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RUSH: Marilyn Mosby. No justice, no peace. Marilyn Mosby was on stage as a featured guest of rock ‘n’ roll super crooner, the artist formerly known and again known as Prince. Prince went in there and had a concert for Freddie Gray in Baltimore over the weekend and actually put a couch up on the stage and Marilyn Mosby and her husband Nick were special guests and watched the concert from the stage on the couch.

And people said, “Wait just in time. Conflict of interest.” And of course the Mosby crew, “What do you mean conflict of interest? They went to a concert.” Well, yeah, but the guy, the concert obviously is against the cops, Prince, he’s got a politically oriented concert going on and you’re a featured guest sitting up there on stage watching? Yeah, it’s a conflict. And it is. This woman is not doing herself any favors.

We don’t know how corrupt the judicial system that’s gonna be involved in this is, either. I know it’s a tragic thing to say, to even think that, but we don’t. All I can tell you is that things that used to be automatic in terms of disqualifying a person or a conflict of interest or relegating damage to someone’s reputation, those things are out the window now. It’s not the way it used to be. So it may be perfectly harmless that she sits up there and expresses her bias and prejudice as a prosecutor. Nobody may care anymore. But in not-so-long-ago days that’s something a prosecutor wouldn’t dare be seen doing for fear of doing damage to his case.


RUSH: Trying it one more time back to Waco, Texas, with Chris, hopefully not on your speakerphone this time.

CALLER: Thanks for having me. I just wanted to make a quick comment and ask a question about the situation in Baltimore and I guess police brutality in general. So I feel like it’s really important to emphasize how race and police brutality have been polarized in the media. So on the left, we have these crazies that automatically assume that the individual killed was innocent. But at the same time, we have a similar narrative on the right — and I would even argue very much on your program, where it’s automatically assumed that the police officer in question is innocent — all before investigations taking place. Would it not be better to wait until that happens before drawing conclusions?

RUSH: Can you find for me an example of my presuming the cops are innocent before I know the details?

CALLER: Well, I would say… I would say the Michael Brown case. Obviously Michael Brown wasn’t a good poster boy for police brutality.

RUSH: Okay, what did I say? What did I say?

CALLER: Um, I — I believe you… As… When the news broke of Michael Brown’s death that you supported Darren Wilson immediately, and that was before any forensic evidence had been examined. And I mean, it’s not just you. It’s everybody in the media on the left and right that are automatically making assumptions, it seems.

RUSH: Well I, for one, in the specific case of the Gentle Giant, let me tell you where I come down on this stuff. I do not believe the media. My faith investment was not with the cops. My expertise and my intelligence guide me to doubt what I hear from the media, which is leftist, which is biased, and is nothing more than (particularly in a case like the Gentle Giant or Baltimore) is simply the Democrat Party agenda.

I know it when I see it, and that is what I automatically reject. My natural predisposition is to not believe the media. I also do not believe Al Sharpton, and I do not initially believe the Reverend Jackson. I know that there are examples of both. There are bad cops, and there are black criminals. There are also innocent cops and innocent black individuals who encounter the cops, left and right. The same situation happened in New York with Eric Garner.

It turns out almost every time — Chris, old buddy, old pal — that the initial reports, coupled with cable news guest analysis, is always wrong in these police shooting details. How about the two cops that were shot in Mississippi? I haven’t even talked about that, Chris. This is the first I have even mentioned that. The two cops shot in Mississippi, the media isn’t talking about them, either. You know why? Because the shooters are black. It does not advance the Democrat Party agenda.

You have two dead cops in Mississippi; one of them’s black. We have no sympathy for them. We have no Drive-By news media stories on out-of-control people in the community. But you can’t cite specifics of what you said at all. You come up with a narrative that makes you feel good, because you’re placing yourself above everybody else. Everybody else is knee-jerk reactionary where you are Mr. Reasonable.

“There’s bias on both sides,” you say. “The blacks assume the cops are always guilty, and the right wing,” notice you never said left wing, “think the cops are always innocent, according to people on the right wing.” Experience guided by intelligence has shown recent examples. Take your pick. What we were told about St. Louis? It was 180-degrees-out-of-phase wrong.

What we were told about Eric Garner on the streets of in New York City, It was 180 degrees wrong. We still don’t know about Baltimore. But we can make some pretty educated guesses using, once again, intelligence guided by experience and digesting what we’ve seen so far. We know full well what’s going on in Baltimore. But nobody has proclaimed innocence, just like I haven’t told what I think’s gonna happen to Tom Brady ’cause I don’t know, and I’m not gonna act like I do!

I haven’t the foggiest idea what the league is gonna do to Brady, and I won’t be surprised no matter what happens, because I can see no suspension or six to eight games. And I can see the logic in doing both. But when it comes to the Gentle Giant and when if comes to “hands up, don’t shoot,” real, real damage was done to this country and our culture and continues to be because of lie after lie after lie. And that happens to be closer to the truth of what happens in every one of these instances than the opposite.

