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RUSH: Did you see where Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has an op-ed in the New York Times? I kid you not. The Iranian foreign minister is considered an ally by the New York Times op-ed page. You see, ladies and gentlemen, there is so much controversy over the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama’s putting together that the New York Times — hoping to facilitate things for Obama — offers op-ed space to the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif.

When you skim this thing, it looks like a regular editorial from the New York Times editors. Just like when old Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used to say rotten things about America, it sounded exactly like your average Democrat on the campaign trail. Well, I’m not kidding you. This op-ed by the Iranian foreign minister reads like it was a standard New York Times editorial, and it’s incredible. They’ve given space to this guy as an ally to help promote the deal.

Naturally, the enemies are Republicans and anybody else who opposes Iran getting nuclear weapons, and the good guys are any and all people on the side of Iran getting nuclear weapons. Now, are you ready for this? Because speaking of Iran, Eli Lake, who is now at Bloomberg News… He used to be over there at the Daily Beast back when Tina Brown ran the place. But he’s now over at Bloomberg.

Eli Lake is a Clintonista, and Democrat… Well, he’s shown Democrat leanings in foreign policy, and he is reporting at Bloomberg News. I’ve seen this at the Huffing and Puffington Post today. In fact, I’ve seen this a number of places today. Bloomberg News via Eli Lake is reporting that Barack Obama has known that Benjamin Netanyahu was right all along when he claimed that Iran could make a bomb in two or three months instead of the year that Obama has been claiming.

Now, of course Obama was just saying that about it taking a year for domestic consumption. This is a huge admission. Netanyahu comes to the United States, makes a speech criticizing the existing Iranian deal as he understands it before a joint session of Congress, and he’s routinely lambasted by the Democrats and by the Drive-By Media. One of the things he claimed was that Iran is within months of a bomb.

They have more centrifuges than anybody knows that they have, and they are continuing to use them, and they’re ramping up. They’re not years away. They’re not 10 years away, they’re not 13 years away, they are months away from being able to make a bomb. And Eli Lake at Bloomberg is reporting that Obama has known that all along. Apparently Obama’s known all along that Netanyahu and the rest of the experts were right about Iran only being a couple of months away from a bomb.

But the Regime only officially admitted it in a report a couple of weeks ago. By the way, it’s not “he said versus he said.” The Regime’s now admitted it. The Huffing and Puffington Post, one of their subsidiaries did a fact check on Netanyahu’s speech. As an aside, it is one of the absolutely worst pieces of writing. Whether it’s journalism or opinion or whatever, it is an absolute mess. You can’t…

I read through it in five minutes, and I had to consult other sources to find out what they were saying. But they did a fact check, and the bottom line is that Netanyahu did not lie. They started out hoping to prove that Netanyahu was full of it and was lying through his teeth in the joint session, and they found the opposite. Among the things that they fact checked and found to be true — and now the Regime is even admitting it!

Iran’s only months away from enough enriched uranium (because of all the centrifuges they have) to make a nuclear bomb. Again, Obama has known all along that Netanyahu and the rest of the experts were right. They only officially admitted it in a report a couple of weeks ago, and they’re only really admitting it because they think it’ll help them sell the deal to Congress. This is why they’ve explained this. Now, all of a sudden, the idea of Iran getting a nuke in three-months, that’s bad.

Ho-ho-ho-ho! Last week, last month, Iran getting a nuke in a year, Iran getting a nuke in ten years, Iran getting a nuke in 13 years, why, that was wonderful! That was great foreign policy. That was great diplomacy. That was the brilliance of John Kerry. The sanctions had worked. They had brought Iran to its knees. They had retarded their own progress toward a nuclear bomb because of the pressure exerted by our brilliant young president, Barack Obama.

Now we find out — and that’s why everybody need to ratify the deal. The Senate needs to go along with the Corker bill. Get it, get out of the way, what have you. It’s a great deal! We ought to get it done because we are now in charge. You know the deal, Obama says, means we can inspect it. We can stop ’em. We can do this. They promise that they’ll stay a year away from making a bomb. That’s what Obama said.

Now the Regime has admitted that they’re only two to three months away, and now they’re using that to pressure everybody else into agreeing with Obama on the deal because now apparently Iran getting a nuke in three months, why, that’s not good. This is 1984-esque. This is Kafkaesque. This is Rod Serling extraordinaire. The common sense thing has long been abandoned, and that is Iran doesn’t get nukes.

