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RUSH: Get this. A Baltimore preacher by the name of Jamal Bryant was on MSNBC the other night complaining that because… I’m not kidding. I’m not making this up. He was complaining that, because of economic disfranchisement, the rioters in Baltimore could only find one store to destroy.

They could only find one anchor store in that neighborhood to destroy. (interruption) No, let me read the sound bite to you here. “The city council is meeting in just about an hour, and I’m leaving here,” the MSNBC interview, “to give some kind of assessment of the fiscal damage that’s taken place. It’s a humble estimate that it’s about $25 million worth of damage that has occurred on the city.

“And what is very critical is that the riot or the uprising that happened in 1968 after the assassination of Dr. King, that cost DC $113 million in 1968 to rebuild. In Baltimore in 2015, you’re talking only about $25 million. The focal point of the uprising in Baltimore has been one store, a CVS store, whereas in those riots in 1968 — or the uprising that happened in Los Angeles in 1992 — you’re talking about blocks. And so really, comparatively, it’s a very small number.

“It’s been blown grossly out of proportion. What it really says, too, is how much disenfranchisement’s taken place. They could only find one store in the neighborhood to destroy!” I’m not making this up. This pastor is trying to say, “Look at how bad off our town has become. Look at what economic disintegration has taken place here! When our rioters set out to destroy, they could only destroy $25 million worth of property ’cause that’s all there is here.

“Back in the good old days — 1968, 1992 — why, we were able to inflict hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. But now we’re pikers because in Baltimore, there’s only one CVS store, $25 million. That’s chump change.” And he’s blaming it… (laughing) He’s blaming it on the economy is so bad in Baltimore that this is… His word “disenfranchisement” does not work. I mean, that has a specific definition and it has nothing to do with the way he’s using it, but I know what he means.

He means that that the poor and African-Americans in Baltimore have been so forgotten and so discarded and so lost — the economy in that town is so bad — there’s nothing other than a CVS store of any value to destroy in a riot. (laughing) He’s using this as an example of how bad things are economically for people in Baltimore. And he was not through. He said, “And that’s what the community is crying out, almost like Freddie Gray did in the back of that police vehicle to no aid, no assistance.

“‘We need jobs, we need businesses, and we need opportunities.'” Parentheses: (“To be able to destroy in a future riot.”) Did he ever stop to think that maybe the reason that people are not rebuilding in these neighborhoods is because they know that guys like this are hanging around waiting for the next opportunity to destroy them in a riot? You think…? This is what I mean. This is typical. This was on MSNBC where they think this is a dead-serious problem and a very, very worthwhile comment.

Again, the pastor is Jamal Bryant.

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