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RUSH: Boynton Beach, Florida, this is Bill, glad you waited, sir, you’re up first today. Hello.

CALLER: I’m honored, Rush. Thank you. Quick points. I think what’s happening here is that Michelle Obama is positioning herself that when Hillary finally drops and dies, as far as this election campaign is concerned, that Michelle’s gonna step up and say, “Hey, I’m a woman; I’m black. I can be the first woman black president, and we’ll still have Obama’s policies. What a team!” What do you think?

RUSH: You think that all of this is a predicate for Mrs. Obama announcing her candidacy for president?

CALLER: Well, she’ll wait like Barry did and wait until everybody’s in the pot. But Hillary is not gonna make it, as far as I see, Hillary’s not the Democratic nominee.

RUSH: Wait just a minute now. Why isn’t Hillary gonna make it?

CALLER: Because Hillary just keeps stepping on herself. Any time Hillary opens her mouth she steps on herself.

RUSH: Hillary always has stepped on herself.

CALLER: Well, I understand that, but, see, this is the viable alternative, because we already know that Elizabeth Warren says she’s not doing it.

RUSH: Well, we think there’s a viable alternative. We think there is. But she hasn’t announced it. There’s just a bunch of hubbub in the media about her, but she hasn’t announced it. She said just the opposite of course perform doesn’t mean —

CALLER: Well, it is May 2005. Come November next year, maybe I’ll didn’t you have a call back and see how I did as a prognosticator.

RUSH: All right. All right. I’ll take your prediction under advisement. We’ll keep it off to the side over here. I have heard rumblings that Moochelle wants to run for the Senate. But, look, even if you’re right about that, it still does not make what she’s doing now understandable. I mean, they’ve got the black vote. They don’t have to do anything for that. She doesn’t have to prove herself. There’s something more going on here.

I understand when we get to this point in time… There’s a reason, folks, that I’m not talking about Republican presidential politics or Democrat presidential politics. It’s because it doesn’t matter right now. I have learned this game. I used to be like everybody else is doing now, reporting every poll. “Jeb up five in Iowa!” “Rubio down two in New Hampshire!” “Ben Carson up 17 in Wyoming!” Doesn’t matter. None of it matters right now.

Not a single thing in all that matters except who’s raising the most money right now. Polls don’t matter now. The field is too crowded. There’s gonna be a winnowing. When that starts, that’s when it gets interesting. Right now all this stuff is just Drive-By Media daily soap opera stuff, and it doesn’t mean anything. Looking at what Michelle Obama is doing here, to me I’m not looking at this through the prism of presidential politics. You might, and you’re perfectly free and able to do so.

But I think there’s something much, much more than that going on. There’s much more than that behind all this anger — and it’s not good.

Anyway, I would like to develop this further, and I will, except I can’t do it in five seconds and that’s what I have here left in the segment. Just sit tight. Any questions you have based on what I’ve alluded to so far will be answered, if you’re patient and hang in there.


RUSH: Charlotte, North Carolina, next. This is Neil or Nell? Looks like Neil. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. Hey, there’s been some talk even in the liberal media about Bill Clinton seeming to lose his political mojo when it comes to this foundation issue, but I just want to say that he hasn’t lost any mojo. He’s got it. He’s doesn’t want anything to do with the Hillary campaign or Hillary as president. There’s not one positive aspect of Hillary becoming president or running for president that works out for Bill Clinton. I mean, look at last week. Everything’s getting dumped on him. The man is living the life, and now he’s gotta relive everything in his life. He does not want to be in the White House.

RUSH: And of that you are convinced?

CALLER: Convinced, totally convinced.

RUSH: So you think Bill is trying to undermine Hillary’s efforts here?

CALLER: I believe that Bill and Hillary have probably had their roundabout discussions about this —

RUSH: Well, why is Hillary permitting him to undermine what she’s doing?

