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RUSH: Look at this. “Michael Brown Memorial to be Replaced With Plaque.” This is the Gentle Giant in Ferguson, Missouri. They had a memorial there for the guy. Look, look, wait, now. We’ve gotta be very, very tiptoe on this one.

The Gentle Giant, who robbed a convenience store for Swisher Sweets ’cause he wanted to roll some blunts, while walking down the middle of the street, eagerly thinking about his upcoming college days, was gunned down in cold blood with his hands up running away while the cop shot him in the back. I know that’s not how it happened, but you’ll be hell-bent trying to convince anybody else of that.

I know that’s the exact opposite of what happened, but you can’t tell the people of Ferguson that, and you can’t tell the people of Baltimore that, and you can’t tell that state’s attorney in Baltimore. You can’t tell Obama that. You can’t tell George Zimmerman that. You can’t tell Trayvon Martin that. He wouldn’t hear you if he did. You can’t tell anybody what really happened there. You gotta go with the flow of this idiot, stupid, false narrative in order to build a memorial. A memorial! For what? It’s why I say I gotta be very careful here.

“The memorial to Michael Brown on Canfield Drive has been removed.” It was vandalized, if I recall. Whatever the original memorial was, it was vandalized, so they’re doing a new one. The original memorial has been removed and it’ll be replaced now by a plaque, according to the mayor, James Knowles III and the Michael Brown Sr., the father of the Gentle Giant. They made a joint announcement out there about this new memorial, and all of this courtesy of the city of Ferguson, Missouri, which was nearly destroyed by the grieving supporters of the Gentle Giant.

It’s interesting, too, because the plaque — are you ready for this? — the plaque shows the Gentle Giant in his high school graduation cap, since he is best known for being a scholar. He’s a scholar. He’s walking down the street, the middle of the street, Saturday afternoon, late summer, thinking about his first days as a college man when everything went south.

“Flanked by newly elected Ferguson City Council members Wesley Bell and Ella Jones, Knowles and Brown said the plaque will be part of a new permanent memorial in the area.” The looted and burned down stores are not enough of a memorial. We have to erect a plaque of the Gentle Giant in his high school graduation cap.

And, by the way, have you read what’s going on in Baltimore? No, I can tell you now you have no idea what’s going on in Baltimore. You think probably that peace has come to Baltimore ’cause cops are off the streets now. They charged those six cops with the murder of Freddie Gray. The murder rate and the shooting rate is skyrocketing throughout Baltimore, and nobody’s doing anything about it because the cops can’t be found. And now the mayor and others in the city are accusing the cops of purposely standing down because of what happened to the six cop being charged. (interruption) Can’t what? (interruption) What do you mean, it can’t be? It is.

The cops have adopted the Obama stance, and that is restraint. And in Baltimore that means you can’t see ’em. And that’s supposed to make it no crime. See, in the Obama world and the Democrat Party world, the presence of cops equals violence, because the cops are intimidating, and the cops are provocative, and the cops are the cops. They cause unrest and they cause people to engage in violence because they’re so biased and extremist and racist. So the Obama theory is the cops’ presence causes violence. Pulling the cops back to the point where you can’t see them, that will give you a peaceful community. Of course, it’s just the exact opposite, and anybody with a scintilla of common sense knows it.

But the cops have pulled back and now some are questioning the police commissioner. “Hey, did you withdraw your cops on purpose? Are you trying to have violence happen and not do anything about it as a way of getting back at the city because your six cops were charged?” And the commissioner (paraphrasing), “No, no, no, no, no, we’re doing nothing like that at all, no, no, no.” But the Department of Justice has taken over the town, the Department of Justice has taken over the police department, they’re on the way to, and it is the truth. They believe the cops are the problem and so the cops are.

“It?’s been weeks since the protests and rioting in Baltimore tied to the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, but the city is plagued by increased violence.” No! Say it isn’t so! How can this be? “More than 40 shootings have been reported in Baltimore in that time, and the police department is investigating dozens of homicides.” That would be minimum 24, for those of you in Rio Linda. “Between April 25 and May 14 there were been 25 killings, just shy of Baltimore?’s deadliest month last year: 26 killings in January 2014.”

