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RUSH: On the Iranian nuke negotiation, in case nobody’s noticed, and nobody in the media has, Obama just backed off a red line. Obama just drew a bright red line in the sand daring the Iranians not to cross it, and they did. Obama had previously said that negotiations with Iran would not continue without a framework agreement by the end of business yesterday.

Well, guess what? The negotiations are continuing, and it’s April 1st. It’s no longer March 31st. It’s far worse, and this is not an April Fool’s joke. So Obama draws a red line, tells the Iranians what’s what, what is, we’re gonna get this framework done by March 31st or else, and of course we’re still talking. So this is much like the red line Obama drew for Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Nobody is intimidated. People are more afraid of Tim Cook than they are of Obama, at least our adversaries are. That’s not true. The Republicans are scared to death of Obama, but the Iranians obviously are not and Bashar al-Assad is obviously not and Bibi Netanyahu is apparently not. But a lot of people in the United States are.

Now, of course Iran wants to string these negotiations out as long as possible. Why not? For all intents and purposes the economic sanctions have been lifted. That’s what Iran wanted. They’re not being enforced during the negotiations. Did you know that? During the negotiations the economic sanctions are not being enforced. Negotiations continue beyond Obama’s red line date of March 31st. Meanwhile, Iran — “I-ran” for those of you in Rio Linda — is free to do whatever they want in Iraq and Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East. And since we don’t or can’t oppose this, ’cause that might make them break off negotiations, they are free to continue to behave however they want.

They know they hold the cards in this negotiation. You know what else they know? They know that Obama is not devoted to the principle that they will not get nuclear weapons. Obama doesn’t care that they get nuclear weapons. It’s just a matter of time. There’s no reason for the Iranians to act defensive. There’s no reason for the Iranians to act like they are not in total control of the circumstances, even for PR purposes. That would be actually a big mistake if Iran made the decision for worldwide PR media consumption to act subservient. That’d be an absolute disaster for them. No way to save face with their terrorist client states if they did that.

So they’re huffing and puffing and they’re continuing to be the guys that hold all the cards and have all the leverage, and we’re reacting to it accordingly. And because they’re negotiating, see, so much is predicated on that. Because they are negotiating Iran’s getting back all of those billions of dollars’ worth of frozen assets from the US. So what’s not to like about endless negotiation? The way the Iranians are looking at this, they’re winning everything in the world by continuing to talk and not come to an agreement.

There’s no penalty for not making the deadline. There’s no penalty for not coming to an agreement. There’s no penalty whatsoever. There’s nothing but upside for the Iranians. So that’s the latest on that.


RUSH: As you know, the Iranian negotiations are ongoing. We went right by the deadline. Obama drew a red line in the sand, and he told the Iranians that if they didn’t come to a deal by the end of the day yesterday that that was gonna be bad news. And the Iranians said, “Pfft!” And we are still talking, and the sanctions are in the process of being lifted, and the Iranians are doing what they always do: Continuing to develop toward nuclear weaponry while we consider “options.”

We continue to talk, and it looks like they’re having their way. Because when you get down to brass tacks, the United States, as represented by President Obama, really doesn’t object to the Iranians ending up with a nuclear weapon in — I don’t know — eight or 10 years.

(playing of spoof song)

Ah, that’s pretty much the scope of things, folks. That pretty much sums it up. “The Constitution and Me: “We Just Disagree.” Barack Hussein O and the Lee Michaels chorus.

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