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RUSH: Bloomberg TV’s John Heilemann and what’s his name, Mark Halperin, put together a focus group in Iowa for their television show, With All Due Respect. It’s just a bunch of people in Iowa. Not a single one of them, when asked, could name a single achievement of Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state.

It was Democrat voters. It was Iowa Democrat voters. They were there in this focus group to discuss Hillary’s prospects for winning the presidency in 2016. These people are asked, “What did she accomplish that you consider significant as secretary of state?” and not a single person had an answer. Did you see it? (interruption) Oh. Well, we’ll have the audio for you coming up. It doesn’t matter, though, because, at the end of it, they all swear loyalty to her.

They’re gonna vote for her. It doesn’t matter. She’s got a (D) by her name. Never mind they don’t know what she’s done. Never mind not a single achievement comes to their mind. It’s just an illustration of the brain-dead status of Democrat voters. Also, we’ve had this discussion about the electoral map and why some states are just automatically Democrat. It doesn’t matter even who the candidate is.


RUSH: Now we go to Bloomberg TV With All Due Respect, co-host Mark Halperin speaking with a focus group of Iowa Democrat voters to discuss Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects in 2016. Halperin, it’s a very simple question he asks this focus group. “What did she accomplish that you consider significant as secretary of state?”

MAN: Secretary of state? I really can’t name anything off the top of my head.

HALPERIN: Okay, Marlene, how about you?

WOMAN: You want to give me a minute? (laughing) Give me two minutes.

HALPERIN: Christina, can you think of something that she accomplished as secretary of state that impressed you or you think is important?

WOMAN: Ummm. No.

HALPERIN: Amanda, anything you’d point to to say this is a good credential for —

WOMAN: I honestly can’t say I followed along.

RUSH: I honestly can say I followed along. So it didn’t matter, that’s only three of them, but I saw it, there had to be 10 or 15 of them in there, and not a single person. And, by the way, you know, I know, human nature is what it is, just don’t doubt me. They look exactly like they sound, folks. If you’re curious about that, and you haven’t seen it, they look exactly the way they sound. If you had to draw these people from listening to them, you’d be right on. They are clueless. They can’t name a single thing. They look literally stumped, deer-in-the-headlight eyes and all. Unidentified guy, after hearing everybody say they had no idea, piped up with this.

MAN: She’s not perfect. Ummm. (pause) But she’s been the eye for a long time, in the public’s eye, and — and you’re gonna have some stuff on her. But … you know… she has great policies, and she knows how to get stuff done.

RUSH: The guy cannot identify any of it, but he knows that she’s got great policies. (interruption) “He looks exactly like he sounds.” Yeah. Yeah. Enough said. (interruption) Yeah, yeah. “But, you know, she has great policies. And she knows how to get stuff done,” and this guy doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s talking about. He couldn’t name anything if he had to. You know, Hillary is famous for being famous, just like the Kardashians. She is more like a Kardashian than she is a Reagan or a Bush or even her husband.

Obama’s like that, too. Obama was famous before being famous. And Hillary certainly, she’s famous for being famous. She’s famous ’cause her last name is Clinton. They can’t… Nobody that’s gonna vote for her can tell you why. It’s just that she’s Hillary and there’s a (D) by her name, and it is assumed she’s smart, and it’s assumed she’s got great policies, and it’s assumed she knows how to get stuff done. Halperin then says, “What is the single thing that you like most about Hillary?”

WOMAN: She’s a bad mama jama. She’s a strong, confident woman. She knows what she’s doing. She’s not afraid to step up. She’s not afraid to take advice, and she’s not afraid to say, “No, I’m not gonna do it that way. I’m gonna do it this way.”

RUSH: Totally, totally… I mean, woman is as clueless as a newborn baby that hasn’t even learned the language yet. The woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about. This is classic. The woman is hornswoggled. She’s got this question: “Okay, what’s the single thing you like most about Hillary?” In this woman’s answer, she’s simply attached to Hillary the characteristics in people she thinks are admirable. “She’s a bad mama jama.” Okay, what does that mean: “A bad mama jama”? “She’s a strong, confident woman.” Nurse Ratched.
“She knows what she’s doing.” Testicle lockbox. “She’s not afraid to step up.”

Bimbo eruptions.

“She’s not afraid to take advice, and she’s not afraid to say, ‘No, I don’t want to do it that way. I’m gonna do it my way.'” Sidney Blumenthal or Ken Starr. Take your pick. But the woman with the answer hasn’t the slightest idea. If she was asked to be specific, “What do you mean by ‘strong, bad mama jama’?” To whom…? What kind of women do you describe that way, “She’s a strong mama jama”? (interruption) I’m asking, what kind of woman do you…? If you were to describe somebody as a strong mama jama, who are you talking about here? (interruption) No, I’m thinking like the matriarch on Sons of Anarchy.