And not one of these 25 killings is there a police officer accused. So it is citizen-on-citizen crime taking place in Baltimore, after the state’s attorney went out and supposedly satisfied all these demands. Yes, the town was in a state of unrest and disorder over the untimely, unfortunate death of a stand-up guy like Freddie Gray while in police custody. So the state’s attorney and the mayor went out there and did everything they could to bring all of that rioting and shooting and civil unrest to a screeching halt by charging the six cops. This was supposed to mollify the population. Since that happened, 40 shootings, dozens of homicides, not one cop has been accused in any of the homicides.

Over the weekend, that record number of 26 homicides in January 2014, “that mark was eclipsed, as there were several more shootings. … Baltimore was up to 35 homicides in the last month by the Baltimore Sun?’s count, blowing past the top month last year. As of Monday morning, the count had risen once again: three shootings occurred overnight and two people were killed in broad daylight on Sunday,” after the mayor fixes it, after the state’s attorney takes action to punish the cops, which is supposed to mollify the crowd and make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

There hasn’t been any TV on this. I know there’s been some reporting on it. All I have is Newsweek. There hasn’t been any TV on this. There hasn’t been any exposure of this. There hasn’t been anybody, social scientist, political analyst, what have you, none of them have gone back to Baltimore since the six cops were charged. None of ’em have gone back to report on the aftermath of the brilliant decision by the state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby. And, of course, they won’t go back because to go back is to expose the fraud that is liberalism. And we can’t have that.

So, meanwhile, Baltimore is just a mess. It continues to be a mess, and the so-called remedial action that has been taken to get even with the perpetrators of the real crime in that town, the cops, doesn’t seem to have quelled any of the thirst for violence. It’s just not a beautiful thing. (interruption) Well, no, no, no. They got plenty of space to destroy stuff. The cops, you can’t find ’em. This is the point. The cops are now practicing Obama DOJ restraint. Look, I’m not making this up. Folks, I know it sounds like satire. (interruption) Who’s lives matter? Black lives matter. Black lives matter.

I’m just telling you, the cops have always been seen as the provocative agents. If you listen to the left, it is the cops and how they act and even just their presence which causes unrest in American cities, and so the cops have heard the complaints and they’ve withdrawn. The cops are not there. They show up after the fact, but they’re not anywhere around before any of this stuff happens. They do not have a presence. I mean, they go to work, don’t misunderstand. They’re in there, doughnuts and all that, but they’re not on the street being seen, this kind of stuff. By design.

Folks, I’m not making it up. Barack Obama, every Democrat in this country thinks that it’s the cops that are responsible for violence just by wearing the uniform and showing up. So the cops, in response, okay, okay, we hear you, they’re backing off. In Baltimore, it’s no different than any other liberal city, except this is not being reported on.


RUSH: By the way, “The Wall Street Journal reported that in the three weeks after Mr. Gray’s death on 19 April, Baltimore police made 1,453 arrests…” That again: “[I]n the three weeks after Mr. Gray’s death … 1,453 arrests a decrease of more than 40% from the same time in 2014 and 2013.” Still, almost 1500 arrests in the three weeks after the death of Mr. Freddie Gray.


RUSH: Here’s Steven in Laurel, Delaware. He’s been waiting awhile. I appreciate your patience. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you for having me rough.

RUSH: You bet. Great to have you.

CALLER: Longtime listener. I’m referencing what you have made a comment on toward the beginning of the show about police in Baltimore being accused of not being out and about as much. I’m a frequent traveler to Baltimore. It’s part of what I do for my job. I’m in the city a lot of time, and I had noticed over the past few weeks there is less and less of a police force in the city.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I see more of a police force “around the city.”

RUSH: Yeah. Exactly right.

CALLER: You know, as you touched base: Is it more that the commissioner is actually pulling his policemen back or is it the DOJ interference in it?