So you put it all in the hopper and you wait, but everybody has, oh, a bit of prejudice in these things. By that I mean nobody’s totally objective because everybody has an interest in the outcome. Everybody wants it to be a certain way! But just because you don’t get your way doesn’t mean you lie about it, except they do, Chris! They do! I never once called the Gentle Giant a criminal on this program before I saw the video of him holding up the store! In fact, that was a huge day on this program.

‘Cause up ’til then, I was frustrated ’cause I didn’t really know what had happened ’cause I don’t believe the media. In stories like this, I automatically reject it. But it doesn’t mean I know what did happen. I know the guests media is gonna get are also lying to me, whether intentionally or accidentally because of their own prejudice. I know the media is doing most of the damage in these stories. The media is making them 30,000 times bigger than they are, and lying about.

There is not an innocent young black man shot routinely and regularly in this country. You wouldn’t know it watching the media today. It happens every day as far as they’re concerned. I have no interest in lying about things ’cause it doesn’t do anything for me. This program is not advanced. I don’t get anything out of lying. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It would be quite harmful to me and this program and everything else associated with it if that’s what we did here. But we don’t. There’s no purpose. There’s nothing good that comes of it.

There’s no reason for it. And it’s blanket assessments like yours that do not help, because you’re lumping everybody into one of two camps, and both camps you are assigning prejudice and bias, impatience, and a cavalier status toward facts. And most people are not that way. A story like St. Louis happens, most people will have a theory of what happened based on a number of factors, their own experience, their own thoughts on the media, what have you.

But most people wait to find out what really happened before nailing themselves to any particular point of view on it. The left doesn’t. The left creates what they want the outcome to be, whether it’s true or not. “Hands up, don’t shoot” is still being taught in classrooms as what happened in Ferguson. That’s why so many misinformed African-Americans still think that he was gunned down in cold blood, when he wasn’t. And what’s bad about that is a general trustworthy institution, the grand jury, has been rendered corrupt in people’s minds, when it isn’t.

Every other institution in this country is being chipped away at, inch by inch, little by little, by the American left because all these institutions are standing in the way of their agenda. That’s what I know. That’s what I’m suspicious of. I know liberals lie. I know they’re boiling with rage as a natural state of mind each and every day. I know that events like this are opportunities to them. They’re not really that upset by ’em. They’re opportunities. Rahm Emanuel: Can’t let a crisis go to waste. They don’t care about the Gentle Giant. They want you to think they do.


RUSH: Okay. So let’s review very quickly, shall we? We’ve got Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a couple of officers shot by young African-Americans, and nothing. No big deal in the media. No Department of Justice investigation. No concern for the cops. No news. Doesn’t fit the agenda. Doesn’t fit the agenda of cops shooting innocent minorities.

What we were told about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman story was totally wrong. What we were told about the Virginia rape case, Rolling Stone magazine, amplified in other media, not only dead wrong, it never happened! It was totally made up, just like the Duke lacrosse story was totally made up. There’s the media believing every word, the faculty at Duke signing on saying the lacrosse team need to be punished and banished from the university.

Everything we’re told about these stories originally is wrong. Everything we heard about the Gentle Giant and Darren Wilson, the situation in Ferguson was wrong. The left gets ahead of the story in order perpetuate their lies. They have willing accomplices in the media that facilitate.
They end up making their lies look like proof, or as Lanny Davis says, “poof.” Then the facts come out, it’s too late. The misinformed, the ill-informed are no longer paying attention, which is how a majority of African-Americans still think the Gentle Giant was running away with his hands up saying “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot” when in fact he was trying to force his way into the cop car and get the cop’s gun.

And, furthermore, we learned just today why the Democrat Party even cares about the Gentle Giant or Trayvon Martin, and that is, they’ve lost another vote. And if you’re saying, “What? What are you talking about?” If you missed the first hour of the program, there is a story in the Washington Post today that wrings hands over the unequal death rate in America, black versus white. It’s not just income inequality anymore, it’s death inequality. There’s a far greater percentage of African-Americans dying than there are whites dying.

The real reason is not even alluded to, abortion. Thirty-seven percent of the 1.3 million abortions every year in America are of African-Americans. And the Washington Post story even alludes to and flat-out references why the concern. They ask, “How many elections have the Democrats lost because their voters have died in unequal percentages?” I kid you not, first hour of the program, Washington Post.

So to the extent that the media and the Democrat Party cares about the Gentle Giant, apparently all that matters is, he’s a lost vote, damn it. And the same with Trayvon Martin. That is why the Democrat Party has an official policy of trying to let felons once again vote and letting people out of jail and opening the borders to open-ended immigration, because their own voters are aborting and dying in unequal numbers.

None of this is anything I came up with. I’m just a conduit. It’s all there in the Washington Post. And, of course, we’re told it’s the Democrat Party that has all the compassion. Yes, the Democrat Party with the big heart, yes. The Democrat Party cares about votes and that’s it. Well, it’s understandable a political party’s interested in votes, but for crying out loud. The front page of the Washington Post to give up something like this, unequal death rates? And of course it goes without saying, the inequality, the inequity in death rates is a direct result of the fact that this country’s so horribly, institutionally racist. You’re supposed to assume that. They don’t dare try to explain it because it’s inexplicable. But you’re supposed to assume it.

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