CALLER: What can she do? She’s gone her way. She does not like him; he does not like her. They don’t want to be together. Bill’s living the good life. This would be a disaster for Bill Clinton. If she became president — think about it — she would undermine his legacy. She’d be the first female president. Good-bye, Bill.

RUSH: Well, I’ve heard other people advance the theory that he doesn’t want Hillary to in any way equate the stature he achieved by being elected president, and he doesn’t want to be outshined by her. I’ve heard this theory bandied about by people, and I’ve heard your theory bandied about that if she gets elected then the skirt chasing ends because there’s gonna be so much more scrutiny on him, and even by her, because anything he does could have a detrimental effect on her presidency. It could really undermine the skirt chasing and the traveling all over the world with pedophiles. I’ve heard all that.

But on the other hand they are hungry for that power, and they are both ideologues. I’m telling you, she is every bit the ideologue that Barack Obama is, and so is he. I think they’ve always been a team with assigned roles with a long-term objective. You know, running for president isn’t easy. It is a pain in the rear. It’s arduous. And if she really didn’t want to do it, she wouldn’t be. She wants it badly. She thinks that it is owed to her. And I think a part of him relishes the power that would once again, in this case, descend to him. I don’t think he looks at it at all as constraining. But we will see.


RUSH: Hey, look, now, folks, the answers to all the questions about the Clintons and what their real intentions are, like Bill, does he really want Hillary to run, all the answers to all those questions are found at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, which wouldn’t exist if Hillary weren’t running. Keep that in mind.


RUSH: Clinton Crime Family Foundation, here. All this talk about whether Bill wants Hillary to win or not. I can come up with feasible theories on both sides of this. But there’s one thing. It’s one thing… It’s like the previous caller talked about Bill is living the life, and there’s one thing making that possible, and it’s that foundation, whether you call it the Clinton Global Initiative, whether you call it the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, whether you call it the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Whatever it is, all of the money and all of the activity taking place is rooted in those two things. And the Clinton Family Foundation exists for one reason, and that is the thought that Hillary Clinton’s gonna be president someday. That’s why there’s so much money in that foundation. It’s the only reason. A lot of donations came into it when she was secretary of state. There’s no question the money is being used to influence Hillary Clinton. It’s who they are. There’s no question about this.

The Drive-Bys are doing everything they can to cloud that and obfuscate that, but there’s no reason for these people all over the world to give these people, $10 million, $20 million, $30 million, $50 million, $100 million just ’cause they like them. They would love you to believe that that’s the case. The Clintons and the media would love you to believe that they’re so personally popular that all of these people just throwing money at ’em, but that isn’t happening.

She’s getting massive donations while she’s secretary of state, and Bill is out hustling them. And they’re massive donations on the basis that she might be president, because the people giving that money expect to be paid back. There’s no question they’re purchasing influence. Now, Bill is doing something else on the side. Bill is collecting speech money that he is not giving to either the Clinton Global Initiative or the Crime Family Foundation.

Some of that money he’s keeping for himself for his skirt-chasing or wining and dining or whatever it is he’s doing out there under the guise of doing charitable work. And all of this money is coming in predicated on the fact that Hillary is, at some point, going to have the power and influence to be able to pay it back. If Mrs. Clinton resigns as secretary of state and is not running for president, I’m telling you, Clinton doesn’t have as much fun money.

Other than what he can generate speeches, which is significant, ’cause apparently he can still charge half a million dollars a speech. So it could go either way on this. There are reports today that a Hillary presidential win might screw up that foundation completely by eliminating it. You can’t give a sitting president that kind of money, or her foundation. You just can’t do it. Well, I say can’t; hell, it’s the United States.

Make maybe allowances for anything. I mean, stuff that you used to be able to guarantee would not be able to happen now happens routinely. But on the surface, that foundation would dry up. You might think, “Well, no, Rush! I mean, if they’re donating money so that they can be buying influence…” Yeah, but not when she’s in the office. That’s… I mean, it’s too easy to track. The other thing that is obvious out there, Bill has not shown up anywhere with Hillary since she has announced, not as far as I’ve seen.

