” “Yes.” “Arrests are down 50%.” “Would you let her answer the question?” She doesn’t want to answer that question. But arrests are down 50%. That also is by design. You see, the left believes you get the cops out of the way ’cause just their presence, just the uniform is enough to incite riots. That’s what they tell you ever since Ferguson happened, it’s the cops, it’s the cops, it’s the cops.

So get ’em out of the way, back ’em off, get ’em out of sight. That’s how you make a peaceful community, that’s how you get the people who live in the community to start obeying the law is to get rid of the people that enforce it. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Get the rules and the enforcers, get ’em off street, get ’em out of sight. That’s how you get people to obey the law. That’s what Obama believes. And not just Obama. Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and every other liberal, every other Democrat, this is what they believe. Cops are the problem.

So the cops have been moved out of the way, and there aren’t any arrests, and when the cops do show up, as a last resort they’re surrounded by a mob videotaping them on their phones. I should say video recording them. There is no tape. You know, I’m a tech wizard, and I want to be technically wizardly correct. It’s digital. I understand this. Don’t anybody waste time on that.

Now, Marilyn Mosby, this is a Daily Caller story: “The office of Baltimore City state?’s attorney Marilyn Mosby is claiming that her personal Twitter account was hacked and that she did not ‘favorite’ a racially-charged tweet and another one calling the six Baltimore cops charged in the Freddie Gray case ‘thugs.’

She says she was hacked. Just like Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account was hacked. Hmm. See, what happened is that Megyn Kelly of the Fox News Channel — there they are again — did a big story — I forget the source. It was Conservative Tree, Conservative Grow A Tree, Conservative Tree Union, forget the name of the website, a conservative site with “tree” in it. I just don’t remember. But they prepared a blistering report on the incompetence of Marilyn Mosby, and Megyn Kelly used it on Fox either last night or the night before, and this caused all kinds of reaction of an unkind nature to Marilyn Mosby.

And she’s claiming now that all of these attacks (paraphrasing), “Somebody hacked my Twitter account.” One of the things was that she’s out there calling the cops thugs. “No, I didn’t call them thugs. Somebody hacked my account. I didn’t say that.” Hmm. Right. So she is claiming her personal Twitter account was hacked. She did not “favorite” a tweet calling the six Baltimore cops in the Freddie Gray case “thugs.”

“Megyn Kelly reported on the denial but also cast some doubt on the claim. Earlier on Wednesday, The Daily Caller reported on the two tweets in question, which were posted on May 6. One called the officers charged in the Gray case ‘those 6 THUG cops.’ The other tweet, from a different user, praised Mosby?’s handling of the case and asserted that she ‘INFURIATES a certain kind of white person.’ … But later Wednesday, Kelly reported that Mosby?’s office is denying that the attorney favorited the two messages. ‘Both Mosby?’s official Twitter account and her personal account were hacked,’ the prosecutor?’s office told Kelly. ‘We do not know how long it?’s been going on, we are working with Twitter,’ Mosby?’s team claimed.”

So we are supposed to believe here that undoubtedly racist hackers would get control of Marilyn Mosby’s Twitter account and her other personal account for more than three weeks, and this is all they would do. After having control for three weeks, all they did was favorite two tweets. Now, that’s kind of wasting a hack. If you’re gonna hack somebody’s account, I mean, go to town. You gonna hack it and just “favorite” two tweets?

“Mosby tweeted from her personal account on May 23 that her official government account had been hacked. But she made no reference to a breach of her personal account. Kelly cast some doubt on the claim, pointing out that the tweets in question were from several weeks ago. Further, it would be odd if the alleged hacker merely favorited two random tweets.”

That’s my point. I mean, if you’re gonna hack, hack. No hacker’s gonna go in there and just, you know, put a star by two tweets (laughing) in which she reportedly is calling the officers “thugs.”


RUSH: Here’s Christine in Ojai, California. It’s great to have you on the program. Really glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, it’s always a privilege to wait to be on your show.

RUSH: Thank you so much.

CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to say, I thought it was really interesting that you spoke both about health care and the police force today, because I think what’s going on in answer to your question about who’s to benefit by what’s going on in Baltimore, we must not forget that we’re in the process of fundamentally transforming America. And part of that, as you so astutely said before, was to take Obamacare as a sort of front for getting to universal health care. And I think that what’s going on with the turmoils in the different cities and states is comparable in that as long as we demonize and show how ineffective —

RUSH: Christine.


RUSH: Hold your thought. Do not lose your train of thought. Write it down if you have to, because I gotta take a brief break. We’ll come back and continue. I misread the clock. I thought I had more time than I do. But don’t go away, Christine.


RUSH: Back to Christine in Ojai, California. Okay. You were saying about your answer my question, who benefits from all this unrest?

CALLER: Yes. And I was drawing the analogy that, just as you were stating with health care, that Obamacare was just the way to get to universal health care, that I think what’s going on with the unrest in the cities is just a ruse to get us to federalizing police force, which I think is another fundamental transformation that this administration would like to make in this country.

RUSH: You just said that you believe that the Regime has a desire to federalize a police force.


RUSH: Well, now, it’s interesting you say that, because Obama has, too.


RUSH: Obama’s actually alluded to this way back I think — I’m gonna have to look, but I think it was in the first year or two of his administration where he was talking about — might have even been when he was discussing the transformation of America — and he’s talking about security and peace and privacy and all this, and he was talking about the need for a national police force. That was different from the military, different from the military but had the same objectives, as I remember.

CALLER: Yes. And recently Al Sharpton, who’s been out sort of tilling the soil again about this as well. So that’s why my suspicions are up that this is just another power grab to control all of our lives, and if we make the local police force the bad guys, the enemy, ineffective to control, they actually cause the problem, then what would be a better thing for the federal government to come along to the rescue ?

RUSH: I can’t disagree. Just like if the private sector can’t do health care right, then we must. We must move in with Obamacare in the name of fairness and equality and take it over. And, “If local cops actually can’t do the job anymore, somebody has to,” Obama will say. And why not us? Why not the federal government? Everybody loves the federal government. Everybody trusts the federal government. Everybody turns to the federal government. So why not turn to the federal government for community policing? And then we get our own national police force without a coup. The national police force, couple of military usually use to do a coup, but we’re gonna put one together here before the coup, maybe obviate the need for the coup. Anyway, Christine, I appreciate the call. It’s a great point.

I’m just thinking here. Obama has already got 25 police departments under the thumb of the federal government. Cleveland is the most recent. It was it was during the campaign of 2008 now, I remember, that Obama proposed a civilian security force, and he compared it to a national version of the military. He pointed out that he can’t use the military for local police forces, but maybe we should create a civilian security force. He was talking about a national federal police force. He didn’t use that terminology because people would have revolted at that but he’s thinking — maybe not. The way they’re going about it tier taking over via these consent decrees from the DOJ. It’s basically blackmail. You want money from the government to help run your police department? Well, you gotta accept our guidelines on how you’re gonna do your jobs, and they’re all accepting, because they’re being forced. St. Louis, Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland is the latest, Oakland, Newark. I mean, there’s 25 of them now that are actually have been taken over by guidelines from the DOJ to run these local police departments. I find it just all happening right there in front of our faces.

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