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RUSH: You want to know how bad it is economically? Try this. This is from the Washington Examiner: “The Agriculture Department has determined that 36 pounds of food per person is wasted every month, about 21% of the available food in the United States.” So now the Regime is coming after average, ordinary Americans as wasteful, uncaring, slothful, slobs. (You know who you are.)

So, “36 pounds of food per person is wasted every month, about 21% of the available food in the United States. And one big reason,” the Regime’s Agriculture Department says that “those expiration dates are wrong or overly cautious.” So they have a “solution. Hold your nose and just eat it. Even if it is 18 months past the expiration date.” I am not making this up. As a way of combating what they claim is profligate waste on the part of a bunch of spoiled-rotten Americans, you need to start eating food that is even 18 months past its expiration date.

Because these expiration dates are wrong anyway. They have no basis in reality or fact, that food is still good. This could also be titled, “Managing the Decline, Chapter 5.” Here we have our caring Nanny State wanting all of us to start eating stale food. Obama’s Agriculture Department thinks that flavor and texture and freshness and the nutritional value of food is vastly overrated, as exhibited by expiration dates.

We are to be no different now than cows and horses eating months-old bales of hay. That’s right, my friends. “The masses” should join everywhere else in the world and start eating antique food as a tribute to the efficiency of the state. With so much food be wasted, what’s the answer? Eat spoiled food! Eat food that has survived long beyond the expiration date. Now, I can imagine some of you might think, “Rush, wait a minute.

“Before you go to town on this, they might have a point. There’s a lot of stuff out there the expiration date could be totally wrong. Rush, have you not opened a bag of potato chips long after the expiration date and it tasted fine?” Yeah, have to admit that I have. “Rush, haven’t you prepared a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese long past the expiration date and it tasted fine?” I don’t know about that. “Come on, Rush, haven’t you given your dog or your cat food long beyond the expiration date on the can?”

Absolutely not. That stuff’s rotten to begin with. Now, you might think, “You know, the expiration dates are a little aggressive, and the food does last longer than the date.” But wait, folks, because what’s next? There’s always a “What’s next?” If this is the way the Regime wants to combat what they think is food waste… By the way, that whole notion there, you and me and everybody else are eating more than our share and wasting it?

In itself, it’s a great illustration of the contempt these people have for what they consider to be average, ordinary Americans. You just don’t know how to live your life. You’re wasting all this food, while there’s starving in Biafra, while they’re starving in Darfur, who knows wherever, and you’re wasting it all — and we’re wasting a bunch of water trying to produce food to replace that which doesn’t need to be replaced because the expiration dates are wrong.

So let’s just start taking the quality of everything down. What’s next? How about medicine, folks? How about next the Regime starts calculating the amount of medicine that’s wasted. Oh, yeah. You know how expensive this is, because Big Pharma is just a bunch of rapists! Big Pharma, they overcharge. They don’t care about people getting sick, and they don’t care about people getting well. Big Pharma is like tobacco, they’re out there (this is what the left says) killing their customers, which is actually what they believe.

So the next thing that would happen, “Hey, take this expired medicine. We’ve run tests. Does doesn’t matter what the expiration date that your pharmacist put on that label is. It’s fine. Go ahead and take it.” So a bunch of maniacal control freaks… Then you look at the food that ends up on a school lunch tray sponsored by Michelle Obama, and you find out why so much food is wasted. They’re serving absolute rotten junk, all in the name of health.

So eating old and tasteless food now will become a sign of loyalty to the Regime, a sign of maybe even patriotism. They’re gonna ration health care, and they’re gonna ration medicine, and one of the ways you’re gonna do it is using the expiration date. And there are gonna be death panels. You’ll be told how long you can shower. In California that’s already beginning to happen. Power companies will soon control everybody’s thermostats, on the orders of the Regime, because everybody’s wasting everything, you see.

You’re just a bunch of selfish, profligate wasters, and people who know better have to come in and take control. Where’d this whole notion of we’re wasting food start anyway? Maybe with Jeremiah Wright talking about all the food cruise ships throw overboard could feed Haiti for a year or whatever it was he said. All of this is happening, all of this is being talked about, all of this has as its root Earth Day, which is today.


RUSH: The funny thing about top-down, authoritarian command-and-control economies is that they just don’t work.

Free markets decide what works and what’s best, and Obama’s electric car promises were as valid as his Obamacare promises. They were as empty and as meaningless. Obamacare far more damaging because you just can’t opt out of Obamacare like you can opt out of your electric car or your hybrid. But both were based on the same thing ill-conceived ideology pitched by Hillary Clinton when she says she’s gonna topple the 1%.

“We’re gonna take down all the signs of a good life. We’re gonna take down all the trappings of success. We’re going to obliterate the outward indications of prosperity. That’s not fair. When everybody doesn’t have it, it’s offensive, it is irritating, and it’s dispiriting, and we’re gonna get rid of it. The only people who are gonna have anything are gonna be your Dear Leaders, and you’re not gonna be able to do or say a thing about it.”

These people do not think like us, and they do not share our values. They don’t know what’s good for anyone else any more than they know what’s good for themselves. They’re just a bunch of power hungry, micromanaging creeps, when you get right down to it, who really don’t know what they think they know. That is the real truth. Now we’ve gotta eat stale food as a sign of patriotism, a sign of good citizenship. Next will be stale medicine, because the Regime is going to demand efficiency and fealty.

You had better do what they say.


RUSH: Here is Steve somewhere in Indiana. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: You changed my life. About five years ago, I started listening to you. I actually voted for Obama the first time, and then my eyes were opened. But, anyway, earlier you were talking about how people throw away food.

RUSH: Well, let me restate that, because that’s a good point. The government is claiming that the average American wastes 21 pounds of food a year or some such thing, and not necessary because expiration dates are wrong. So the government is going to start encouraging people to ignore expiration dates and just keep eating stuff. Don’t throw it away.

CALLER: Right. Well, I’ve been a trashman for going on 20 years, and I’ve picked up several different towns, very large towns, and I noticed that when you go into what I would say is a low-rent district, that —

RUSH: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Let me help here. That’s another phrase that would be better. You don’t say it that way. You went to an “economically challenged” district.


RUSH: Low-rent area, that’s unnecessarily judgmental and is quite unhelpful. So you visited an “economically challenged locale,” let’s say. That’s where you went.

CALLER: Okay. Well, on those days I noticed on those routes that there was a lot of food being thrown away.

RUSH: Wait. In the low-rent district they were throwing a lot of food away?

CALLER: Quite a bit of food, yes, and then you would go to a neighborhood that wasn’t as economically challenged —

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: — and there wasn’t that kind of waste going on.

RUSH: Wow. What do you think? What does that say?

CALLER: Well, I’m assuming that if you have to work for your money to pay for the food, you’re not gonna throw it away.

RUSH: Ah. Yes. Yes. The old saw about appreciating it.

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: So you think that explains it, that people that work for their money have greater appreciation for it. How about the possibility that if they’re working for it, they don’t spend as much, and they don’t buy that much more than they need in the first place?

CALLER: Well, I’m sure that has a lot to do with it also.

RUSH: Could be. Could be. It’s an interesting observation. We, of course, here on the EIB Network are drawing no conclusions, ladies and gentlemen. It’s just interesting data points, that this 20-year-old trash hauler has observed, that in the low-rent areas that he visits there certainly is more thrown-away food than in the, shall we say, less economically deprived areas. And for that we can each draw our own conclusions. (interruption) Yeah. On the other side of the glass they’re saying, “Tiptoe, Rush. Tiptoe! Go real slow here.”

I’ve gotten nowhere near it.

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