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RUSH: Let’s go to Hillary and Libya. Now, we all know about Mrs. Clinton’s e-mail snafus and we all know about her problems, and we all know about Hillary’s genuine general incompetence as secretary of state and the fact she didn’t achieve much and the fact that all the relevant e-mails have supposedly been deleted and are gone is evidence of this, we think.

Okay, so how do we nevertheless tie Mrs. Clinton to the boondoggle that’s Libya? Benghazi’s in Libya, for those of you in Rio Linda. And that’s a boondoggle. It was a disaster. Four Americans dead. An attack, a terror attack that was known to be a terror attack in advance of its happening, which was lied about and blamed on a video, if you recall. Okay, so how do we overcome the media and get the truth to people? I mean, this woman wants to be the next president. People deserve to know the truth about this. Not that she’s some savior. Not that she’s some brilliant secretary of state, but she was a disaster.

Well, the American media is not gonna do it. The American media is not gonna cover Libya as a post-Hillary disaster. But it is. Just like Iraq is a post-Obama disaster. The Middle East is an Obama disaster. Okay? But the media, of course, is not gonna say so. Now, what you generally need in the media to persuade people or to call people’s attention to something is pictures. Pictures are needed in order to attract and hold people’s attention.

If the media flooded the zone with before and after Hillary pictures of Libya. Pictures of Libya before Hillary, pictures of Libya after Hillary, pictures of Benghazi and our consulate before Hillary, pictures after, if they did that, as if she were a Republican, then you could agree with me it would have a deleterious effect on her, right? But they’re not gonna do that, precisely for that reason.

If they showed the e-mails from Hillary’s team praising her for her ownership of Libya with then a picture of Benghazi, it would negate whatever these phony e-mails praising her are. None of that’s gonna happen. My suggestion is this. The second best way to focus the people of the United States on Hillary’s Libya disaster, and it’s gonna require the Republicans to play. I mean, we, in conservative media, cannot ourselves do it alone. The Republicans are gonna have to play. They’re gonna have to participate. Republicans should note that Hillary’s most significant accomplishment as secretary of state is Libya.

The word “Libya” must be tied to Hillary Clinton. People are asked to list Hillary’s accomplishments as secretary of state. And they don’t know what to say. Remember that focus group that we had? They haven’t the slightest idea. Okay, that’s when Republicans come in and tell ’em, Libya, Libya is a great example of what Mrs. Clinton did as secretary of state. Really? Yeah, Libya. Take a look at it. And do it without any irony. Libya is Hillary’s most significant accomplishment as secretary of state. No smirk, no smile, just say it and move on, and keep saying it. Just link Libya to Hillary.

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