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RUSH: This is Eric from Armada, Michigan. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate it, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I love your show and thanks to my brother, who introduced me to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m really pleased to meet you. I figure I know you for life. But here’s the thing. I don’t think Hillary is in it because she wants to be. I think she’s in it because she has to be. She took all that money, and she’s like, “Oh, well, I guess I better run.” But I don’t think she’s in it for the fight. I don’t think she wants to be president… Well, everybody wants to be president, but I don’t think she wants to be president.

RUSH: Now, specifically when you say you don’t think she wants to be president, is what you really mean that she doesn’t want to go through what it takes to be president?

CALLER: Yeah. Well… Yeah.

RUSH: Because don’t —

CALLER: In a way, I don’t think she wants to be the leader. Everybody would love to have the chance to be the leader of the country. I don’t think she wants to be president under these circumstances, with all this crap coming out on her. But beside all that, you know, I think that she’s waiting to be beaten by somebody in either a primary or whoever the Republicans pick that’s going to challenge her, because looking at her on TV, she doesn’t look like she really cares. People blow it off as if, “Well, you know, she’s just having like a coronation.” No. I don’t think she cares. I think she’s got what she’s got, and it’s like, well, it was a scam. Now she’s gonna have to prove herself, and looking at $18 trillion in or $20 trillion in debt —

RUSH: Now, wait a second. This is a hell of a thing to do if you really don’t want to do it. She didn’t have to do it. You’re claiming… Your idea is she’s got to because all the money she’s raised means that she owes a lot of people a lot of stuff, and if she doesn’t deliver, they might be wanting to fit her for a cement swimsuit?

CALLER: Oh, she’s boxed herself in a corner. She took the money, and now she’s got to run. But she doesn’t want to run because she’s looking at $20 trillion in debt. She’s looking at unfunded liabilities in the trillions.

RUSH: She doesn’t care! I’m telling you right now, she doesn’t care.

CALLER: She doesn’t have a clue.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. You think the national debt would be something that would cause Hillary to not be interested in running for president because it’s too big an obstacle to overcome?

CALLER: Oh, she could amass more debt, but I don’t think she could get people to work. I don’t think she has any clue as to how. Unless she converts to becoming a Republican, I don’t think she has a clue as to how to revive this country, and that’s what’s holding her back.

RUSH: Now, wait. Wait a minute, now. I’m dead serious with this question, Eric. Why do you think she wants to revive the country?

CALLER: Oh, I think she does because I think she wants to have her legacy. I think she wants to… She was born to be president. Yeah. You know, she jumped on Bill’s coattails to get there, but she was born to be president. She’s always aspired to be. You know, she helped to bring down Nixon.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. If you’re born to be, that doesn’t jibe with not wanting it all of a sudden. I mean, if you’re born to be president, that means you’ve got a spiritual calling. That means there’s a gigantic heavenly plan to make you president. If you’re born to be…? (interruption) Well, she’s a Methodist. At one point she believed in heaven. I don’t know now. But the point is, I understand your thinking on the money, and I agree with you that she resents all to hell having to run this campaign.

She thinks it’s beneath her, that she shouldn’t have to. I would agree with you, if you would tell me that her ego is so big and so out of control that she thinks that she should just be coronated and not even have to be bothered with a contest, because she is so eminently qualified over anybody else. And don’t forget the entitlement factor. In her mind she is owed this big time, because it was owed to her in ’08, and they took it away from her for the young, skinny guy.

It really is really owed to her now.

I agree with you that campaigning she thinks is beneath her. Meeting with average, ordinary people is beneath her. Having to campaign against Republicans and debate them is beneath her. Not necessary. And she resents having to do it. But I don’t for a minute think that she has lost the hunger for the power of sitting in the Oval Office. I think what you’re seeing and interpreting as a lack of passion, is simply that she’s boring. She’s just a dryball.

One thing I’ve noticed about Hillary — and let’s face it. I mean, when all is said and done, there’s all kinds of dryballs out there. Some people think I’m one. There are all kinds of different personality types. The giveaway for me is, every time I have, over the past quarter century, run into people that know Hillary, they start telling me about her, “Oh, she’s life of the party, and you know what? Hillary just loves those umbrella drinks! Yes, you ought to see Hillary at the bar.

