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RUSH: It wasn’t that long ago, certainly within the past couple of weeks, that I posed a question right here on this program that forced many liberal commentators and analysts elsewhere in the media to concede that I had a point, much as it pained them to acknowledge it. You will remember when I remind you what it was. It had to do with Pam Geller and her “Draw a Cartoon of the Prophet” contest that took place in Texas. Remember the outrage that that caused and the debates over free speech that it spawned? And in the midst of this I asked a very salient question.

I said, “Now, wait a second. If we are to curtail our own speech because it offends Muslims, if we are not to draw pictures of the prophet, if we’re not to engage in cartoon characterizations of the prophet, and if we are not to discuss the prophet in any way whatsoever that would offend Muslims — and we acknowledge that, and we agree to limit our own free speech and expression because we don’t want to offend Muslims — then why do we do other things which do offend Muslims?”

For example, homosexuality is not permitted in Islam. In militant Islam, in Islamic countries, it isn’t permitted. Homosexuality is so frowned upon that people are put to death. Of course this goes without saying that gay marriage is not permitted. So I asked on this program, “Why would we willingly shackle ourselves when it comes to cartoons of the prophet and other similar things but yet when it comes to gay marriage we’ll just plaster that all over our media and put that right down their faces every day we can?

I mean, if a militant Islamist or just a Muslim watches MSNBC, why do we continue to plug and talk about gay marriage when we know how it offends them? Why are so many prime time TV shows now filled with storylines and characters who are gay? The gay lifestyle is normal and there’s gay marriage. Why do we continue to flaunt that? Why do we insult Muslims by putting that in front of their faces every day on our television and movie screens? Some liberals had to acknowledge, “You know what? Rush has got a point.

“I hate to admit it, but Rush has got a point.”

Well, the reason I go through this again is because more documents have been seen from the treasure trove of Osama Bin Laden’s compound. Cybercast News Service: “Among the papers found in Osama bin Laden’s compound is a 15-page document that urges bomb-makers to join Al-Qaeda to kill ‘drunkard, sinful’ American voters who permit ‘alien satanic practices’ such as same-sex marriage and abortion. Written by Abu-Salih Al Somali, a senior al Qaeda operative, the attempt to recruit explosives experts and other Muslim scientists explains who they will be killing.”

By the way, I didn’t mention this yesterday. Folks, I have the job application form from this Osama Bin Laden treasure trove. There actually is a written job application form that future jihadists have to fill out if they want to become “martyrs,” if they want to become jihadists. Now, I know it may sound funny — and, in fact, some of the questions are funny, but this is a legitimate copy. It’s a PDF file. It’s been translated, and it’s an actual job application form, and this is part of what this is.

Abu-Salih Al Somali, senior Al-Qaeda operative, explains what new recruits will be doing. “It is the VOTERS, who choose their leaders who deploy their armies against Muslims, and pay billions of ]their produced tax money] to Israel to massacre our brothers and sister[s]. It is the voters who vote on laws against the purity and chastity of Hijab and Minarets, while they are the ones who vote in favor of human alien satanic practices such as homosexual marriages and infant butchery in the wombs of their selfish heartless prostitute mothers.

“‘The voters are the ones, who demanded America’s pullout from Vietnam, and they are the ones who pulled out their Spanish troops from Afghanistan and they are the ones who turned the evil Tony Blair into a lame duck and ended his ten-year carrier of arrogance and American subordination with disgrace!!” (sic) Now, clearly we’re dealing with a nutcase here, but this was found in the treasure trove of documents in bin Laden’s hideout, and what is abundantly clear here is that these jihadists are profoundly offended by gay marriage.

They are profoundly offended by homosexuality (just as I thought they may be) and what they call “butchery in the womb.” They don’t like it. But what’s interesting is, this document blames the voters for electing people who implement these policies, and that’s who will be targeted. Presidents are not gonna be targeted. Members of Congress aren’t gonna be targeted. Al-Qaeda’s targets are average, ordinary Americans who they think are impure and corrupt and who believe in these things and then elect people to implement them.

The only reason I bring this up… I’m not lauding Al-Qaeda or anything. I’m just telling you: I knew what I was talking about when I asked the question. So it’s safe to say… (interruption) Mr. Snerdley, let me ask you. Is it safe to say that bin Laden and his buddies are offended by American openness with gay marriage and abortion? (interruption) It’s clear they’re offended, right? (interruption) Now we know it. Bin Laden, of all people. It’s in his treasure trove set of documents.

We know that those aspects of our culture humiliate them, embarrass them, make them mad, offend them. Now, when it comes to cartoons of the prophet, we are willing to stop doing that simply because we don’t want them to be offended. “It’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s not cool.” But what about these other things? Do you think the left…? Do you think Planned Parenthood would say, “You know what? It’s not fair to our Muslim and brothers and sisters to offend them this way. We must cease abortions.”

Do you think that’ll ever happen? (interruption) Do you think the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation will say, “You know what? I didn’t know. I really didn’t know that our Muslim brothers and sisters were so opinionated about this. We’re gonna withdraw all of our desire for gay marriage now. We don’t want to offend our Muslim brothers.” Do you think they’ll do that? (interruption) Then why would we stop drawing the picture of the prophet?

I mean, why will we not just stop? Why will we join efforts to punish and inflict pain on people who do draw pictures of the prophet? Why there and not these other areas? Hmm? (interruption) “Legitimate question.” That’s right. That’s exactly right. (interruption) “You’re not supposed to ask those kinds of questions,” and since I, your beloved host do… (chuckling) But it’s right there. I didn’t make any of this up. As they say, I’m just connecting the dots.

As Steve Jobs pointed out in his commencement address as Stanford, “You can’t connect the dots go forward. You can only connect the dots looking back.” Because you don’t know what your future holds. But if you connect the dots in your past, they will tell you a story. Well, we can connect the dots here. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are profoundly offended by a bunch of things that we do, but only one of those things are we willing to stop, and that is drawing pictures of the prophet.

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