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RUSH: Try this. “Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan wants you to eat more insects. Why? It’s better for the environment and your health, he argues. ‘Keeping meat consumption to levels recommended by health authorities would lower emissions and reduce heart disease, cancer, and other diseases,’ Annan told The Guardian Sunday.

“‘And of course there are alternative sources of protein. For example, raising insects as an animal protein source,’ Annan said. ‘Insects have a very good conversion rate from feed to meat! They make up part of the diet of two billion people and are commonly eaten in many parts of the world.’ ‘Eating insects is good for the environment and balanced diets,’ Annan said.” You think I’m making this up?

This is the former head honcho at the UN, who is suggesting — again under terms of equality and fairness, egalitarianism, with the added benefits of helping prevent climate change and global warming — eat insects for your protein. What is it with these people? Seriously. What is it with these people? You have Michelle Obama. She serves scraps of inedible food to school kids, supposedly for their health.

And now here comes fellow traveler Kofi Annan asking us to eat bugs, to feed bugs to our children because it’s healthful and will help save the planet. Wasn’t it just last week or the week before that we heard from the Food and Drug Administration that the Obama administration wants to encourage people to continue to eat food beyond the expiration date, because we’re wasting way too much food? “This food is perfectly find beyond the expiration date, so go ahead and eat it!

“Especially if it’s in a can. How could it possibly go bad. Expiration dates are arbitrarily too short. So go ahead!” So what do we have after six years of Barack Hussein O? We discovered that some on the left would have us use one square of toilet paper — which is what’s-her-face, Sheryl Crow — eat out-of-date food, substitute insects for meat and protein, hate the police who protect us from criminals, give up our doctors, give up our once-affordable health insurance,p ay higher taxes, grant amnesty to 15 or 20 million illegals.

What am I forgetting?

There’s a long list of things that this current Regime is attempting to force upon this country under the premise of what? Transforming it? Making it greater?



RUSH: Here’s John in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Great to have you, and hello.

CALLER: Hello, sir. It’s good to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Well, thank you, sir. You know, talking about Kofi Annan just gave me a thought. I really thought that this is a great point that we can use on our liberal friends. Being that any of these [people] that want to say that they’re all out for saving our world, they will have to eat insects. And if they don’t, they’ll be exposed for a fraud.

RUSH: Wait, now. Run that by me again. This is a way…? You want to try to persuade liberals of something by repeating what Kofi Annan said to them?

CALLER: Well, I don’t figure that I can persuade the people that really believe that they’re liberals, and love the planet and buy their electric cars and all that stuff. But it’s a great way to expose them as a fraud. I don’t see all of my friends that are liberals going out and eating insects, and if they’re out really wanting to save the world, then they won’t eat insects.

RUSH: You know what they would say? Here’s the thing — and I realize the temptation. You hear a story like this… It happens to me, too. You hear a story like this that you think, “A-ha! Finally one of these idiots has overstepped it, and now I can help demonstrate to my liberal buddies just how stupid what they think is, just how crazy what they believe is.” So the next time I run into my liberal buddies, I say, “Did you hear what Kofi Annan said?”

And they’ll say, “Who’s Kofi Annan?” ‘Cause they’re liberals.

And you will say, “‘Who’s Kofi Annan?’ Why, he’s a former Secretary-General United Nations! He used to run the world at the UN.”

And they’ll go, “Oh, the UN? Wow, cool. No, what did he say?”

“He said the best thing that you could do to stop climate change would be to eat insects.”

Well, your liberal buddy is gonna think you’re lying, or that you have misunderstood, or that you are misstating what he said. They will not believe it. They will think that you’re lying to them or trying to entrap them. Even if they go on to learn that you’ve told them the truth, they will not permit what they believe to be discredited by you by virtue of some extremist little news item you’ve brought to their attention.

They will come back at you and say, “Well, if you look what he said, he said it’s one of the things that we could do, and he pointed out that poor people have to eat insects. It doesn’t mean you have to eat insects to save the planet. You can. But there are other things that you can do to save the planet — and I do. I drive a hybrid! I make sure that I don’t take a shower for any longer than 90 seconds.”

They’ll come back at you with all of the great things they do to save the planet, and then they’ll turn it around on you, and accuse you of not doing anything because you don’t care. I don’t think you can shame these people. They have to come to these conclusions themselves. And even if what you tell ’em changes their mind, they’re never gonna give you the satisfaction of knowing that you did it. They’re not gonna say, “Wow, is that right? Man, he’s an idiot!”

But I found most of them rigidly positioned, unalterably positioned, rooted in their belief system because their belief system is not really what they believe. Their belief system has been constructed as a way of shielding them from what really is. Most liberals want to live in a fantasy world of a potential utopia that’s just around the corner, and they construct these little cocoons in which they live.

And if you come along and poke a hole in it, you are not enlightening them; you are threatening them, and they respond in kind. They’re not rooted in reality. I mean, who could be…? Who in the world could actually think that it’s a good idea, for example, to ban moms and dads reading to their kids at night because it’s not fair they can while others can’t? What must you be? What must you think?

How must you think if you believe something like that’s a good idea? That’s why I say, “Look, the ultimate objective here,” and it’s getting harder and harder every day, “is not to bring ’em into the fold.” That isn’t gonna happen. What has to happen is, they have to be defeated. They have to remain the minority they are, and that’s proving problematic because we don’t have a political party right now that wants to push back against much of this.

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