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RUSH: Back in December, early December I needed to warn some people about the Millennials, because everybody’s focusing inordinate attention on the Millennials. This is another thing that I have noticed, by the way. I don’t have enough time to give you a full explanation of it right now. I’ll have to do it sometime after the coming break. But what the Millennials think and what they might do I sense is of greater importance to their parents’ and grandparents’ generations than it has ever been.

In previous generations, people in their twenties or thirties were looked at as still children who had a lot of growing up to do, a lot of life experiences yet to have, and give ’em a few years and then what they say will matter, because they will have lived enough to have learned opinions. That’s out the window. Now many people look at the Millennials as gospel. What they think is where we’re headed. What they want is what we better give ’em. What they think the future’s gonna be is what it’s gonna be, and I’m finding this true.

Baby Boomer parents, I can’t tell you the number of ’em I have run into who have changed their opinions on things in life based on what their kids think. And they’re proud to say so. I’ve had some people that I’ve known for 20 years that have been conservative as I was, their kids go away to school, and in two years these friends of mine are run-of-the-mill liberals. It’s not that their kids have actively tried to talk them out of being conservative, it’s just that it happened. That used to not happen, but it’s happening. And something about the Baby Boom generation being unsure of itself and me, me, me, focused and so forth. It’s fascinating. The influence people’s kids are having on them in terms of shaping their own worldview, to me it’s unprecedented, at least in the modern era. But, anyway, this is what I said back on December 5 last year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: When it comes to these Millennials, these ADD, ADHD Millennials, short attention spans, hip deep into pop culture, I don’t think they’re gonna find — I think Hillary Clinton is already one of the least interesting people in public life. She’s awkward; she’s unoriginal; she has the improvisational skills of a parrot. And she’s photogenic on like the 23rd take. I’ll tell you something else. You wait. You wait ’til these Millennials find out how she enabled her husband to sexually whatever, abuse, whatever, all of these women. They weren’t alive when that happened.

They weren’t alive during Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Kathleen Willey, or they weren’t old enough to remember it. Lewinsky and all that, wait ’til they find out. Let me put it to you this way. Today’s Millennials — don’t misquote me on this — if they found out that Obama was running around serially involved in adulterous relationships and Michelle Obama was in charge of ruining the reputations of the women involved, do you think the Millennials would put up with it? Well, wait ’til they find out that Hillary ran the bimbo eruptions. This generation of young people, gay marriage, all of this stuff, fine and dandy, feminism totally runs their show. You wait ’til they find out Hillary’s role in what she did to other women. I’m telling you.

RUSH: They don’t know yet. That’s why it’s gonna be up to the Republican candidates to get that story out. It’s gonna be up to the Republican candidates to tell everybody who doesn’t know who Hillary Clinton is. She’s not the Hillary Clinton of the Obama years. She’s the Hillary Clinton of the Clinton years, and people in the Millennial age-group simply don’t know. They weren’t alive or they weren’t old enough to remember. Proving my point. This is Sunday morning, CNN’s State of the Union, fill-in host Dana Bash speaking with senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar about Clinton running. Question: “Everybody’s talking about how this time they’re gonna see the real Hillary. This time she’s gonna let her personality show, which is why she’s doing these smaller venues, not a big speech, where she’s maybe a little bit more accessible.”

KEILAR: These Millennials —

BASH: Right.

KEILAR: — that are coming of voting age, and I’ve gone to a number of these events where there are young people there, it’s anecdotal, but you talk to them, and they have a completely different perception of Hillary Clinton. They just aren’t at all in touch with the nineties. They don’t have that baggage. So when they think of Hillary Clinton, they know that she was a senator, but they mostly think of her as she was secretary of state.

BASH: Secretary of state.

KEILAR: Yeah, she ran against President Obama, but then they got along, and she’s this kind of huge, larger than life, almost political celebrity.

RUSH: See? See? That’s what the Drive-Bys want to be able to report, that there is no Hillary of the nineties.


RUSH: Here’s the audio of the Saturday Night Live skit on Saturday night. Kate McKinnon does Hillary on this show, and they brought back Darrell Hammond from way back. He did Clinton back in the nineties. They brought him back to play Bill in this skit.

MCKINNON: I am running because I want to be a voice for women everywhere.

HAMMOND: Did someone say “women everywhere”? (cheers and applause) Hillary would make a great president, and I would make an even greater first dude. (laughter)

MCKINNON: Thank you, Bill. That’s nice.

HAMMOND: Hillary, isn’t it crazy that phones can take videos now? I mean, if they could have done that in the nineties, (laughter) I’d be in jail. (laughter)

MCKINNON: Great, Bill. I love jokes about that.

HAMMOND: I get it. This election is about you. I don’t want to hog your limelight. I am leaving. Look at me go. Bye. I’m gone.

MCKINNON: Aren’t we such a fun, approachable dynasty?

