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RUSH: Yesterday, maybe the day before, I forget which, one of previous two days, I made mention of fact that CNN was all atwitter, all abuzz. CNN was just terribly distressed that they couldn’t get Coach K to go on the record about what’s gone on in Indiana. They want Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski, Duke, they wanted him to come out, and they wanted to condemn the bigots and the homophobes in Indiana. And Coach K wouldn’t say anything.

He made it clear he’s not there to be involved in all this. He’s there to coach his team and to concentrate on winning the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Well, they finally got to him, and CNN celebrated today on CNN’s Newsroom. Carol Costello spoke with the sports anchor Rachel Nichols via telephone about her interview with Coach K about the Indiana law. Costello was breathless. What do you have for us, Rachel? What did you do? What happened?

NICHOLS: I just walked out of an interview with coach Mike Krzyzewski from Duke, and he reiterated that any discrimination or window to discrimination is an issue for him. Coach K brought up how basketball, as a sport, has been at the forefront of a lot of that, from racial integration on the court and front offices in coaching, to Jason Collins being the first openly gay male athlete in any of the four major American sports. I know it caught the attention of a lot of people, I think even on your show earlier this week when Coach Krzyzewski declined to comment. He is definitely speaking out on it now.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, definitely speaking because we put the pressure on him and Coach K finally was brought to heel and said what CNN wanted to hear.

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