I haven’t seen him campaigning for her. But I also saw a story that reported that Bill Clinton could be a liability to Hillary and that that’s why he is staying away. Now, there’s an AP story today. “If Clinton Is Elected, Family Foundation Could Face Changes.” From the article, it says, “Among the unresolved questions: Who would be able to raise money for the Clinton Foundation? Could it begin new projects, both at home and overseas?

“Is there any way it could operate unburdened by conflicts of interest, real or perceived, while one of its founders sits in the Oval Office? … Some people close to the Clintons and the foundation say it’s unlikely the former president could continue directly raising money if his wife wins election. But they say that could be a difficult realization for him to come to, given how much of his post-White House legacy is linked to the foundation’s work,” and make no mistake.

“All this foundation stuff, the Clinton Global Initiative, that is to rebuild the image from Lewinsky. Everybody wants to think it’s because the Clintons are naturally charitable, naturally well-intentioned. And as they’re good liberals, all they want to do is help people, and especially the poor. But make no mistake: Clinton was disbarred. He lost his law license. He was convicted of perjury for lying during an investigation. There’s a lot of reputational damage to overcome there, and that’s primary reason for the Clinton Global Initiative.

We learned today from The Politico that Bill got $1.3 million for just two speeches in China, and that that money is his. He’s not donating it. It went right to his pocket. He’s not giving that money to the foundation. The Global Initiative… They’re not two separate things. The Clinton Global Initiative is a subset of the family foundation. You could say a “shell corporation” in modern-day, prime time TV parlance. The Global Initiative is the Family Foundation, is the Global Initiative.

It’s just part of it. Like the children’s health thing is all part of the foundation, and some of the money raised goes to the Global Initiative. Basically that happens at the same time every year as the UN meeting, General Assembly. It’s every September and October, and it’s a reason for all of Clinton’s girlfriends and foreign leaders from around the world to come in to New York so that she doesn’t have travel to see them. You doesn’t fool me on any of this stuff.

Now, what it all adds up to and portends for Hillary’s presidency: That foundation has got all this money in it — make no mistake — because people are donating on the come. The expectation is she’s going to going to be president someday and that she was secretary of state. And Bill’s been out there hustling some of it up. He doesn’t have to appear with her in order to be supportive of the campaign. Here’s a New York Magazine story today about this. “The Clinton Foundation’s Behind-the-Scenes Battle With a Charity Watchdog Group.”

This is Charity Navigator, which originally gave them a stinking… Oh, speaking of that, I have a sound bite. Grab sound bite eight. Near still doing this. Lanny Davis. They’re still lying about me and some numbers that came from TheFederalist.com and our old buddy there, Sean Davis. This is C-SPAN’s Washington Journal just this morning, and the former spin doctor for the Clintons is Lanny Davis. During the viewer call-in segment, a guy from Virginia says, “The Republicans talk about the Clintons and transparency, but it came out that Rubio did the same thing the Clintons are accused of. I mean, they’re all basically — not all, but mostly — a party of hypocrites.”

DAVIS: Rush Limbaugh, by the way, recently repeated and it’s been repeated over and over again that 10% of all foundation donations go to good works; the other 90% to staff and salaries. Uh, “PontiFact” absolutely debunked that as not a true statement.

RUSH: No, they didn’t!

DAVIS: I think Limbaugh used the number 15%. And if you don’t believe me as a Democrat, go to Fox News — not exactly a Democratic-leaning network — where that statement was debunked.

RUSH: It was not. Now, the first thing is, they’re doing this, they’re reporting it as me because they think that with the Democrat base they have so destroyed my credibility that all I am is an automatic, constant liar, so if they report anything or if they attribute anything negative about the Clintons to me, then the Democrat base is supposed automatically to pay no attention to it because I, they say, make things up.