RUSH: Yeah. See, there’s the reference in there to the nineties. (imitating Clinton) “If they’d had those camera phones back in nineties, I’d be in jail today, dude.” And that’s true. (laughing) There wouldn’t have been any need for Ken Starr. We wouldn’t have needed Ken Starr whatsoever back then.

Now, Dana Bash, as you know, is a Democrat operative disguised a journalist at CNN. She was just part of the sound bite I played when they were talking about how the Millennials don’t know the first thing about Hillary of the nineties. They really have no idea. After that was finished, this is Dana Bash, CNN, using this imaginary Democrat friend of hers to express what she wishes Hillary would have done.

BASH: You know, I was talking to a Democratic friend of mine who said, “You know what, why not go to Seneca Falls in her adopted home state of New York, the women’s suffragist museum and just, if you’re gonna go in, go all in, especially on sort of the idea that she would be the first female president.

RUSH: Are you kidding me? See, the gender wars and the media was expecting Hillary to go all gender all the time, and she went ordinary, everyday American. And Seneca Falls, really? That’s what you were hoping, that Hillary would troop up in her adopted home state of New York, adopted, and head up to Seneca Falls to the women’s suffrage museum and make her announcement there? I don’t know, folks. It’s all so manufactured, and I know I’m gonna get frustrated ’cause nobody’s gonna see it, the Millennials, until they’re informed, and even beyond that we don’t know, are gonna fall for it.

You remember when Dick Morris, who used to work for the Clintons, wanted them to go on a camping vacation after studying polls? Their vacations were polled. Their wardrobe was polled. Do you remember — you millennials don’t — do you remember right before the Monica Lewinsky announcement was made on the Drudge Report, the Clintons knew it was coming, there was a picture of Bill and Hillary both in their swimsuits — ugly picture — dancing on the beach in a Virgin Island, one of the Virgin Islands. And that’s not a joke. It turns out it was totally staged ’cause they knew the Lewinsky story was about to drop. There wasn’t even any
music. It was a totally staged thing.

Dick Morris actually wrote that he did polling data, focus grouped, and found out the Clintons, in order to get back in good graces at whatever time this was, should go on a camping vacation. I gotta take a time-out here. Nothing’s real, is the point. Nothing. Not a single thing. They can’t afford, just like Obama, none of the Democrats, they can’t afford for it to become known who they really are.


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Northridge, Illinois. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. How you doing?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: You blew my mind when you said Hillary married up.

RUSH: I did?

CALLER: Yeah. Tell me, what were you thinking of? I just can’t believe it.

RUSH: Well, if you’re thinking the only way you can marry up is financially, yeah, she didn’t do that. I mean, she was the breadwinner.

CALLER: Oh, oh, all right. All right.

RUSH: She married up in the sense that she gave up her own life to be hitched to his because his was the life going someplace, and she —

CALLER: But even politically, I mean, you know, the guy, I mean, he was a dirt bag.

RUSH: My only point is if she hadn’t married the guy, you wouldn’t know who she is today.


RUSH: The odds are you wouldn’t know who she is. If her name had been Hillary Rodham, she’d have been some feminist activist, probably working as a lawyer for Planned Parenthood or something, you wouldn’t know who she is. She would not be entitled to the presidency. That’s what I mean by marrying up. She’s acting entitled to the presidency. Like Phillip Buchanon’s mom demanded a million dollars from him for raising him, she’s demanding the presidency for making sure Clinton’s presidency was not destroyed by hanging in with him.

Now, I can see where you think Hillary didn’t marry up, Arkansas hayseed, she had to leave the cultured Northeast and head to the backwater swamps of Arkansas and live there for awhile he ran around on her. She’s the most cheated-on woman in the world, by the way. Well, that may be a stretch. But certainly the most cheated-on woman in America. (interruption) Really? Give me another name, then. What, Elizabeth Taylor? I don’t know. I think it’s the other way around. Give me somebody. Just give me a name. Somebody who’s more cheated on than Hillary Clinton. Who? (interruption) Elin Woods? (interruption) Bill Cosby’s wife? I don’t even know if you could look at that. Yeah, I guess you have to. I mean, we gotta be honest and consistent.

Okay, so there’s a contest for it. She may not own the title outright. All right, all right, all right. I’ll grant that. What I mean by marrying up was she decided to abandon her life as Hillary Rodham and become his life. His life was gonna determine what happened to them. That’s what I mean. If you think financially, obviously not. I don’t know how much she had when they got married, but clearly she had to go to work at Rose Law Firm to make six figures ’cause he was making 25 grand as governor.

Now, I read a story this morning in show prep, I don’t know where this comes from. It might be Morris, could be Dick Morris the source for this, I don’t know who it is. Somebody said that Bill and Hillary way, way back at Yale, I mean, way, way back in college made a pact with each other, a 25-year plan, and the 20-year plan culminated with him being elected president and her being first lady and them working together to make it happen. They accomplished that, and so now it’s been expanded to include her being elected.

I have to take a break because of the constraints of time.

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