Every elected official in this country has staked a claim to that, including Obama, until the day of reckoning where now we don’t have any businesses telling them they can’t have a nuke. “Who are we? What if somebody told us we couldn’t have a nuke? We don’t have the authority, moral or otherwise. We don’t have the right to tell the Iranians whether they can have a nuke or not when everybody knows the Israelis do.”

That’s our new foreign policy. “We don’t have any moral authority, ’cause we’re not the good guys. We’re not the bad guys. We’re just another bunch of guys. We have a country, they have a country, other guys have a country, a couple of women have a country, the snakes over there have a country. We’re all in it together, but none of us are the good guys. We’re either all the good guys or we’re all the bad guys.

“But there isn’t anybody exceptional. There isn’t anybody that stands a cut above. There’s nobody with moral authority over the rest of the world. Nope, nope, nope! Especially not us.” So now the fact that the Regime is admitting that Iran is only months away from weaponizing a nuclear bomb is being used to forge agreement in the United States with Obama. Now we need Obama, you see? Now we need the deal.

That two to three months, we need to slow that down. We need the old deal that Obama negotiated which said they were gonna stay a year away for the next 10 years and maybe by end of 13 years they’ll be the fully ramped up and go nuke, but now that it’s months… I mean, this is just insulting. So they are now doing this, and they think it’ll help them sell the deal to Congress. Think about this. I made this point yesterday.

Obama has been saying for years now — he said it again on Sunday — that climate change is the biggest threat facing the planet; all the while he knew that Iran is just a couple of months away from a nuclear bomb.


RUSH: Okay, let’s go to the White House press briefing. Josh Earnest conducting. Major Garrett… Remember, we had the news today — Eli Lake reporting at Bloomberg News — that Netanyahu was right, and Obama knew it at the time. Iran is only months away from getting a nuclear weapon. They said Netanyahu was laying, making it up, didn’t know what he was talking about. They knew at the time that Netanyahu was right. So Josh Earnest is asked about this today.

Major Garrett says, “The suggestion of the story was the president knew it was two or three months two years ago, and said it was a year instead of the months in order to quiet and calm concerns, and now the president’s being more candid because in the context of political framework he wants to intensify concern.” So now he’s saying, he’s asking admitting that the Iranians could get a nuke in two to three months when he’s known that for two years.

He’s just now saying it to intensify people so that they will agree with him and give him a deal. “Do you deny, on the president’s behalf, any attempt to mislead or to manipulate understanding of what Iran’s actual capability was?” This is an important question. Obama’s lied about this and everybody working for him has lied about it for two years. So Major Garrett is saying, “Do you deny, on the president’s behalf, any attempt to mislead or manipulate the understanding of what Iran’s actual capability was these past two years?”

EARNEST: I feel, uh, confident in conveying to you without having seen the story that the president, I think, throughout this process of engaging in a diplomatic effort to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon has sought to use intelligence assessments to the best of his ability to give people an accurate understanding of the threat that Iran poses. And there are obviously limitations, uh, in terms of how detailed the president or anybody else can be. The president, uh, all along, uh, has worked to help the United States people and our allies to understand, uh, exactly what this threat is so that we can design the best mechanism for addressing that threat.

RUSH: Right. Okay. That’s just flat-out BS, okay? Obama knew two years ago that Iran is months away. He lied to everybody, and then lied about what was in the deal, claiming the deal made Iran pledge to stay a year away for 13 years. Netanyahu is saying, “No, no, no, no. This deal, as it is, they’re gonna have ramped up in two to three months. They can get there whenever they want. Within three months they can get a nuke.” So Major Garrett asks, “Did you guys shield this? You’ve known this all along?”

Earnest didn’t deny it.

He does not deny this.

He basically said, “You gotta trust Obama that he was doing what he thought was best. He was doing exactly what he thought was best. (stammering) He was using intelligence assessments to the best of his ability.” Right. Those didn’t count during the Iraq war, remember? Yeah, Bush wasn’t allowed to rely on the intelligence assessments on weapons of mass destruction because “Bush lied, people died.”

Yeah, but now we come to it and Obama is safe and secure behind his intelligence assessments, and he wanted to give people accurate understanding of the threat that Iran poses, and there are limits on what the president can say! There are limits on what the president can announce. (Apparently there are no limits on how often the president can lie, Mr. Earnest.) Look, they’ve been exposed here. But they’re not gonna own up to it, obviously.

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