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RUSH: This is Pete in Seattle. Great to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting and hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Good to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I have an apology to make. When I first heard you, I was a little aghast at how you were responding to a presidential candidate’s wife, and you were a hundred percent correct and —

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. You’re going back to the nineties, Bill and Hillary?

CALLER: Ninety-two. And that same president’s wife was in Seattle to start her national bus tour, I believe it was 1994.

RUSH: Right, for Hillarycare. That’s exactly right. I remember that bus tour very well.

CALLER: This was the first stop, and she had our two US senators with her, and they had, like, 500 IAM and SEIU members bused in. So it was supposed to be a choreographed event, but it was announced a couple days prior that she was gonna be here. And a fellow that was on your station at the time, Kirby Wilbur, announced that he was going down there. And about 1,500 or 2,000 members of Wilbur’s Warriors showed up, and so these people were outnumbered like three or four to one. The crowd was polite. I mean, the opposition crowd was very polite, but they were tossing out questions that she was —

RUSH: See, this happened at every — now, back then you hated me, right? You didn’t like the way I was treating the wife of the president of the United States. You thought Kirby Wilbur was a great guy, but you’re mad at me?

CALLER: No. It was irrelevant, I thought, what some guy’s wife thinks or is that’s running for office. I was shown how wrong I was.

RUSH: I see. I see. Okay. Well, I remember that bus tour very well, because we sabotaged practically every stop. At every stop we engineered more anti-Hillary health care bodies, people, than Hillary had supporters. There was even one — help me out on this, Mr. Snerdley. I got a vague memory that we even caused them to change the route one day. They had their announced route, everybody knew well in advance what the stops are gonna be, and they, under cover of darkness, changed the route so that they could go to a place that was unannounced.

They announced that they were gonna be there just two or three hours in advance, hoping to at least have one stop where Hillary supporters outnumbered the detractors, and we even sabotaged that. (laughing) Now, I use the word sabotage lightly. We didn’t do anything. We’re just talking about the Hillary health care tour and her bus tour and she’s highlighted this thing, and it was made to look like she is going coast to coast on a bus to demonstrate all of the massive national support for Hillarycare. And it didn’t exist. Hillarycare was not supported by a majority of people, just like Obamacare never was. Hillarycare wasn’t, either.

But they were trying to create the impression that it was with this bus tour with all of these supporters lined up as just average, ordinary people rabidly supporting the idea. We were able to turn out more, just here on the radio, you know, “Hey, Hillary’s coming to Dodge city tomorrow, be great if you could turn out and greet Hillary.” That’s all we had to say. We didn’t have to say turn out and boo, because they were, as Pete said here, they were polite. But you could tell they were frustrated.

What was the name of that bus tour? Anyway, Hillary’s been using plants all her life. She uses plants in the audience of her question-and-answer appearances, she did in 2008 during that campaign. But the bus tour, I will never forget, stop after stop after stop, Hillary and her supporters were vastly outnumbered. It was fun.


RUSH: The name of that bus tour was the Health Security Express, and there were 16 buses. I mean, it was massive. She had her clack. She had the SEIU crowd out there. All these union people were on the bus and they were made to look like just average, ordinary everyday Americans, just like the people in the Chipotle and the coffee shop, wherever she goes now.

She did the same thing in 2008. She had a bus tour — wasn’t nearly as big, didn’t have 16 buses in it. That was called the Middle Class Express in 2008. I hope she does it again here. I hope her campaign lasts long enough for there to be another bus tour. Sixteen big buses. I remember the stop that broke the camel’s back, when they decided to fake the itinerary was somewhere, if my memory serves, in Oklahoma.

The bus tour started in Seattle, Pete was right, started Seattle and winded its way down through Colorado, straight line through the Rockies, over the Rockies, through the Rockies, whatever they did, into Kansas, down to Oklahoma. They were gonna turn up and head up toward New York to wrap the thing up, or maybe Washington, and the wheels came off in Oklahoma. That’s when they had to change the itinerary under cover of darkness, didn’t tell anybody. But of course we had spies. We had secret agents that were reporting. (laughing) We didn’t know they were going to an alternate location ’til they were rolling, but we had plenty of time to alert people before they got there.

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