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RUSH: President Clinton. I’ll tell you what’s happening, folks. As predicted, news stories are scaring off access-buyers. These news stories about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation are starting to have a negative impact on donors. They’re having trouble rustling up new donors. Existing donors are starting to get nervous and might soon start asking for refunds, because the scam has been exposed. It isn’t about charity. Everybody…

Oh. Speaking of that, I have to tell you about a guy named Sean Davis and I’ll do so in greater detail in a moment. I want to set the table here. Last week or the week before I happened to come across a report at TheFederalist.com, which had done an exhaustive and detailed analysis of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. It was The Federalist who discovered and then reported that 15% of all the money raised by the Family Foundation actually goes to charities.

Fifteen percent!

Another report later found that it’s 10% in some cases. In other words, 85-90% of the money donated does not go to charitable endeavors or anything related to charitable endeavors; 60% goes to other expenses, not including travel and entertainment and lodging. All those have their own categories. It’s 60% “other” expenses. Salaries and so forth. So I quoted this and I credited the information as coming from The Federalist.

Well, then the Democrat National Committee — using people disguised as fact-checkers — gets into gear. PunditFact. Two fact-check organizations got into gear and attempted to say that I made the claim that 15% of all money donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation actually reaches intended victims get only 15%. They attempted to attribute it to me and then the usual happened.

They went out and they started blabbing about how, “Well, it’s Limbaugh! He makes things up. You can’t trust Limbaugh. He just makes things up. He tells lies. He doesn’t tell the truth.” At which point, the head honcho of TheFederalist.com, Sean Davis, got in gear. He got in touch with the people at these fact-check organizations, who admitted to him that his analysis was right. They admitted to him privately that his analysis was right.

And then he had the guts to go public with all of this and further expose these fact-check organizations as nothing other than Democrat Party front groups. And even after all this the fact-check groups continued to attribute the information to me, because they were doing two things with it. Obviously, they’re gonna try to discredit it within their base, discredit it within Democrat voters. Since I said it, it can’t be right. Since I said it, it has to be a lie.

And then the second phase, no doubt, would have included fundraising off of it. Send out fundraising letters to eager Democrat donors pointing out that Limbaugh “is once again lying about our beloved Bill and Hillary by claiming only 15% of the money goes to charity,” when I had claimed nothing. I simply reported what was in The Federalist. Well, Sean Davis stood up and got in their face and caused them to back down.

See, what was gonna happen here — had I not mentioned it, had Drudge not put the results of this on his page — is they would have ignored it. They would have figured that nobody would have seen whatever TheFederalist.com website was saying. But since I came along and amplified it and Drudge came along and amplified it, that meant they had to get into gear and refute it. So that’s just one element of what’s going on with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. The other is that the donors are getting nervous.

Access-buyers, people that want to bribe the Clintons are starting to get scared because the scam has been exposed. It’s not about charity. It’s about personal enrichment by selling future access, granting favors from a sitting secretary of state for exorbitant sums of money. And the capper is that all of this is done under the guise of selflessness. “Oh, yes, the Clintons don’t care about themselves!

They just love people, and they just want the best for the hurricane victims and the earthquake victims and you name it.” But now the donors are getting the same scrutiny that cockroaches get when you look under your sink in the dead of night. They are scattering for cover, and that’s bad news for the Clintons, and so Bill Clinton has surfaced to denounce deliberate attempts to take down his foundation.

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