RUSH: Well, see, the police commissioner says he’s not doing that. That the DOJ is mandating this and he’s following federal guidelines, which happens to be the truth. But then other people say, no, the chief is doing this, the commissioner is doing this on his own because he’s got his nose out of joint because six of his cops have been charged with murder and second-degree manslaughter by our brilliant little state’s attorney and he’s in protest. “Okay, you think my cops are the problem? Well, try getting along without ’em.” That’s one theory that the commissioner’s withdrawing them.

CALLER: Well, I’m from the area where Sheriff Mike Lewis came up from, when he said that he heard from the police up there and on his radio that they were told to stand down and —

RUSH: Okay, wait, wait, wait. Sheriff who?

CALLER: Sheriff Mike Lewis from Wicomico County. He was the one, he came up during the time in Baltimore, and he brought the armored truck.

RUSH: He’s a Baltimore sheriff, you’re saying?

CALLER: He’s a sheriff from down around where I live, but he went up to Baltimore during the riots.

RUSH: Oh. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay.

CALLER: Okay. He’s actually gained quite a bit of a name down here for himself by talking about this and everything. And from what he was saying, you know, the police were out there kind of stuck. They wanted to do the right thing, they were told not to do it, and because of what was going on, they kind of were in fear for their own lives for what they should and shouldn’t do. Should they defend themselves or should they just walk off the job and let somebody else take care of it.

RUSH: And that’s what your sheriff said.

CALLER: That’s what the sheriff down here has been saying.

RUSH: Well, the numbers in Baltimore, the arrests are down 40%. And that’s counting all the arrests of the riots. But the shootings, the incidence of murders and shootings is skyrocketing since the end of the riots. The number of arrests are down, but they’re still astronomically high. It’s a toughie because you have a lot of ingredients here. The cops, folks, I’m not making this up. I mean, you could have heard it yourself if you’ve been listening.

Eric Holder himself has said it. He started talking about it in Ferguson. And he talked about it in Manhattan with Eric Garner. They keep talking about it in Baltimore. And this new babe, this Loretta Lynch, attorney general, she said the same, police presence is intimidating, police presence causes problems. Just the police being anywhere near because that sets a community on edge because the community thinks the cops hate them, thinks the cops are biased and racist. And it doesn’t matter that we’re talking about a mostly black police department here, by the way, when you talk about Baltimore.

The Obama administration believes and is implementing the belief in the form of new guidelines and consent decrees that the cops are the problem. They believe that the way and the road to peace in a community is to have the cops as little seen as possible, just in the normal course of the day. If there’s something that happens, a crime or violence, and then the cops show up, well, fine. But a cop walking the beat, bad news. A cop car driving through a neighbor, bad news. When nothing’s going on, bad news. That is not seen by the community, we’re told, as the police doing their job and protecting.

That is seen, we are told by Obama and his minions, that that is the police showing force and intimidating the people that live there. That’s causing the unrest, and it’s causing the high tension, and it’s leading to unrest, civil and otherwise, and violence. The Obama prescription is to get the cops out of sight. So you have that on one hand. On the other hand, you’ve got this out of control state’s attorney who’s overcharged six cops in the death of this Freddie Gray guy. And this police the commissioner is not dumb.

His cops are being charged. They want to put his cops in jail. The natural thing to do is protect your cops, and you withdraw them, especially when you see what the Regime is doing. And then when the violence continues because getting the cops out of there does not quell the violence, getting the cops invisible increases violence, everybody knows that, and when that happens, and the cops aren’t there, well, then you’ve got arguments that pop up all over again, and the cops can’t win, in the way the left has it set up. The cops cannot win if they do their jobs, and they cannot win if they react and do not do their jobs.

So this police commissioner is caught between a rock and a hard place. He’s caught between his mayor and that brilliant state’s attorney and the Obama administration DOJ over here. And his cops are caught in the middle of it, too. Meanwhile, you haven’t heard about it, but the shootings and the violence post-Freddie Gray, post-all those cops being charged is ramping up. It’s an out of control city, but nobody’s doing anything to stop it because that’s considered a problem.

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