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RUSH: I actually got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Kansas who said, “Look, screw all the rest of this stuff. The most important thing is your review of your Apple Watch.”

No, it’s not. That’s not the most important thing. I’ll be glad to give you my thoughts on the Apple watch, but they don’t differ much from what I thought it was gonna be. I mean, anything you can do on the phone you can do on the watch. Or, the other way around, anything you can do on the watch you can do on the phone because the watch is, for the most part, 99% slave. The watch will keep time by itself. The watch will do alarms and timers and all that by itself, and it will connect to a Wi-Fi network that it knows by itself. Other than that you need your phone for it.

It came in handy Saturday exactly as I thought. I played golf at a place that doesn’t allow cell phones so I stuck my phone in a golf bag in a compartment nobody would ever go into and I wore the watch and I got some messages and notifications that I would have missed during my round otherwise. Thankfully none of them were emergencies, but that’s exactly how I thought it would come in handy. It’s pretty cool. I mean, there’s no question it’s cool, but I’m just gonna tell you it’s exactly as I thought. If I’ve got my phone here and I’ve got my watch and something happens, I’m gonna use the phone.

I’ll tell you one thing where the watch is better. Siri. I am convinced, and there’s been a couple of news stories about the new back end that Apple’s used. They’re on the third iteration of Siri it turns out, software wise. I’m telling you the dictation on this watch is flawless. It has yet to make a mistake since I set it up and paired it Friday afternoon. It has yet to make an input mistake. It has translated everything I’ve said 100 percent correctly.

I’m convinced that it’s a different Siri and of course it has to be good because there’s no other input. You can’t type on it. The only way you can communicate to it is to dictate. In the messages app there are some stock things. You can click on the word “thank you.” You can click on “thanks,” “I can’t talk now,” and send that, but you can’t create anything other than with your voice.


RUSH: So I checked the e-mail during the break, “You didn’t tell us about the battery life of the watch!” It’s not a problem, folks, at least in my usage. And I spent quite a bit of time on Friday playing with it, using it much more than anybody will use it during normal course of events after you have it and get the playing with it out of your system. This watch for me is going to get anywhere from 16 to 20 hours on a charge. It isn’t gonna be a hassle. But even if it were, I’d just plug in the second watch, and use it while the first watch is charging. But that hasn’t been a problem. In fact, the battery life is stupendous. If that’s something that’s got you concerned, don’t let it be.

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