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RUSH: We’ve got the latest news out of Baltimore. You know, on Friday, I told everybody — and it was not hard — I told everybody that Marilyn Mosby, just look out, because by the time the Sunday shows come around we’ve got a new liberal hero, a new Democrat Party hero. She’s just gonna own it. And that prediction, while easy, has nevertheless come true.

I remember when we parsed her press conference on Friday, when she announced the charges, and there was nothing of jurisprudence about it. It was a total political statement, a total political announcement. The politicization of the criminal justice system. And the left is applauding it. They are all for it. So we need to review this. I mean, she talked about the cause. There is no cause that she can align herself with as a state attorney, other than the cause of justice. But she clearly aligned herself with the cause of the rioters and the protestors in Baltimore.

According to reports, the final tally for the Baltimore riots is that over 200 businesses were destroyed, and it’s justified, you see. Oh, yes. The rioters were totally justified. The looters are totally justified, as Bob Schieffer said on Face the Nation yesterday. It’s all because of slavery. Oh, yeah, we still have a long way to go. We’re still making amends for slavery. And somebody came along and said we need a Marshall Plan for the inner city.

The Marshall Plan for the inner city? We’ve been doing a Marshall Plan for the inner city, including Baltimore, since 1964. It’s called the War on Poverty. Total cost, $22 trillion. We’ve been doing the Marshall Plan. It hasn’t worked, as you well know. The people who live in these recipient locations are angrier and unhappier than before the War on Poverty began. Most of them are unemployed. It’s why they’ve got the time on their hands to engage in the kind of looting and rioting and public protest that they do. You don’t see people with jobs doing this kind of thing, even minorities. You just don’t see it.

That’s not to say that jobs are the answer, but it’s not a bad thing for people to engage in. But if you want to say jobs are the answer, lack of jobs, then ask yourself who’s been running these locales. Baltimore’s had a total — there’s two numbers floating around today. One is $130 million has been pumped into Baltimore recently for the usual things, job creation, job training centers, you name it. Martin O’Malley, the former mayor, former governor: It’s a drop in the bucket.

Okay, how about a total of $1.8 billion? That’s how much of the stimulus package that Baltimore got, $1.8 billion out of the 790, $800 billion stimulus that Obama authorized in 2009. Baltimore got $1.8 billion. Where did it go? What happened to it? Well, we know where it went. It went to union people. It went to teachers, any number of things, like it did most everywhere else, part of the Democrat Party money-laundering scheme. And the Republicans have authorized it. To say that the Republicans, like Obama did, are anti-inner city is a frail attempt to blame them, can’t be said, given the numbers. Two hundred businesses destroyed.

It seems that those heroic gang members from the Crips, the Bloods, and the Black Guerrilla Family stood guard and protected black-owned businesses and steered the rioters to Indian- and Hispanic-owned businesses while guarding black-owned ones. I kid you not. I saw that the news last week. Yep. They directed the looters. They pointed them in the direction of businesses mostly owned by Asians and non-Muslim Arabs.

And we continue to be told the real problem in Baltimore and other cities like it is lack of jobs in the inner city and the prevalence-of-drugs. So what do Obama and Hillary want to do? They want to give work permits to the 20 million illegal aliens in our country, and they want to decriminalize drugs and free everybody currently incarcerated on drug charges. Am I missing something here?

How are either of those plans gonna help the inner cities?

I’ll give you an idea of how fast Marilyn Mosby moved, to give you an indication that the charges against these six cops are not the result of an exhaustive investigation. She got the report from an internal police department investigation on Thursday of last week — Thursday night, Thursday evening. She got the results of the autopsy on Friday morning, and within hours she announced the charges against the six cops. That swift.

Less than 24 hours after receiving an internal police department investigation result and the autopsy report, she mobilized with all those charges. And I’m sure you’ve heard Dershowitz and a number of others say, “This is outrageous. This is not gonna hold up. She’s overcharged.” Dershowitz said something that I thought was the case, too, particularly after I heard that old codger that CNN found on the street after her announcement last Friday. He said he didn’t believe it.

He said (summarized), “All these charges? I’ll believe this when I see this in court. There’s no way all these charges are gonna stick. I can’t believe this. There’s no way. They’re just trying to stop us from rioting.” Which is the point that Dershowitz from Harvard — Alan Dershowitz — also made. Details coming up. Now, the charges against the six officers were announced 12 days after the death of Freddie Gray. In Ferguson, the Gentle Giant died on August 9th, 2014.

A grand jury worked until November 24th before deciding to return no indictment. That’s August, September, October. Three months. A hundred and eight days. The grand jury in the Staten Island case involving Eric Garner took even longer. Eric Garner died on July 17th, 2014. The grand jury did not rule against indicting the police officer until December 3rd, 2014. That’s 140 days. But Ms. Mosby can decide on charges within a couple of hours without even consulting a grand jury.

Numerous leftist pundits were asked, “Are you a little troubled that this is obviously political more than judicial?” “No, I’m actually not bothered by that. It’s exactly what is needed. Everything is against these people on a political basis and, therefore, I’m not at all uncomfortable that the prosecutor has turned this into a political cause.” Numerous liberal pundits have said so. My friends, do not doubt me.