Well, the numbers, 15% and 10%, come from a website called The Federalist which did an in-depth analysis, as much as they could learn, about all the money coming into the Clinton Foundation and all the outflow. And they found that 15% goes to charitable causes in one sense, in another sense only 10%. The vast majority is salaries, travel expenses, and the biggest category is — I forget — it’s 60%, and it’s not specified. It’s like other expenses are 60%. There’s travel, salaries, and all this stuff. And this “PontiFact” or whatever it is he’s citing here, these people originally attempted to dispel these numbers by attributing them to me, just as Lanny Davis did. He, in fact, is following them.

This caused the guy who runs The Federalist, Sean Davis, to get in touch with the people at this “PontiFact” place, and the people at the “PontiFact” admitted to Sean Davis his numbers were right on the money. What happened is The Federalist revealed the dirty details of the Clinton Family Foundation, and they reported it. It did not get widespread play. Drudge put a little link up about it. I came along and amplified it, and they started excrementing bricks at the Democrat Party and at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, and that’s when everything got into gear to dispel this and associate it with me.

I didn’t do any of the research. The numbers are not mine. They are The Federalist’s. They’re the ones. I simply amplified it. But the Clinton people think that if they disabuse The Federalist, nobody knows who The Federalist is. That’s not an automatic, so they have to attach my name to it, and all I did was read what they published on their own website.

I’ve since communicated with Sean Davis about this, who’s confirmed everything to me, as well as — and this has been reported at Power Line and other places — but “PontiFact” or whatever it is, it’s a fact check group for charities and other things, admitted to Sean Davis that his analysis of 15% of the money going to charities was right on the money, but he wouldn’t say so publicly. But privately he had no choice but to confirm what The Federalist came up with. So, obviously, this has done damage. Obviously this news is still hurting the Crime Family Foundation. Lanny Davis, even this morning, is out there making all this stuff up and attributing it to me. And he actually had more to say about it after that little bit.

DAVIS: The Clinton Foundation is unusual in that it takes in money, and it does the project itself. Mr. Schweizer uses the number only 10% were given at grants to other charities. That’s the way most foundations work. The Clinton Foundation is hands on, literally hands and knees planting seeds and staffing African and international projects. Anybody from this point on who hears 10% or 15% that goes to Clinton Foundation, that is false, and the person who’s saying it needs to check “PontiFact” and Fox News, and if they repeat it, then it becomes a lie.

RUSH: Lanny, it does not, because whoever you’re citing at “PontiFact” — I wish I could remember the guy’s name — confirmed to Sean Davis at The Federalist the original source for all this, Lanny, not me, that the stuff is true. Now, I don’t know who got quivers over at Fox about this, but this is how they do. There’s Lanny Davis on C-SPAN shouting: If you hear Clinton Family Foundation 10, 15%, it’s a lie, don’t believe it, it’s a lie.

This is how they do things. They’re on their hands and knees planting seeds. You see that? Planting seeds, staffing African and international projects? So, anyway, there’s that, but the Charity Navigator has also been analyzing the work of the Clinton Foundation and giving them a very, very poor grade. So the story here in New York Magazine is how the foundation is working behind the scenes to try to change the charity group’s here assessment of what they’re doing. So clearly it’s not all transparent or above the board, and a lot of effort is being made to scrub some of the news about the Clinton Family Foundation that’s not uplifting and inspiring and all the rest of that.


RUSH: Yeah, the guy at “PontiFact” is a guy named Jacobson, and Sean Davis at The Federalist said that Jacobson of “PontiFact” clearly admitted to me via e-mail that my research findings were technically true. Meaning the guy at the fact check organization on the Clinton Foundation admitted that what The Federalist found, that only 15% of the Clinton Foundation money went to charity, was true. The “PontiFact” guy would not admit it publicly, because he kept attributing it to me. Privately to Sean Davis, yeah, yeah, technically you’re right, you got me. But publicly this Jacobson guy was out there defaming me and associating me with what was Federalist.com research. Lanny Davis is now continuing it here on C-SPAN today.

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