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RUSH: Here’s Pam in Cincinnati. Glad you called, Pam. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. Hi, Rush. What a privilege to talk with you. I so appreciate all that you do.

RUSH: Well, thank you.

CALLER: You’re a historian, and I love your point about the repeating of history within the riots. My point was about the repeating of history. I’m old enough that I lived the history in the past with the Clintons, and recently they have this issue that whenever they need funds for their campaign or their foundation they go to friends. And recently Bill Clinton went to his friend in Canada. He made arrangements for the uranium to be sold to Russia, who we know funds Iran with uranium to build a nuclear weapon.

I remember back when the smokescreen of the Lewinsky thing was going on, which the press had their full attention on. Behind the scenes Bill Clinton needed funding for his second presidential run (sic), and what he did was he went to a friend who had a company that made ballistic missiles and he made arrangements for them behind the scenes — without government approval — to sell these ballistic missiles to China. Months later I read in the Wall Street Journal that China in turn sold ballistic missiles to both North Korea and Iran. So we can thank him for —

RUSH: Wait, wait a minute, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You left out a biggie.


RUSH: He also had a big donor who was —

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: — expert in missile guidance systems. The missiles that we gave the ChiComs, they couldn’t get into orbit. They didn’t have advanced scientists capable of getting those rockets into orbit. We put this company under the Commerce Department, which Ron Brown ran, and he allowed this company, a big Clinton donor — (interruption) Loral Space is Bernie Schwartz, to sell the gyroscopic technology for missile guidance to the ChiComs as well as the missiles. You are exactly right. So your theory is that this is nothing new and nothing is really gonna happen to Clintons with this. They’re gonna survive it no matter what?

CALLER: And look what we’ve done to Iran. We’ve not only given them ballistic missiles to aim at the United States and Israel, but now we’re supplying them with uranium directly through Russia, to Iran, to build the warheads to put on those missiles.

RUSH: Right. But what does it have to do with Hillary’s problem?

CALLER: Well, we can thank them. They both had a hand in doing things for Iran and got funded for it.

RUSH: Okay. Look, it might be my hearing. I thought you were calling to explain how the Clintons get out of trouble.

CALLER: Well, they did. There was a smoke screen at the time when that occurred that the Lewinsky scandal was going on, and nobody brought up the point of Bill Clinton selling weapons to a communist country, which was a treasonous offense for a president to do with no permission of the government.

RUSH: No, we did. No, no, no, we did. We talked about all of this. It didn’t matter to anybody. You know about it. We spent a lot of time detailing all of these things the Clinton administration did, the finagling. It was a big thing to move the regulatory process for Loral Space over to commerce. It used to be, because they were in missiles, the defense department. The State Department ran decisions like that and Clinton moved it over to commerce ’cause he had a crony over there, Ron Brown, who was in arrears to Clinton politically.

He owed Clinton quite a bit. Sadly, he died in a plane crash in Bosnia. That’s right. Yeah, fog. Fog. The plane flew into a mountain in the fog. And then that led to the Ron Brown memorial, where Clinton was spotted laughing going in. And then he saw the camera, and in less than a full step, immediately started bawling while the guy next to him kept laughing at the joke.

The difference this time, however, is that back during all of those events, the press was the primary cover-up agency. The press worked to hide those things, to cover them up, to write about them as no big deal. Now with Hillary and this stuff, you mentioned the Canadian situation with uranium. By the way, that is far more detailed than even I knew, until I dug deep in it this morning. One of those guys is the guy that donated a hundred million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and the reason Clinton greased the skids — this guy is in Canada. His name is Giustra, Frank Giustra, and he didn’t have any international contacts at all.

He was in the uranium mining business, relatively new at it, and Kazakhstan has one-fifth of the world’s uranium supply, and this guy wanted the rights to it, but he had no entree. He had an MD-80, Douglas MD, American Airlines used to fly them, Delta. It’s not a jumbo jet, but it’s much bigger than a corporate jet. He flew Clinton over there. Clinton greased the skids with the president of Kazakhstan to get Frank Giustra basically the rights to this uranium. And in return there was a hundred million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation, in addition to another one that was $31 million dollars.

All of this stuff is being uncovered by the media, and it’s being reported on by the media. In fact, there’s a story from — I forgot where I found this, and I don’t think it printed the link. It usually doesn’t. “In the press, panic over Hillary’s self-destruction is growing.”

This is a review of numerous stories in the media over the Clinton trouble and how it’s growing. And Ron Fournier has unburdened himself again with stress over what the Clintons are doing and how he doesn’t think they can survive it. So it is a little different than it was when Clinton was president out there.


RUSH: This Canadian story is by Mollie Hemingway, and it’s at The Federalist, and it prints out to five or six pages. It’s about this Frank Giustra guy and how he was enabled by Bill Clinton to secure all of this uranium in this Canadian company that ended up being sold to Putin, is the point, to the Russians, which then guarantees that some of the uranium is gonna end up with Iran. The Clintons are out selling access for this to their foundation and so forth. And the stories here just keep coming, and they’ll eventually surface once this Baltimore thing subsides, and we will be right there when that happens.


RUSH: Let’s see here, 181 Clinton Foundation donors lobbied the State Department when Hillary was secretary of state, 181 foundation donors lobbied Hillary.

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