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RUSH: There is a front-page story on the Washington Post today. Let me repeat this. A front-page story on the Washington Post, and it looks like the Freddie Gray story is gonna go the same way as the Gentle Giant’s. The original Gentle Giant story was this: “The Gentle Giant was walking around town on a beautiful Saturday and he stopped into a convenience store to pick up some things that he wanted.

“He left the convenience store with a friend, and he was very excited, the Gentle Giant was, about his upcoming first year at college! Yes, he was looking forward to higher education, looking forward to life as a college man. Even though this was in the late winter and early spring, we were told the Gentle Giant was eagerly anticipating the start of the college year in August and September.

“Just feeling good. Walking down the middle of the street. “And a cop came up and accosted the Gentle Giant! He asked him what he was doing in the middle of the street. This little Gentle Giant said, ‘I’m thinking about my first days of college.’ The white cop said, ‘Screw that,’ and shot him. But before he shot him, the Gentle Giant put his hands up and surrendered, ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot.’ The cop fired anyway. Cold-blooded murder!” That was the story.

What really happened was this: The Gentle Giant muscled his way into a convenience store and stole some Swisher Sweets and shoved the proprietor out of the way when the proprietor tried to stop him. The reason he stole the Swisher Sweets was he wanted to roll some marijuana inside them, make some blunts out of them. And he was walking down the street not thinking about going to college, but rather heading on the way to roll his blunts. The cop driving around got a call about the convenience store robbery, got an ID on the suspect, driving around

He sees the Gentle Giant in the middle of the street. They’ve been having a problem people in the middle of the street in Ferguson. The cop stops him, says, “Please get off the sidewalk. You’re not supposed to walk there.” The Gentle Giant got aggressive and ultimately attacked the police officer, tried to get his gun, followed him into the car, and the police officer waited and waited, finally as a last move got the gun and shot, Gentle Giant died. That was what really happened.

To this day there are activists in the civil rights community who are still lying to people about “hands up, don’t shoot.” The entire fabricated story is still considered to be what really happened, in the clueless and used civil rights coalition community in the country. I knew when this happened, I knew this “hands up, don’t shoot…” When those Rams players came out during player introductions, “hands up, don’t shoot,” when this kept being repeated, I knew that this was going to have bad ramifications all over the country.

Lo and behold, the Freddie Gray story appears to be shaping up as just the same kind of bogus narrative, the Washington Post tells us.


RUSH: A minor nitpick correction. The Gentle Giant incident was it is not in March. I was getting that confused with the kids flooding the Southern border from Central America. That’s what was going on in. The Gentle Giant incident was in August of last year, and of course the grand jury conducted hours, days testimony. It was conclusively established what happened. Witnesses who were lying were clearly exposed. There is no ambiguity. There is no other side. There is no other version.

The Gentle Giant did not put his hands up, he did not try to surrender, he was not shot in the back, he was not shot in cold blood — and most people involved, after having heard the evidence, said they would have fired sooner than the cop did. Okay, now we move forward to Freddie Gray. The story is that Freddie Gray, an innocent young man of 24/25, was enjoying himself on a delightful weekend afternoon in Baltimore like he does every afternoon.

And the cops came up and accosted him in a very rude and mean way and threw him violently into a solid metal cage in the back of one of their paddy wagons, and in the process, 80% of Freddie Gray’s spinal cord was severed, and he was screaming in outrageous pain, and the cops couldn’t have cared less. They did nothing to help poor Freddie. In fact, after putting Freddie in this metal cage inside the paddy wagon, they stopped and pick up a couple other vagrants on the way to the hospital.

And they didn’t care about Freddie.

And because they didn’t care, Freddie passed away. We have since come to learn the front page of the Washington Post today that Freddie has a rap sheet as long as both of his arms, that he probably wasn’t able to read. He hadn’t gone to much school. He was a career criminal for whom the cops were constantly on the lookout, and a prisoner inside the… By the way, it was not “a metal cage,” either. It was just a standard, ordinary prisoner van like every other prisoner van in every other police department in the country.

There wasn’t anything special about it. Another prisoner in the van — this is in the Washington Post — said that Freddie Gray was throwing himself around in there, that Freddie Gray was trying to injure himself. This is what this other prisoner said he thought was going on in there. Now the city of Baltimore says that they are going to delay the report on what actually happened to Freddie Gray. But the facts on the ground, as we have them now, might not support the claim that Mr. Gray died because of police brutality.

This was the automatic conclusion, the automatic assumption just as it was with the case of the Gentle Giant’s. Done on purpose to inflame a community, to cause riots, to cause unrest, to further this idea that white cops mistreat black men constantly, daily, every day, all the time, no end to it. Because that’s part of the political agenda. Well, this would explain a lot of things. It would explain why the details of his injury have not been released.

It would explain why they are now not even going to be released to the public on Friday as was originally planned, because the authorities have to give space to those who want to destroy. Space and time. If you had conclusive evidence that the police didn’t do anything to Freddie Gray, why wouldn’t you release that? Why wouldn’t you withhold that? Why would you withhold it and fuel suspicions and the premonitions and the prejudice of an already rioting community?

Can somebody explain this to me?

Well, it’s as Obama has said: If Americans don’t see the any rioting, if Americans don’t see any looting, if the American people don’t see anything burning on their TV, they might not realize that billions of more tax dollars are needed on welfare benefits. (I mean, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s essentially what Obama said. That’s the gist of what he was saying.) If we don’t have this stuff on TV, the public isn’t gonna realize how bad it is, and if they don’t realize how bad it is, they’re not gonna realize how much more money is needed and federal control is needed.

So just like the case of Ferguson, where the facts of the case were known from the first autopsy, the facts of the Freddie Gray case have to be suppressed for as long as possible in order for the Obama administration and the rest of the professional radical left to squeeze everything they can out of this incident. And make no mistake, that’s what’s going on here. Remember Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They’ve got a built-in manufactured crisis here, and they want to milk it.

They want to extract every benefit — yes, benefit — from this that they can. They want to squeeze everything out of this incident, and it may not even been an incident. But you cannot let a crisis go to waste, even if it is made up. Remember the Baltimore police commissioner Anthony Batts said a couple of days ago that Freddie Gray was being violent in the van. Police had to stop to put leg restraints on him. He was being violent. The police admitted this.

That would indicate, first, that he didn’t have a spinal injury, and two that he was thrashing himself around. For some reason the media has ignored all of this.


RUSH: You know you look at Freddie Gray’s rap sheet, and it’s long. Freddie Gray has been arrested literally dozens of times, and there’s an interesting way to look at that. Look at how many times the police did not kill Freddie Gray. I mean, this rap sheet, it’s amazing for somebody 24 years of age. A number of times the cops could have really damaged him, but they didn’t for some reason. So why now?

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