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RUSH: So I got an e-mail during the break at the top of the hour warning me — you know, I made no bones about the fact, and I’ll tell you again, I am bored silly by Hillary Clinton. I just am bored. It is a recycling of everything that we know already. We’ve lived through it. We’ve been there, done that. It’s a recycling. I’m not jazzed about it.

But that’s what the e-mail was about. “Rush, you better guard against this, because you’re older than you were back in the nineties, and there’s some people who are your age in the nineties now, and they’re not bored by this. This is who the next president’s gonna be, it’s what it’s about, and they don’t know Mrs. Clinton.” It’s obviously a reference to Millennials. “They don’t know Mrs. Clinton the way you do. You are gonna blow it if you act like you’re bored by her.”

And I understand that, believe me, folks. Nobody knows better than I what I must do to attract and hold an audience on this program. Nobody knows better than me. Or better than I. That’s actually what the job is: attracting the largest audience possible and holding it for as long as possible. Nothing in there about getting votes. Now, how I go about doing that, it’s a challenge every day, and it’s gotten tougher.

It’s actually gotten harder. I’m not complaining; I’m just sharing here. I used to be able to prepare this show with four newspapers. If I read four newspapers a day, I knew more than anybody in the audience. Four newspapers today is phoning it in. There is so much to know. There’s so much to learn every day, so much. The information is more plentiful than ever. The sources are more plentiful than ever. And there are infinitely more people with opinions on all of it out there than there were when I started. It’s gotten increasingly difficult to just stay up with it.

What I always fall back on is, I have got to stay dedicated to my desires. If I talk about something because I think I should, it’s gonna sound that way. It’s gonna sound perfunctory and it’s gonna be boring in and of itself. And that’s the danger with this Clinton business. I’m literally bored stiff by it. And, further than that, I think everybody else ought to be, too. The fact that this is the best they got to offer to me is one of the greatest signs we have that we can get control of the White House back.

If this is it, if this is the best thing the Democrats have to offer, these are the guys that gave us the so-called bridge to the twenty-first century, they’re the ones that gave us all this talk about how we need to modernize, get to the future, what are they doing? They’re taking us back 20 years, 25 years. So I’m aware, you do not need to be alarmed that I will somehow blow it by not being up to speed on where Mrs. Clinton is in terms of certain age groups or demographics.

Snerdley says, “What do they want you to do?” I think there’s still people scared to death of her. I can tell you, on our side there are people still scared to death of this woman. They think she’s invincible and unbeatable. They’re living in abject, morbid fear, which is another thing I am not doing, and, frankly, don’t understand and never have. I understand that it’s out there. But they’re mostly referring to the Millennials, “Hey, Rush, you know, these Millennials, they don’t know Mrs. Clinton. And you’ve made the point yourself, Rush,” the e-mail pointed out, and I have, “they don’t know the Hillary Clinton who was the bimbo eruption team leader.

They don’t know that Hillary Clinton enabled her husband having affairs with other women. They don’t know that Hillary Clinton looked the other way and enabled the whole thing with Monica Lewinsky. They don’t have any idea of that, and these people are sending me notes saying, “You’re gonna have to tell ’em, Rush, you’re gonna have to because the media isn’t. And if you’re bored, are you gonna lose interest in telling people the truth about Hillary?” No. That’s the difference. I’m constitutionally incapable of not telling the truth about people.

But I’m just telling you, the whole concept of Hillary Clinton as a candidate again bores me. Look, this show arguably saved her with Operation Chaos in 2008. Now, it may be a stretch to say we saved her. We certainly prolonged her campaign and saw to it that she was not eliminated in March or April, instead of late into the summer. Operation Chaos. We did that, by the way, to alleviate boredom with the Republican side. McCain had already sown up the Republican nomination, and you talk about a wet noodle, that whole Republican nominee was one dryball after the next. And by March of 2008 the Republican campaign was over, and the conventions weren’t until later in the summer.

The only thing out there was Hillary and Obama. And if Obama swept her out of the way, we’re gonna have both nominees in March, and then what? I had to do something in order to keep the audience entertained, and that was to get them involved in the Democrat primary in states that remained. Ergo, Operation Chaos.

Folks, we don’t do long-term strategic planning here. We never have. We deal with things as they come. I have never been one to have specific long-term goals or objectives because I’ve found them limiting. I’ve found that they narrow the field of opportunity. I’ve had big, long-range overall life goals, but incremental “In ten years I want to be here, in five years I want to be there, in seven years I want to make sure.” We don’t do anything like that. Never have. I never will.