“You’ve never had the great time you’ll have if you’re in a bar with Hillary.” Except we never see that. I always hear about what a fun babe Hillary is, but there’s never any evidence of it, and precisely because there isn’t any evidence of it is why people have to tell you about it. For example, do you have to be told that Leonardo DiCaprio is doing whatever with 15,000 different women every year? You don’t. You know it and you don’t have to be told, right? (interruption) Just pick any example like this.

Do you have to be told that Warren Beatty may have 500 children he doesn’t know, or do you just know it? You know it. Right. Do you have to be told, for example, that Bill Clinton cannot take his eyes off any woman walking past him, or do you know it? You know it. Okay. So with Hillary, we have to be told all of these wonderful personality things because we don’t see it, we don’t know it. What we know is Hillary and Huma. And what do we know about that? We don’t know anything about that. We know Hillary and Huma, and we know Weiner over there, whenever he can worm his way in.

What do we know? We don’t know what they tell us, is my only point. So what I just think you’re seeing is, rather than lack of passion and disinterest, is she’s just a flatline. In common parlance, a dryball. But I don’t think for a second that she doesn’t want this. I think she does resent having to work for it. I do believe in this entitlement mentality these people have. But, look, I could be wrong. I mean, there’s no question that all that money she has solicited. By the way, these people didn’t just knock on the door and give them the money.

I don’t care if it’s the Clinton or whoever, that does not happen. Your doorbell doesn’t ring and somebody’s out there, “I got a hundred million dollars for you, because I think you’re gonna be president someday.” You have to let it be known that you will answer the door when the doorbell rings first. So my point is they’ve been soliciting. The purpose of this foundation is exactly what we’re seeing happen now.

And if it really means that she doesn’t want to be elected and the only reason she’s going through the motions is because she feels pressured because of the money, I mean, she could give the money back. They could do that. I don’t know what the legalities of it are. But I’m sure that they could return money on whatever basis they want. I know it’s against the principle to give money back. I understand that. But, I mean, if it’s such an albatross around her neck that it’s making her do something she doesn’t want. This is a huge thing to be doing if you don’t want to do.

There’s a lot of stuff we have to do that we don’t want to do that we go through it half motion or phone it in, but running for president is not one of those things that you just halfway do unless you actually don’t want to win and what you’re just trying to do is build a name for yourself so maybe you’ll be chosen as vice president, set yourself up for a later presidential run. Or maybe you’re trying to earn quick money in the private sector, and the way to do it’s make a name for yourself running.

I mean, there are those people. But she’s not in that group. Because she’s long ago accomplished all of that. So if she doesn’t want to be doing this, she won’t win. It’s that simple. You have to really, really want this to win this.


RUSH: Here’s Jack in Illinois. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Longtime listener, first-time caller. Rush, I’m a little bit concerned that the next president is gonna have a lot of activity in the Middle East. Current administration seems like they’ve put a green light on some countries having some powerful weapons. And having a female president, meaning no disrespect to any woman who would run for presidential office —

RUSH: No, of course not.

CALLER: — and knowing that Islam and Muslims have had a very clear history of treatment of women, my concern is that we elect a woman president in this next campaign, that they’re not gonna be very effective against Muslim countries.

RUSH: Well, you know, I hear you on this, but the fact is that we’ve had female secretaries of state dealing with these people for a long time now. We had Madam Albright, we’ve had Condoleezza Rice, we’ve had Mrs. Rodham, Mrs. Clinton. And the Israelis had Golda Meir. Look, one of the dirty little secrets, even the PLO or Fatah, I forget which, they have a female very powerful — I don’t know if she’s still active, Hanan Ashrawi, and she was a spokesman for the PLO in many of the disagreements they had with Israel over the years. I’m going back now to the eighties and nineties. She was ranking. She was ranking.

I remember being stunned because I knew what position women occupied in Islam. But she was ranking. She was in the top tear of the leadership. In fact, Peter Jennings and her had a little fling back when he was stationed in Beirut, way, way back, long time ago. It’s an incestuous group of people over there. So they’re accustomed to that

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