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RUSH: We could do a whole show on Hillary today if we wanted to. How about just four headlines? “GOP Accused of Quiet Attack on Hillary’s Age.” Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh. Yes, isn’t it a beautiful thing? “Magazine: She May Not Even Survive the Primary.” This is Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard, and basically a piece on how she’s absolutely horrible at everything she does, and yet she wins.

She not qualified, she’s incompetent, she can’t speak publicly.

Her policies are indecipherable.

She literally can’t do anything well, and yet she wins.

But his point is she may not even survive the primary. And then there’s another headline: “Socialist Snapping at Her Heels.” That would be Bernie Sanders. And there are numerous stories about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation raking in millions in taxpayer dollars, and further review indicates that it’s not just 15% of money donated to the foundation that has been given to charity; it’s only 10%. Ninety percent of what was donated went to salaries, expenses, condoms, hotels, you name it.

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