We deal with things as they happen on the spot and in an improvisational way, using intelligence guided by experience with incredible, never-ending preparation. So fear not. Hillary is not gonna get anything past us here just because I’m bored by it. But I can’t hide the fact that I’m bored by it, I’m just telling you. If it makes you worried, then I won’t tell you anymore.

Well, that may be tough. I mean, it’s hilarious, is it not, that the Drive-Bys think Hillary has demonstrated her newness? That’s an admission that she has to, by the way. That’s an admission that she’s an old just stick in the mud. Somebody new was she’d had a burrito? Nobody’d ever seen her eat a burrito. See, Hillary can modernize. That’s newness we’ve never seen that before. And they’re serious.

Speaking of the youths of America, this from the UK Daily Mail: “Iowa Students Preparing for Hillary Clinton’s First ‘Listening’ Session Think She’s ‘A Control Freak’ Who Will Be ‘Talking [Crap],'” only they don’t say crap, and that only wants immigration because the Democrat Party needs voters.

See, this is another thing. Folks, we have been led to believe by the Drive-Bys in the Democrat Party that all Millennials trend to the left, lean to the left. We have been told that young people, Millennials, are idealistic and not yet properly matured and informed and the vast, vast, vast majority of them have no idea who Hillary Clinton really is or who Obama really is, and I have never believed that, either.

“Daily Mail Online spoke to ten students at Kirkwood Community College’s satellite campus in rural Iowa where Hillary Clinton will be Tuesday.” Maybe’s already been there. Don’t know. “One student is among those picked by teachers to question the former secretary of state. He wants her to comment on his suspicion about immigration reform — that Democrats are pushing the policy because they need new loyal voters.”

Now, you know this student’s not hearing this in his class. Well, we don’t know. The odds are this student is not hearing that perspective in his class. In his class he’s hearing quite the opposite, yet he’s got it nailed here, why the Democrats — he knows they need a permanent underclass, and amnesty for millions of illegals is the best way to get a big, permanent underclass almost immediately.

Another student predicted she’s gonna be just BSs them and would put some emotional thing on ’em. “A third said Clinton ‘seems like, kinda like a control freak.’ One more said, ‘I hope people don’t vote for her just because she’s a woman.'” Now, obviously the UK Daily Mail, this is not in the Drive-By Media. Nothing like this has appeared in the United States media, and it won’t. But what the story indicates is that there are already young people where she’s going who understand exactly who she is.

“When Hillary Clinton steps off her road-trip van on Tuesday at a rural Iowa community college, she might not be greeted by cheering throngs. Daily Mail Online spoke to students at Kirkwood Community College’s regional center in Jones County, where the former secretary of state will hold her first low-key campaign event.” It’s another bit of evidence, folks, that not everything is as it appears in the mainstream media and that not everybody is seduced.


RUSH: Well, the e-mails keep pouring in criticizing me and warning me that even if I am bored with Hillary, I shouldn’t tell people. These people claim that they’re loyal listeners, and the thing that I never, ever sound like is I’m bored. That’s the one thing that they say makes me stand out. “If you’re gonna start admitting being bored, I don’t know how I’m gonna deal with it.” That’s exactly what one of them said.

Let me put it a different way and give you some backup for it. And I’m not gonna walk back the “bored.” I’m gonna try to give you more reasons why. The Clintons are not real. Everything is manufactured. Everything is a calculation, and I’ve been there and done that, and I’ve seen it. For 25 years I’ve had to read and be exposed to and report on the machinations of this couple and this pair and I’ve chronicled it all, and to have it surface again, it’s just not an exciting prospect.

There’s also the aspect of, if people don’t get it now after 25 years, are they ever gonna get it, and maybe I need to go about it in a different way. And I’m telling you, the woman bores me. And if she bores me, what do you think Bill feels? Put that in your pipe and smoke it and think of all the relevant possibilities that would explain his behavior.

Now, you remember, let’s go back to Memories Pizza and that whole brouhaha involving the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. Bear with me on this. We had an infobabe TV reporterette from Channel 57 ABC News in South Bend, Indiana, who started knocking on doors looking for a bigoted business owner in order to make a name for herself, pad her resume and maybe get out of South Bend and get out of Channel 57 and hired by a bigger firm, bigger network, bigger station, what have you.

So she goes door-to-door, she starts knocking on doors looking for a bigot that she can then say, “This is why this law is so bad, because look at who it protects, and this state is filled with people like this who want to discriminate against our gay brothers and sisters and their weddings and so forth.” She comes across this little pizza store in a town 20 miles south of South Bend, and she gets hold of a naive family member at this family owned place, pizzeria, who admits, “Well, no, we would not cater a gay wedding.”