If you want to understand these people, you have to realize everything is political to them. Everything. There is a political explanation. There’s a political answer to everything, every question about these people. If you go to the political answer… Whatever your question is about — why they’re doing something, why they’re saying something, what the objective is — it’s always going to be political. And not just a political component; it’s going to be political as regards the agenda of the Democrat Party.


RUSH: I just checked news sources during the break. It looks like some leftist journalists are starting to get a little bit nervous about the case in Baltimore against the six cops. It just happened on CNN. They just pointed out what I just pointed out to you. That, my gosh, this prosecutor got that autopsy report awful fast from the medical examiner. Those things take weeks, sometimes months, and she got it in hours. It seems like it’s a little hasty. They’ve got some lawyer explaining, “Yeah, this is a little fast. The autopsy can be done in four hours, but the rest of this, it takes a long time.”

The grand jury investigations for the Gentle Giant and Eric Garner, three plus months in each case. And with Marilyn Mosby she did it here in a couple of hours, less than 24 hours, and they’re starting to get worried. I’m gonna tell you what they have really done here. If this case is thrown out — and there’s one troubling aspect here. The left has its tentacles everywhere, and as I read people like Dershowitz, I mean, he’s absolutely right, don’t misunderstand. But when Dershowitz talks about the legal system and the law and judges, he is confident that the haste and the lack of evidence and the overcharging, all this quite naturally could be thrown out or severely reduced. And in order to think that you have to believe that the legal system has not been corrupted. And who believes that?

I mean, the left has corrupted everything. The legal system does not stand alone as something untouched by Democrat Party liberal corruption. It has been certainly. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk that local authorities in Baltimore could go along with this just like the state attorney did. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, if Dershowitz is right, however, and if the legal system is untainted and looks at this strictly on the basis of evidence and the law, then these charges either get thrown out or severely reduced. The bottom line is this. You go back to Ferguson, the left lied to all those people. “Hands up, don’t shoot,” Gentle Giant minding his own business, murdered in cold blood, shot in the back by a racist white cop, not true. Not a word of that’s true. Look at how many of them don’t know that or don’t believe that.

To this day, citizens in Ferguson, probably all over the country, think that the grand jury lied, that the prosecutor lied, the state attorney, DA, everybody involved lied, all because of racism. This is what they’ve been conditioned to believe. This is what they’ve been led to believe. This is how they are raised believing. There’s no evidence to support the lie, and yet people still do. And when the grand jury indictments came down, there was more rioting. Or when they didn’t come down, when there were no indictments, when the Gentle Giant was not found to have been murdered, and the cop was not found to have killed him in cold blood, and in fact was justified, the town was on edge again.

The out of town rent-a-mob came in and tried to raise hell. You think the same thing isn’t gonna happen in Baltimore? I mean the prosecutor goes out there, starts speaking as a member of the protest group, who happens to be the DA, the SA, she goes out and makes herself out to be one of them, she starts talking the language of the cause (paraphrasing), “No justice, no peace,” “I’ve heard your call,” “I’m gonna do what I’m doing to satisfy you.” The law, to hell with the law. “I’m gonna do what I do for justice,” even if it isn’t justice as defined by the legal system. “I’m gonna give you what you want.” That’s what they heard. “I’m gonna give you what you want. Just back off and give me time. Don’t riot anymore, back off and give me time. I’m gonna give you what you want.”

Well, she can’t make that promise ’cause the case now goes to court. At some point it will. Then anything can happen has Dershowitz says. What happens if there are no convictions or convictions to much lesser charges or if the case is thrown out? Do you think Baltimore is not gonna be a powder keg all over again? And who’s gonna be responsible for it? That’s right, civic leaders in Baltimore who have pretty much promised the agitators there that at the end of this they’re gonna get what they want, if they even know what that is.

But the point is now, I just wanted to reference that it’s becoming obvious that some in the media, after a weekend, to get real after their knee-jerk reaction of happiness and delight and thrills over the fact that the DA, the state’s attorney, is invested in the cause rather than the legal system. Now they’ve had time to cool off and they’re looking at it, and they’re reading other people’s opinions, and they’re starting to get worried that the case is weak.

Now, if what I see here is actually the case, then they’re gonna do one of two things. They’re gonna try to distance themselves from the outcome. Or they are going to double down and help the SA move her case with strategically applied media pressure to judges, anybody that might be involved in this case. It won’t take long for us to find out which way they’re going to go.


RUSH: Another quick question: Any city that experiences riots and has been predominantly governed by a single political party, perhaps that party should be disqualified from participating in short- and long-term solutions. What do you think of that? Let me run that by you again. I have a reason for this. Any city that experiences riots and has been predominantly governed by a single political party for years — decades, in fact — that party should be disqualified from participating in short- and long-term solutions.

Why do I pose this question?

Because I remember President Obama on January 20th of this year. In explaining why he’s doing his deal with Iran and why he’s transforming America, he said, “When what you’re doing hasn’t worked for 50 years, it’s time to try something new.” Well, as I see it, the way the Democrats have been trying to run Baltimore and Detroit and you name it, anything else they run for the last 50 years, is an absolute disaster.

Maybe it’s time to try something new, and that would mean disqualifying those who have made the mess. I know, it’s a rhetorical question. But to me, it makes perfect sense, and I’m simply following the guidance of our esteemed president. “When what you’re doing hasn’t worked for 50 years, it’s time to try something new.” It sounds to me like that would be applicable to the situation in Baltimore.

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