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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton has come along and here’s the story on this. This is Chris Stirewalt at Fox News: “Hillary Flips for Amnesty.” Yeah, this is kind of odd. It says here, “Hillary Clinton is looking to unload some more baggage from her campaign van today. The presumptive Democratic nominee campaigns in Nevada where her campaign told several news outlets that she will embrace ‘a full and equal path to citizenship’ for illegal immigrants.” Now, the reason people are calling this a flip-flop:

“In 2008, Clinton wasn’t even a supporter of the mainstream Democratic position of allowing illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses.” As a result, she was not even close to supporting amnesty. See, back in 2008… It’s not that long ago. In 2008 it was okay to be opposed to amnesty. You know, the American people had, just the year before in 2007, stopped it. Bush had tried it once again, and the Republican leadership in Congress and the people of this country just robustly defeated it.

They were just blanketing Washington with faxes and e-mails and phone calls. You remember that. In 2007, the House of Representatives, Republican House, broke from Bush for the first time on this. The Bush administration had been shooting for amnesty on two or three different occasions, and the House Republicans were right in there because… I mean, it’s the rules of the day: Republican House, Republican president, you do not go against your president.

Whatever he wants, you help him; you get it done. But in 2007, all of that went out the window because Bush’s term in office was expiring, and the House of Representatives made a huge break. I will never forget, it was incredible in 2007, and the American people banded together to defeat amnesty for the second or third time, and it was just overwhelming. With that fresh in her mind, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t get anywhere near supporting amnesty as she sought the Democrat nomination in 2008.

She wouldn’t even support the concept of a full and equal path to driver’s licenses in 2008. Well, 2008 is six/seven years ago now, and times are different. She perceives the body politic and the Democrat Party to be different, and now she’s done a flip-flop and she full-blown all the way amnesty. “Stephen Dinan points out that Clinton isnÂ’t just reversing herself, but the tough immigration policies put forward by her husband.”

People forget because there was so much else going on. Bill Clinton had some of the… How would you phrase it? He had some of the toughest anti-illegal immigration laws on the books. Essentially, he enforced the law. Clinton was known for it. But, as I say, there was so much else going on during Clinton’s presidency that that never did really hit the radar. But it has been noted now that Mrs. Clinton has broken with her husband on two things. He gave us the 100,000 new cops.

It was Bill Clinton who told us that for crime to be reduced and for the streets to be made safe, we needed more cops. We needed federally sponsored cops. We need federally paid for cops. He proudly sang the praises of his 100,000 cops program.” Well, Hillary’s blown that to smithereens by joining the Democrat chorus saying the problem in the cities is slavery, Jim Crow laws, and racist cops. Now, according to the news, she is splitting with her husband on immigration.

I don’t know. The idea that Hillary’s flip-flopping on this… If people expect that to hurt her, I think it’s time to wake up. It’s not even gonna be seen as “a flip-flop.” The people voting for Hillary, as we noted yesterday, are voting for her because she has a vagina. We had the story yesterday. Remember that? That famous female infobabe said, “I’m voting with my vagina,” which led me picture that and how that happens. But, anyway, it’s strictly sexual gender-related identity politics.

Now, the people supporting Hillary Clinton, she could say anything and do anything other than join the Republicans on something, and it won’t matter. She’s not gonna be accused of hypocrisy. She’s not gonna be accused of flip-flopping. We can amuse ourselves all day long noting these inconsistencies with Mrs. Clinton, but I think she’s the most boring, most cheated-on woman in America.

I don’t get what’s compelling about her at all. I don’t get what’s interesting. I don’t see her as competent. I don’t see anything her supporters do. I’m just telling you that any notion that Hillary’s flip-flop on amnesty is gonna hurt her? Get over it. There’s nothing like that that’s gonna hurt her. It’s gonna help her with the Democrat base, which she may end up needing, depending on who else in that party actually gets going.

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