That’s all it took, the news went out. Here’s the point, though. Within five minutes of that being reported we were told that thousands of people on Twitter had been outraged and were tweeting and going to Facebook and demanding all kinds of things happen to this business, that it be attacked, that it be put out of business, what have you. The point is, on the surface, the appearance was one news report and this whole country erupted in outrage at this poor little pizzeria, and you were supposed to take away from it that the vast majority of Americans support gay marriage and want to seriously attack people who don’t.

My point to you was that most of that Twitter response was fake and manufactured. And I know for a fact that it is. I know how it’s done. We have been the target of that stuff. We did an investigation. We know in fact in our case, just to repeat this, 10 people represent 80% of the so-called complaint tweets and e-mails that we get, 10 people. We found out who they are. We know where they live, and we know how they’ve done it.

They have an algorithm or two that enables them to mass produce tweets and e-mails that make it look like they’re coming from thousands and thousands of people when it’s really being written by 10. And we found out that the percentage of tweets, like say in the case of this pizzeria, if it’s the same as the movement against us here at the EIB Network, one out of six tweets actually came from Indiana. The rest were from out of state, all over the country, yet they claimed they were never gonna shop there again. They were never gonna buy a pizza there. They were gonna tell their friends not to and so forth. It was designed to scare people.

Now, keep that in mind as I give you the details of the next story, again from the UK Daily Mail. Headline: “More Than Two Million of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Followers are Fake or Never Tweet — and She’s Already Under Fire for ‘Buying’ Fake Facebook Fans.”

She’s paying, as best people have been able to calculate, $38 per Facebook fan. You know likes, dislikes on Facebook? Most people go about generating that genuinely. The Clintons can’t rely on that. They can’t afford for that. They pad it, they fake it, they buy it. “Two different online audit tools say no more than 44 percent of Hillary’s 3.6 million Twitter fans are real people who participate in the platform.”

Fifty-six percent of the people tweeting for Hillary do not even exist, folks. I’m telling you, Twitter is this society’s gutter. It is this society’s sewer where the trolls and the dregs and the human debris of our culture go and lurk in anonymity. A good percentage of them are political activists on the left who don’t have the guts to show up in public and put their real names to anything. And now they’re working for Hillary.

More than two million of her Twitter followers are fake or never tweet, and she’s buying Facebook fans. She’s now fending off accusations that her Facebook page is full of fake likes. “Her Facebook fan base includes more people from Baghdad, Iraq than any US city.” And this is exactly my point. I’ll guarantee you it was the identical thing. If somebody’d done this kind of investigation on what happened to that poor little pizzeria in Indiana you would have found the same thing. You would have found the vast majority of people tweeting and e-mailing and threatening don’t even exist, and most of them by far were not even from Indiana.

We have released the details of our investigation. “We haven’t heard about it.” Because we released it to traditional American media outlets and none of them reported it. Or if they did, they purposely got elements of it wrong and made it look uninteresting and so forth, which we knew was gonna happen. But we wanted to be on record as having gotten it out there. And by the way, we learned this last summer. This is old news, folks. And the reason I didn’t go public with it myself is because there’s no win in doing that. I waited until an event happened where I could bounce off the event say, “By the way, it happens to us, too.” And that’s what Indiana was for me, was an opportunity.

There are so many people here who say, “Rush, you gotta go out, you gotta tell people.” I can’t, it’s not gonna sound good. It’s gonna sound like I’m whining, moaning, complaining, I can’t do it. It’s not gonna change anything, either. Now that we can tell everybody who’s being assaulted by this that it’s fake, that’s all we have to do, which is what we have been doing.

But now all of this is coming to light, and all of this, by the way, the route for all of this fakery on Twitter where it comes to politics, it can be traced back in large measure, not all of it, but most of it to Media Matters for America, which is George Soros money. That’s where this stuff can be traced back.

Now, here’s the text of the story at the UK Daily Mail. “Although Hillary Clinton boasts a robust 3.6 million Twitter followers, not even a vast right-wing conspiracy would be able to interact with 2 million of them. According to two popular online measuring tools, no more than 44 per cent of her Twitter fan base consists of real people who are active in using the social media platform. And at least 15 per cent are completely fake.

“StatusPeople.com, the oldest publicly available Twitter-auditing tool, reports that 44 per cent of the former secretary of state’s followers are ‘good’; 15 per cent are ‘fake’; and 41 per cent are ‘inactive,’ meaning that they never tweet or reply to any tweets.” Their names have been appropriated and are being used in tweets that are going out. They’re being appropriated, as Hillary followers, as Hillary fans, when they’re not, and they don’t even know it’s happening.

