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RUSH: The nation’s women are livid — at least the women in the media are livid — at Barack Obama because of the way he has treated Fauxcahontas (that would be Elizabeth Warren), particularly as it relates to her opposition to his super-secret, private, you-can’t-see-what’s-in-it trade deal for the Pacific region. The insult was he called her by her first name. (paraphrased) “Well, you know, I know Elizabeth; you know Elizabeth. She’s a politician like all the rest.” I’m gonna tell you, like I told Snerdley, what is driving Obama on this. It’s a basic human frailty


RUSH: We go to Vancouver, Washington. Bob, I’m glad you called. It’s nice to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. It’s nice talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: An honor. I’m just curious. In the 1990s Clinton was pushing the NAFTA trade agreement and he got pushback from the Democrats. Now we have Barack Obama who’s also a Democrat, as we all know, and he’s pushing the Pacific trade deal, and I’m just wondering — and if Barack Obama were in the Senate, I suspect he’d be opposing it, too. So why is it when Democrats become president they want to push some kind of trade deal?

RUSH: Well, there’s more to this than that. This is not just about Obama would oppose it if he were a senator. Actually we don’t know that. And the real problem here is — and I don’t understand how this bill has gotten anywhere as far as it has. Nobody’s allowed to read this, folks. You have to make an appointment to read it, downstairs in the Capitol. You can take notes, but you can’t take your notes out. You cannot tell anybody what’s in it. Jeff Sessions is getting as close as anybody to divulging the contents of this thing.

This is the most outrageous piece — it is being conducted the same way Obama’s doing the Iranian nuke deal. No details permitted. And people are asking, you know, you raise a valid point that the liberal Democrats in the Senate hate this thing and despise it, and the news stories are the Republicans are trying to save it, which just adds to the confusion here. The question about why Obama supports it, it’s a little bit more than a wild guess. We know some of the reason why, and that is parts of it are a huge payback to Hollywood and Wall Street donors.

In the case of the Hollywood donors, the trade deal includes some intellectual property protections and exclusivity, which content creators and artists, writers, and so forth, directors, producers, are profoundly interested in and have given Obama a lot of money in order to accomplish. The Wall Street people, those people have a vested interest. They have donated gazillions of dollars to Obama on the basis of open trade barriers and favored tax policy, but we don’t really know much about what’s in this.

I tried finding out details of this. You know where I had to go? About the only place that you can go right now is WikiLeaks, where they have leaked elements of it. Some people have posted some things at Wikipedia, and I frankly don’t trust Wikipedia because anybody can put anything on Wikipedia that they want, so you have to be very careful here. I think the best evidence that this is something you ought to be against is precisely who’s for it, and that is Obama. And the liberal Democrats, the opposition here is, particularly the Elizabeth Warren opposition is its own little political dynamic, too, which requires explanation.

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