A truck stop babe. Strong mama jama?

You know the woman that runs the biker encampment.

Strong mama jama?


RUSH: I know. Bad mama jama. There is a definition for that, by the way, in the Urban Dictionary, bad mama jama, and we know from this definition that it does not — it cannot — apply to Mrs. Clinton. The top definition of bad mama jama in the Urban Dictionary: “A girl whose body dimensions are perfect in every direction.” Well, so we know it’s not that. The second most popular: “One who can easily kick butt,” i.e., biker babe, matriarch, Sons of Anarchy. That’s what the woman… Testicle lockbox.


RUSH: All right, here all the definitions of bad mama jama. Grab the sound bite again. This is number three, unidentified woman, Hillary Clinton focus group in Iowa. Where in Iowa was this? I don’t know where it was. Doesn’t say. Somewhere in Iowa. We played the sound bites of these people, they’re gonna vote for Hillary, can’t name a single thing she’s done as secretary of state or anything else. They cannot name a specific achievement at all, and they’re not even bothered by it. They’re not even embarrassed they can’t. “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know, she’s just… but, you know, she can really take care of business.” Right. And they get to an unidentified woman who said this.

WOMAN: She’s a bad mama jama. She’s a strong, confident woman. She knows what she’s doing. She’s not afraid to step up. She’s not afraid to take advice, and she’s not afraid to say, “No, I don’t want to do it that way. I’m gonna do it this way.”

RUSH: You know, I really have to fight things here. I think it’s impossible for a rational thinking person to think that about Hillary Clinton, all right? But this woman obviously does. She thinks she does. When you know somebody, and you know A, B, C, and D about ’em and then some Nimrod comes along and tells you what they think of ’em and they’re totally wrong, do you not just sit there and think, “My God, how can people?” I marvel at this.

This is another example. This woman’s answer is what she wants to be herself. You don’t agree with that? This woman’s telling us what she wishes people thought about her, and she’s transferring that to Hillary. Hillary is what she wants to be. She wants to be the bad mama jama. She wants to be seen as a strong, confident woman. She wants to feel like she knows what she’s doing. She wants to feel like she’s unafraid to step up. She doesn’t know this about Hillary? How could anybody know this about Hillary? But she’s transferring this. It’s what people did with Obama.

All right, here are the definitions of bad mama jama from the Urban Dictionary. This is somewhat confusing because — well, it just is. Let me find the first definition. The first definition “is a girl who’s body measurements are perfect in every dimension.” Well, we know that’s not what we’re talking about. So we scrub that. The second most popular definition is “one who can easily kick butt.” That may fit. And the third most popular definition of bad mama jama “is a large man capable of whooping your ass easily, a bad situation to be in.” That’s the third definition of bad mama jama. I’m reading it to you from the Urban Dictionary.

Now, the woman who asked the question, we have move beyond unidentified. We know who she is. Her name is Kendra. She is a librarian. And her library must not get any newspapers, because Hillary Clinton is anything but competent. Although, well, I may have to withdraw that because the newspapers do present Hillary. Hey, hey, folks, here’s another thing. Culture shock to me. And I have to work on this. I don’t mean I have to work on this in the future. What I mean is I have to constantly be aware of this. I reject everything in the New York Times. My automatic — and it’s knee-jerk, intelligence guided by experience, if it’s in the New York Times, I doubt it. I have to check it. I do not treat the New York Times as gospel.

As such, since I think I’m intelligent and that’s the intelligent thing to do, I encounter people to whom the New York Times is gospel, and I have to catch myself. And it is, to every liberal out there, the New York Times is the pope. It is infallible. And whatever is in there is the God awful or God blessed, whichever you want to look at it, truth. And yet I know that it isn’t. That’s just a microcosm of the entire experience of conservatism versus liberalism, left versus right.

It has struck me, people on the left are the most closed-minded, accepting, unthinking, unchallenging, uncritical of everything they believe, about us, about everything. They’re close minded on virtually everything. And the New York Times is gospel and Bible. Whatever is in that newspaper, no matter how it can be demonstrated to be not even journalistically correct, not factually correct, not correct opinionated-wise, doesn’t matter. It’s the same thing with Mrs. Clinton. She is what these women want her to be or what these voters want her to be.

And I beat my head against the wall trying to get to those people. I will admit that part of this program, I’m hoping that people like that are listening and that we make inroads, that we make headway, even if it’s just one or two a day, it is an objective I have. And so I feel like a failure every time I hear sound bites like this. How can people in my country be this stupid when I’m here on the radio, is what I say to myself. And then I say, maybe I’m wasting my time. How can I be surrounded by such stupidity when I’m not stupid? I know, I hear you out there. “Rush, we’ve been telling you for 25 years these voters are stupid, and you’re the one that’s always had faith in ’em.” I know. At the end of the day, I always have had.

But I hear unsound bites like this, and brings things home.

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