Another Twitter website sampled more than 320,000 of Clinton’s followers and found that a large number of them were fake. Four percent of Obama’s Twitter followers by comparison are considered fake. “The White House worked overtime to purge most of them after a September 2013 report found that more than half of his followers didn’t really exist.” And they were. The Democrat Party doesn’t leave anything to chance. Occupy Wall Street is not real. Occupy Wall Street was created and invented to counter the Tea Party, which is real.

The Tea Party sprung up out of nothing. The Tea Party is average, ordinary, everyday Americans fed up and scared by Obama policies. The Tea Party is real. Occupy America was created by Democrat operatives and made to look like a grassroots organization springing up in opposition to the Tea Party in defense of Barack Obama. Fake, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roll, paid for by George Soros. The trick is the media treats them as real and accuses the Tea Party of being the fakers.

So this is another reason to close the loop here. This is nothing new. The Clintons have been engaging in this kind of chicanery for as long as they’ve been on the public scene. I don’t know for sure, maybe there’s a little bit too much hope here on my part, but I think more and more people are becoming aware of this now. I just don’t sense that there’s real enthusiasm for Hillary out there. Do you, Mr. Snerdley? I mean, even on the Democrat side. You can tell when excitement and energy is genuine and real. And this doesn’t feel like it. This feels manufactured.

Look at this story here. And, by the way, real and fake bores me, if I might add. Another Daily Mail, UK Daily. None of this is in the American media, by the way. None of this story on the fake followers on Twitter, you won’t see it, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, you won’t see it at Yahoo News, you won’t see it anywhere on Google. They will bury it. They’ll cover it up. They’ll ignore it. But there’s an organization out there that’s been discovered, Lesbians4Hillary, Lesbians, the number four, Hillary, a PAC headed by Billie Jean King comes out in support of Clintons.

Lesbians4Hillary, “a pro-LGBT Super PAC, launched Lesbians4Hillary on Monday

Group is co-chaired by tennis great Billie Jean King.” Now, see, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2013 and prior, opposed gay marriage and they were as stridently opposed to it as any Republican conservative has been. And then Joe Biden was instructed to go out there and announce. It was made to look like Obama was suckered into it or drawn into it by Biden making a misstatement, but it wasn’t. It was a planned, strategic thing for Biden to go out and change the entire administration view on gay marriage because they were nearing an election.

And so now both Hillary and Obama are pro-gay marriage. Prior to that, for their entire political careers they were anti-gay marriage. Same thing with abortion. Bill Clinton and Al Gore were dead set against abortion when they were state politicians. Clinton was governor and Algore was whatever he was, even in the Senate. They run for president and they realize they gotta change.

Now, the question people need to ask, do you want somebody who believes what they believe or do you want somebody that changes their mind on a dime, sticks their finger in the wind, moistened, to figure out which way the winds are blowing and goes in that direction? Because that’s who we’re talking about here. Fake, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers, even to the point of manufacturing and paying for supporters on Twitter and on Facebook.


RUSH: Here is Victor, Silver Spring, Maryland, great to have you, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: I remember something you said back in the nineties, and I have never forgotten it, and it affects me. Hillary reminds every divorced man of his ex-wife. And that is absolutely true. I cannot stand to hear her voice, because she reminds me of my ex.

RUSH: Yeah, I remember that, Victor. I think I said second ex-wife, but it works either way.

CALLER: It really does.

RUSH: Especially when you hear that screeching, “I am tired of hearing people say that we are not patriotic!” That kind of screeching and caterwauling, exactly right. Every guy has heard it at home.

CALLER: Yeah. That’s what Ms. Mary did all the time, because she was never satisfied.

RUSH: Ms. Mary?

CALLER: Yep, that’s what Tom Marr calls her.

RUSH: Oh. Oh, oh. Okay. Okay. Ms. Mary. Well, nevertheless, that statement does go way back to the nineties, you’re right. I haven’t used that statement in a while. So I’m glad you dredged that up there from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites.

CALLER: Thank you for talking to me today.

RUSH: You bet, Victor. Thank you very much. Yeah, first or second ex-wife right now. I did. I said Hillary Clinton reminds every divorced man of his ex-wife, or second ex-wife, or both, or what have you. Yeah, the feminazis didn’t like that. They hated that line. That line, they said that was a sexist, bigoted, typical thing that would come out of my mouth. They just hated it.

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