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RUSH: The example here and, you know, we’ve talked about this before, and that’s the Supreme Court case on subsidies, Obamacare.

The upshot of that is, it could well be, depending on the Supreme Court decision in this case, which is gonna come in June, which is gonna be sooner than some of you get your Apple Watches, that’s how quick it’s coming. I mean, this decision could essentially rip the guts out of Obamacare. The subsidies, if the court finds that the federal government cannot provide subsidies, and the law says they can’t, that only the states can, well, a majority of the states do not have a subsidy program because they did not sign on to Obamacare. That’s why the government moved in to set up their own subsidies at HealthCare.gov. That’s unconstitutional, ’cause it’s not in the law.

If the court finds that that’s actually what happened here, that the government, Obama, broke their own law, that’s without subsidies, this bill can’t survive ’cause people can’t afford the new cost. Hell, they can’t afford it now even with the subsidies, in half the cases. So then, as we head to the break, here’s where we are. Let’s imagine that the court just rips the guts out of Obamacare, but it’s an entitlement now, and it’s been in force for some years, and there are some people getting subsidies that would then lose them.

Does the Republican Party want to be seen as the entity taking all of that away from people? Not the court, not Obama, but the Republican Party. And so there are numerous stories out there today how the party, the Republican Party’s planning its own substitute Obamacare that is Obamacare-lite that will provide, that’ll reinstitute the subsidies that the Supreme Court wipes out. It’s bad, folks.


RUSH: Okay, I’m trying to make the complex understandable. Here it is, in a nutshell. If the Supreme Court functionally repeals Obamacare, it means all of the states where people are getting subsidies from the federal government are gonna have their subsidies eliminated. They will have been declared illegal. That’s a majority of people now getting subsidies who, if the court rules against the Regime, are minus their subsidies.

So the Republicans think that they have got to act immediately to replace them. So the court is gonna rip the guts out of Obamacare, and the Republicans think for their own political future and viability, they’ve gotta reinstitute subsidies of some form or another, rather than take it as an opportunity to repeal the whole bill, which they’ve all said one way or another in a campaign they intended to do.

They are fashioning legislation that would reinstitute subsidies that would get Obama’s vote, not a veto. Here’s Reuters: “Some experts see bipartisan potential in key elements of what Republicans like Hatch, of Utah, and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin, have discussed to date. The refundable tax credits in both their plans would be available to those who pay little or no tax, similar to the Obamacare subsidies for low-income Americans.”

Now, Reuters says, “One difference is that Republicans would allow the tax credits to be used to buy insurance in the private market, an approach they say will help drive down insurance costs and give consumers more options.” Because under Obamacare, the credits can be obtained only from the state or federal online exchange. Orrin Hatch says (summarized), “Hey, it’s not gonna be like Obamacare. In my opinion, it’s not a literal subsidy. It’s a recognition they should have this credit.

“They’re gonna get the money. The money is gonna be wiped out because the bill is gonna…” If the court rules this way. Republicans are… We’ve talked about this, folks. We’ve talked about it. The Republicans lose by winning in many of their minds because they then become the party of blame when people in states getting subsidies from the federal government have them taken away. A chance to totally repeal a law and start over and fix this looks like it might be punted. I’m sorry.

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