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RUSH: We’re gonna start with Nick in Chicago, and I appreciate your waiting. Great to have you here. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Big fan of yours. I’d love to jump back to a point you made earlier in the show regarding a lawsuit that’s going on with the Obamacare subsidies.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And earlier this week you started on Tuesday saying that the left is saying that you’re a big brainwasher and that anybody who listens to your show is of such mind. And I’d like to make a point in saying that as a 21-year-old conservative male, I’m being take advantage of by the Obamacare system, and unfortunately the left is brainwashing schoolchildren, college students alike. I think this could be a positive option for the Republican Party. I don’t understand why they would be scared of this lawsuit. If we do get a chance to prove that Obamacare and their subsidies are unconstitutional, I think it would give us a chance down the line to show that the whole system itself is unconstitutional and do at that nobody benefits from it.

RUSH: Do I love youth. I have to tell you, your attitude on this is so refreshing. You said you’re 21?

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: All right. That means that you are not yet tainted. You have not yet become jaundiced. You still are bright-eyed and open-eyed and optimistic about the Republican Party and its chances, and I want to applaud you, because your attitude about this is exactly right. You see the possibility that a Supreme Court could rule practically the guts of Obamacare unconstitutional, and you see nothing but an opportunity. You see a golden opportunity to educate people. You think you know the Republican Party’s gonna step up and do it. But you see an opportunity to get to people who’ve been brainwashed about the greatness and goodness and infallibility of government.

Here’s an opportunity to show people they can do much better depending on themselves, and you think it’s a great opportunity for the Republican Party. But I’m here to tell you they do not see it that way. I’ll tell you, the Republican Party needs more people like you in it. The Republican Party needs an infusion of young, optimistic, untainted, unjaundiced people. Because, let me tell you, the Republican Party’s view of this — and I’m not comfortable — well, it’s not that I’m uncomfortable pointing it out. It saddens me. The Republican Party, because Washington is the center of the political universe, everybody there has lost touch with people like you.

Everybody there has lost touch with daily life in America. And, as such, the Republican Party’s primary concern is for people receiving welfare benefits and entitlements. They are afraid of what’ll happen to them electorally if that group of people has things taken away from them. The Republican Party that you think exists is not interested right now in pushing the conservative ideals of self-responsibility, self-reliability, self-reliance, rising tide lifting all boats, they’re not imbued with that right. And they need to be. They’re overwhelmed. I call it posttraumatic stress disorder after decades of media attacks and media bombs going off in their faces right next to the their ears. And they’re gun-shy. They’re afraid of battle.

CALLER: People of my generation view Obamacare is a as a positive thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got people sitting there going, “But Obama, he’s got health care for everybody.” I go, “Yeah, but who around this table pays for their health care?” and everybody’s hand kind of goes down on that. And when you have a $6,000 deductible and you’re paying 80 bucks a month for it, it makes you a little concerned for your income and what you’re spending —

RUSH: Yeah, but see, even using your example, it’s a great one, because the Republicans are hearing the complaints of your friends. Your friends, if I heard you right, you said your friends, “Oh, but Obama’s great because health care for everybody” — what was it you said?

CALLER: Yeah, that everybody’s covered, universal health coverage.

RUSH: Yeah. And people your age like that, think Obama’s a great guy for providing it, right?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, the Republican Party is afraid of angering them, Nick. The Republican Party wants those people to vote for them, but they’re afraid of saying or doing anything that will anger people like your friends because they think there’s no way they’ll ever vote for them, ’cause they’ve gotta pander to them. And so right now the Republican Party is worried. If they win this case, they’re worried, because that means subsidies would go away and the Republicans are at this moment trying to figure out a way to keep the subsidies alive, Nick.

In other words, keep Obamacare alive, even after if it happens, the Supreme Court would would rip the guts out of it. You see it as an opportunity, I see it as an opportunity, a whole host of millions of Americans see it as an opportunity, and we’re all frustrated as we can be. That’s why people like you — and there are some — need to be in the Republican Party.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, people like that look at this exactly the way you do. And look at what happens to ’em, Nick. Media’s out to destroy ’em, even some Republicans are out to destroy ’em.


RUSH: Let me ask you a question here. There’s no wrong answer.


RUSH: I just want to know what you think about something. Chamber of Commerce. Do you associate the Chamber of Commerce as being a lobbying group or as an institution that is more Republican and conservative than it is liberal Democrat?

CALLER: You know what, if you asked me a few years ago I would have told you one thing but unfortunately now the way it’s all going, everybody is so scared of their own shadow, they’re just trying to cater somewhere in the middle, keep their values in a certain place but still cater to the opposite side, and it’s disappointing.

RUSH: Very good. Because the left has taken over the Chamber like most everything else. And where people think the Chamber is this big right-wing conservative organization, no way anymore. The Chamber is out pushing the interests of the Democrat Party, under the guise of being Republicans. It’s a corrupting influence and agent, and it’s like a lot of people think that all rich people are Republicans and all CEOs are Republicans. Maybe used to be. Not anymore.

CALLER: That’s what I get asked on a daily basis, am I a rich person or am I a Republican, and I said, no, I’m just a person who believes in keeping what I earn and not sharing it.

RUSH: I tell you, the long knives are gonna be out for you, Nick, but hang in there and know you always have a friend here on this program and in this audience. Do not let ’em bully you.


RUSH: George in Woodbridge, Illinois. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thanks.

CALLER: You know, Rush, I keep hearing about the Republicans, if they’re really serious about winning, and they’re really serious about taking this country in the right direction, they should try repeal this Obamacare. By doing that, they should every day be on television telling what it took to get this thing passed, all the lies and deceptions. I mean, how could anything like this be passed? How it had to be passed. Plus, you know, Gruber should be one of the main people that Republicans should be, like — like — I don’t know. I’m just so damn frustrated with this whole system.

RUSH: Everybody is. Everybody is, George, because George, you know, I mean, you can read. You listen to media; you watch TV. Have you heard the Republicans say that they’re gonna do what you want done?

CALLER: Yeah, but, Rush, they were all jumping on the bandwagon how they were gonna repeal all this.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, they did during the campaign and before the campaign, oh, yeah, in the first two years, oh, yeah, they ran for office say “repeal, repeal, repeal.” Some of them said repeal and replace. Some were honest, some said it wasn’t gonna be a full fledge repeal. But most of them said, oh, yeah, we’re gonna repeal it. And now they’re scared to death of winning.

They’re scared to death politically that the Supreme Court’s gonna take away Obama’s subsidies because they think the first thing they’re gonna have to do is make sure they don’t go away. Or they think they’re dead meat in 2016. The Republican Party believes the welfare state elects presidents, folks. If I could just boil it down to its bare essence, that has to be what they believe. They believe that the president of the United States in this era is elected by the welfare state, which does comprise a lot of people.

I mean, we’re close to 50% of the population getting a check. How many of it all is technically welfare or not, but that’s what they believe. They take their base for granted, and they try to convince these others that they’re gonna be okay, that they’re not gonna hurt ’em, i.e., the welfare state. That’s the way it appears to me.

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