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RUSH: You remember… Grab sound bite number seven. Yesterday on this program we played audio sound bites of Bill Clinton trying to explain away that he hadn’t sold influence to his foundation, and he’s talked to Hillary, and (impression), “You know, I talked to Hillary about that and I asked her, ‘Have you had people that have given me money come to you saying to you that they want something back for it?’ And Hillary said, ‘No, not a single time, not ever.'”

He had that little media event and he said (impression), “Hey, you know, I’ve gotta pay the bills! Yes, I’m gonna keep doing my $500,000 speeches. Somebody’s gotta pay the bills around here. That’s up to me. It’s my responsibility. I’m the man in the relationship — most of the time — and I gotta do it. So I’m gonna keep doing it. Yeah, I haven’t taken any capital gains! I mean, we take 10% here, 10% there. Yeah, there are different rules for us and them, and I’m trying to make sure everybody knows that.”

So the Drive-Bys are not happy with this. They’re not happy for the impact it might have on Hillary — whose poll numbers, by the way, continue to plummet. Her likability and favorability are down. The Drive-Bys are getting concerned here, ’cause her numbers are really heading for the sewer now. I just saw something that just came out just moments ago and haven’t had a chance to look into it in detail.

But we have here a montage of the Drive-Bys unhappy with Clinton’s performance yesterday. They are Gloria Borger at CNN, Michelle Bernard at the Bernard Center for Women, David Cantonese at US News and World Reports, Jeff Zeleny at Fox News, Brit Hume, Daniel Halper, Mark Halperin, Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington), John King at CNN… There are a whole bunch of them here. This is the interview that Clinton did with Cynthia McFadden, and listen to their reaction.

BORGER: Bill Clinton was a little testy in it, a little bit cranky.

BERNARD: The president looked so defensive in this interview with Cynthia McFadden.

CANTONESE: He didn’t have the best answer.

ZELENY: The tone of his voice made clear this is a very raw subject for him.

HUME: Hey, he’s gotta “pay the bills.” This from a man worth in the neighborhood of $140 million.

HALPER: It’s very shocking that the spouse of the candidate would be the first to give the interview.

HALPERIN: That interview, I don’t believe, advanced Hillary Clinton’s chances.

MITCHELL: Republican candidates are pouncing!

RALSTON: It’s more than, I think, what Bill Clinton said. It’s not just a perception problem. It’s a reality problem.

KING: “I gotta pay our bills”? I understand they weren’t rich when they left the White House, but “I gotta pay our bills”?

RUSH: Yeah. They’re having big trouble with Clinton. (impression) “Somebody’s gotta pay the bills here.” Anyway, the bloom may be off the rose here. I don’t know. The polling data for Mrs. Clinton continues to plummet. I’m not gonna go out a limb and say that… Well, actually, I just read…? Oh, I can’t remember who said this. Somebody — I think it’s a journalist or some commentator — thinks Hillary’s gonna drop out it’s getting so bad. Now, I gotta remember where I saw that. It was sometime during the program today during the commercial break, and I’m hustling and bustling around. I don’t remember who it was.


RUSH: It was Boone Pickens, and I was reading the audio sound bite roster. It’s Boone Pickens that thinks Hillary will drop out of the race. This was yesterday on the Yahoo website, the Yahoo Finance editor in chief Andy Sewer — sorry — Serwer — spoke with T. Boone Pickens about the presidential race, and he said, “You’ve always voted Republican, Boone. You’re not gonna change in 2016?”

PICKENS: If I was gonna change, who are my choices on the Democrat side? I don’t think Hillary Clinton’s gonna be a candidate. I think she’ll pull out of the deal. She’s got too much to explain, scrubbing the server like she did. She may have been subpoenaed to produce some of that information on her computer, and now she’s scrubbed it off. Her timing may be very bad.

RUSH: Now, you have to excuse old Boone for thinking stuff like that matters in 2016. Back in Boone’s day, stuff like this got you in trouble, start scrubbing your server when law enforcement and other regulatory bodies want to see what you’ve done. You’ve been secretary of state, you’re conducting business on a private server, and nobody knows what you’re doing. And then they want to see it, and you scrub it after giving them half the e-mails on it, saying that they do not need to see what else was there ’cause there was nothing to it, it was about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding.

In Boone’s day, you do something like that, and you’re history. Authorities come in, you’re discredited with the public, don’t want any part of it. But in 2016 all you have to do is say: “I did that in order to keep the Republicans from learning some things they would use to harm the country.” If Hillary can say, “Look, I understand it looks bad, but I couldn’t allow the Republicans to see this.” There’s gonna be some people in the low-information voter crowd, the Democrat side, say, “A-ha, that’s acceptable. That’s understandable.”

Now, I hope Boone’s right. I mean, he ought to be, the way things were in his day ought still be that way. What she’s done here is certainly disqualifying, not to mention all this chicanery going on with their stupid foundation and all these just outsized, irregular donations of hundred million dollars to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation when she’s secretary of state, and on the come to be president? So, you know, I can relate. I’ve thought she’s never gonna be elected. I’ve told you over the years I don’t think she’s gonna run, and I’ve always been wrong. So we shall see.

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