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RUSH: We got CNN and an incredible piece of journalism. I guess they do that now and then at CNN. Accidental journalism, out of Baltimore. “Baltimore Police Investigation Doesn’t Support Some of Prosecution’s Charges.” This piece undercuts and undermines Marilyn Mosby…

I’ve been watching the news this morning, as I always have these TV monitors on, and now there are people openly worrying if Mosby’s case fails, if Baltimore will burn to the ground.

I literally saw somebody speculate about that possibility. That if Mosby’s case fails against the six cops, if it fails, that Baltimore is gonna burn, and they’re getting worried about it exactly as we knew would happen. You know, the euphoria of the original charges in the announcement, no justice, no peace, and now reality is beginning to settle in.

The defendants are not gonna roll over and play ball and make Marilyn Mosby look like a hero. The defendants are gonna work as hard as they can to get out from under this. People are now beginning to look at all of the irregularities here, and apparently there was a police investigation that shows a lot of different results than what Marilyn Mosby announced. We, of course, will get into that in great detail as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears.

There’s starting to be wild conspiracy theories bandied about, and I want to nuke one of them right now. Mr. Snerdley, tell me if you’ve heard this one. That Marilyn Mosby purposely overcharged the black cops so that they would be exonerated, but properly charged the white cops so that they would be convicted. She’s not that smart. I’m sorry, folks. She isn’t that smart, as are none of the people working with her. They might be that devious. I’m sorry, at some point we have to be realistic here. Marilyn Mosby just isn’t that smart. And, besides, one of the charges, well, the driver, the only one charged with murder is a black guy, so it kind of throws the theory out of the wazoo.


RUSH: Oh, and, by the way, what’s-her-name, Loretta Lynch says that she is considering the request of the Baltimore mayor to go in and totally rework the police department. Yeah. Grab sound bite 21.

This is Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing on the Department of Justice budget request and the new attorney general, Loretta Lynch, testified, said this. You know, the mayor there, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, asked the DOJ to come in and fix the police department, and this was her response.

LYNCH: We’re currently in the process of considering the request from city officials and community and police leaders for an investigation into whether the Baltimore city police department engaged in a pattern or practice of civil rights violations. And I intend to have a decision in the coming days.

RUSH: Really? Really? It’s still up in the air whether you’re going? Ha. Ha. Bunch of saps here. What, can we expect in the next couple of days: “We have decided to turn down the request of the mayor in Baltimore and we are not going to determine whether or not the city of Baltimore police department engaged in a pattern of civil rights violation.” Not gonna do that. I mean, it’s not like they’re going into an all-white police department.

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